View Full Version : How to tell you're raising a new millenium kid...

6th Jul 2001, 21:23
9 year old son- standing before parental tribunal....

"I didn't do it!!!...I've got witnesses....!


8th Jul 2001, 05:15
Show him you're a new millenium parent. Subpoena them. :D

Through difficulties to the cinema

8th Jul 2001, 12:18
And there's more,

Your kids now email their homework questions from school and download when they get home.

They call up just before you finish work for the day (not to pick up bread and milk) because the printer urgently needs a new ink cartridge … and they need to print out their homework assignments!

12th Jul 2001, 22:29
Wouldn't the biggest clue be that they were just beginning to toddle? ;)

13th Jul 2001, 03:25
No, the biggest clue is the little sh!t has just hacked your credit card, letsbuyit.com have just delivered a whopping great big bouncy castle to the front garden and the FBI have raided the house to get the pentagon secrets back.

Why don't millenium kids do 90's kids internet stuff, like Pamela Anderson pics and home made bombs.