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Send Clowns
7th Jul 2001, 01:32
Microsoft has been irritating me all day at work. I have experienced all the new bugs they have put in Word 2000 that make it so much more interesting than Word 97. When I saw this picture, I had to post a link (I know - you'll have to cut and paste, but it isn't rude, promise (though I had to post another piccie from the same site to Afterburner! Don't worry Danny, you can't 'click' to the other pictures from the address below!))


(rough translation of caption : 'My Mother always said that Windows 95 is like a box of chocolates. You never know what bugs your going to come across.')

'Me here at last on the ground, you in mid air'

7th Jul 2001, 04:54
This would be French humour then, letting you click to the French version but not activating the link to the English version?
Comme nous guffawed ;)

Send Clowns
7th Jul 2001, 12:11
Sorry - the English version is under maintenance, and the French is the original. Did translate for you!

Feeton Terrafirma
7th Jul 2001, 18:36
Mircosux - what a miserable excuse for an operating system. Lets not get me started on the Office suite! :(

7th Jul 2001, 20:17
Send in the Clowns:

To brighten your day, here's a fun trick with MS Word to play on yer boss's PC:-

Go to Tools then AutoCorrect. Under Replace type in 'Managing Director' [- assuming your boss is the MD], then under With put in a phrase something like 'Small Dicked Misogynist'

Might add an interesting flourish to end staff memos if he isn't the type to proof read properly..

12th Jul 2001, 01:28
Ahhhh, Micro$oft......

I spend all day suffering its annoying, inelegant,ugly, creaky, cranky ways - but it's sooo nice to come home to my Mac of an evening...

WxJx ;)