View Full Version : Don't go with Fido on Jetsgo!

21st May 2004, 16:15
A friend of mine recently travelled with her labrador retriever on Jetsgo out of Calgary (YYC). Here's what happened:

1) They gave her a crate for her dog that was too big for the hold in the airplane. They said it would have to go in sideways!!! No way, said my friend, so they squeezed it in upright.

2) The plane was delayed an hour (what else is new?). They were going to leave the dog in the hold crammed in with all the other baggage. "Take him out!" insisted my friend. So they took out the crate with the dog inside and left it in the middle of the ramp with all the noise and commotion.

3) When it was time to leave they almost forgot the crate until my friend raised a stink and they put it back in the plane.

She was not happy and is not planning to fly Jetsgo again.