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7th Oct 2001, 00:49
Well done England.Fantastic diversion from all the doom and gloom this afternoon!Will this mean a bonanza for UK Long Haul Charter Airlines next summer? Or will BA bring a few redundant 747 Clasics back into service for the masses of happy supporters wanting to fly to Japan and Korea. Come to think of it an England shirt might be regarded as a dangerous artical by security by then so perhaps no one will go. Will there be masive redudancies at Lufthansa as a result of today's events!

10th Oct 2001, 04:37
I know the situation is somewhat different; ie the 'fans' being largely family and more willing to pay for the privilige of supporting their offspring; but I believe most traffic to the Sydney Olympics was by scheduled carrier. At least the current US fear of flying will not affect numbers. I presume that the national carriers will keep most of the inter match travel

Hooking Fell
10th Oct 2001, 09:30
I didn't know there was going to be a Rugby World Cup next year. How time flies.... :D

10th Oct 2001, 10:18

Thats a game played by men with funny shaped balls isn"t it?

Jetblast here we come!

Hooking Fell
10th Oct 2001, 10:32
You're right, Meadow Muffin....

It's the game played by men.


10th Oct 2001, 11:49
Yes, quite agree with you as far as you go. You just missed the bit about "with funny shaped balls."

Actually, with a few exceptions, Stevie Gerrard, Roy Keane, Stuart Pearce etc, most modern soccer players do look as though they would be more at home in ballet school.

Meadow Muffin eh" I LIKE IT, Can I use it please?


Meadow Muffin aka COWPAT

Hooking Fell
10th Oct 2001, 11:55
I thought you'd appreciate something more delicate-sounding than COWPAT :D and Yes, you may use it!

Anyway, there's nothing more perverted than a round ball :rolleyes:

11th Oct 2001, 03:35
Just heard that the Australian Rugby League team has cancelled their tour of England due to fears of safety when flying and other terrorists activities.

Theo Racle
11th Oct 2001, 05:44
Pansies! Paid as they are they should consider the influence they have on Joe Public. Happy to be role models when it suits eh? Those in the industry are still working day in day out regardless of their private concerns. Very dissapointed Aussie!

11th Oct 2001, 12:49
Yes, but the rugby union team are still coming over to tour Europe. Which goes to show that union is the game real men play, as I've been claiming for years.....