View Full Version : One-way v return tickets to USA

21st May 2004, 10:41
I am looking at travelling out to the USA for some training in Sept 04 and am looking at staying for around 12 months for which I already hold an M1 visa.

My main problem so far has been finding cheap flights that will allow me to adjust my return date by anything up to 12 months after departure from the UK.

My boss at work has suggested getting a cheap return flight ticket for say, 2-3 weeks duration and to just miss the inbound leg (approx 250). I am warming to this idea at the moment, and have briefly run it past a tour operator, whom said it should be OK as long as I don't tell them! I am just a little nervous as to how this will look in the eyes of US imigration service?

Any info, experiences or tips would be greatly appreciated



22nd May 2004, 16:28
STA Travel may be able to help you. They specialise in this kind of thing for the youth/student market (don't know your status in that regard) but may be able to help anyway.

1st Jun 2004, 17:13
...but it is often cheaper to buy a return than a single.....even BA sell these....