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21st May 2004, 19:08
This afternoon I had the privilege of flying on 9W 0325 JET AIRWAYS on the Coimbatore- Chennai sector( TN INDIA).

I must say that though the flight was full,( 737-800) the cabin crew was very efficient on the short flight ( 45 mins) and carried out their duties with a cheerful demeanour .

The take off was smooth and so was the landing.

What made the flight more interesting was the group of 20 odd Korean students who were pax on the flight. They clapped when the announcement for take off was made, when the flight took off and also when it landed. They were not showing off, they were just being nice and appreciative and silent smiles lit up the eyes of the other passengers as well. I am sure the pilots would not have heard it, but I just wanted to write in and tell them and you all how much, as an aviation buff, the flight made me happy.

I hope the pilot and the cabin crew read this.

Incidentally this doesn't happen at all in India.


21st May 2004, 19:26
Mrs TN and I flew with Jet airways a few weeks ago between Udaipur and Mumbai.
All I can say was it was one of the best flights I've been on, with superb crew and some of the tastiest food (thali) that I've ever had on an aircraft - all this in Y.
They had all the papers. cold towels etc - the whole thing.