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tony draper
6th Jul 2001, 17:01
Anybody else noticed that evolution seems to be selecting for a more pear shaped human nowadays, especialy among young men?.
I know that certain races ie Polynesian's have metabolisms that have difficulty dealing with the sugar in modern diet.
Could this be happening to our youth?.
A scientist friend of mine has told me that brain cells are being converted to skin in order to cover the ever increasing surface area, could this explain the dimness of modern young men?.
Another hint of this evolutonary trait comes from a lady of easy virtue that I am aquainted with, she states that my generation definatly had larger nobs than the present one, this is indeed sad,the loss of cerebral volume coupled with under endowment could explain why this generation walks around in a permanent bad temper.
So just what is old mommy nature up to?, pear shapedness is hardly the optimum configuration for space travel, perhaps evolution is planning on returning us to a life in the sea in a few hundred years, once all the whales are gone there is going to be a good niche going spare. :)

6th Jul 2001, 17:10

More men are trying to get into shape, and they chose a circle :)

Of course Ice will chime in and say it is really "Eviloution" and that we better consist of church wafers or something to lose mass. (oh! A pun on top of that ...)

Seriously though, yeah, we were not designed for refined sugar, try going back to leafs, vegatables and nuts, you'll lose it big time.

Bad temper? Hmm, hey mon, them's fight'n words :)


Pilot's sex kitten
6th Jul 2001, 17:35
Young men becoming pear shaped I'd say is more to do with diet and lack of exercise than anything else. Although, I have to say that they are generally more apple in shape than pear.

As for the younger generation being less well-endowed, I can't say that in my experience I have come across this, as it were, but maybe I've just been lucky. Just a thought, but maybe the size of the beer gut in these cases is overshawdowing the poor little thing so it seems smaller than it really is.

However, some women (and I include myself in this) are just naturally pear shaped. It's just the way we're built - child bearing hips and all that - not that you'd ever believe it if you looked at clothes' designs ... not that I've been wandering around shops trying to find trousers in the sales that fit me, you understand!

A little of what you fancy does you good...but a lot makes you feel ecstatic.

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6th Jul 2001, 19:42
I fear that the truth may be that the personal computer, connected to the World Wide Web, may be the cause of this particular evolution revolution. Think about how many hours a day you sit in front of your computer!

I use my laptop at work and at home. It is certainly a very useful tool in the office component of my job. I'd even go so far as to say that the job wouldn't get done without it. Well, nowhere near as quickly, accurately and consistently, anyway. And I also get lots (reads sh!tloads) of e-mail in my job too. This is a mixed blessing because, while correspondence comes and goes faster than it ever used to, it adds to the time I spend at my computer.

People like me really need to get a life but, at my age, it's pretty safe to say that I've already had quite a bit of a life anyway. So what does all of this say for the more recent generations?

In the ancient times, say anything up to 1 year BC (= Before Cyberspace!), if you were too young to go to the pub, you'd find something creative to do. This usually involved some form of mental and physical exercise. With the advent of the internet, the younger generations spend all their spare (and some of the not-so-spare) time at their computers. And, of course, as they get older, the habit becomes so ingrained that the only exercise they get involves using fingers to push down keys on the keyboard and to click a mouse button.

Any creative prowess is undoubtedly drowned in porn sites. I can only speculate that this probably leads to playing with ones self, so to speak (have to keep a bit of decorum in posts these days, coz you never know WHO might read it! <eek> ). I could further speculate that, maybe, the ... oh to hell with it ... wanking (!) may become so frequent that Mr Willy begins to srivel up. This is all guesswork coz I've never found the need to visit a porn site knowingly and, like I already said, at least I've already had something akin to a life anyway.

It is probably true that the human race is undergoing an evolution. All such events are a response to our environment and, these days, we are in the environment of the computer and the internet. I suspect that this is the cause of the "effects" that have been described in this thread.

And now it's time I got offline... :)

Dispela olgeta samting i pekpek bilong bulmakau!

tony draper
6th Jul 2001, 19:44
Well, slight pearshapedness is quite becoming in a lady, certainly beats those horrible, skinny, raddled supermodel types, my runner bean canes got more shape than them. :)

7th Jul 2001, 04:48
Todays diet? What's diet got to do with it I ask? In me and Draper's day young men lived on a diet of Worthington 'E' and fish and chips. The only time we got our heart rate above 72 was in a more or less horizontal position. There has to be a more scientific explanation, such as too tight underwear causing atrophy of the gonads or something... http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/confused.gif

Through difficulties to the cinema

Feeton Terrafirma
7th Jul 2001, 20:12
Well, some of me is mushroom shaped, with a long stalk ;) The rest is unfortunately somewhat barrel shaped, where as some years back.. ok a lot of years back it was broomstick shaped. My theory is that has something to do with age. :confused:

tony draper
7th Jul 2001, 20:39
Well it just seems to me my generation were a much more aerodynamic shape, despite a diet of suet puddings and fry ups, we were designed by evolution to be swift, to cut thru the air with ease, to move like cats, snake fast and supple.
These modern chaps seem to be growing their own ablative shielding, ie, they could do a atmospheric re-entry without benifit of a vehicle,aerobraking in the atmosphere by turning their ample forms flat on to the direction of travel, hmmm perhaps this is mother natures plan.
As for the diminishing size of other parts of the male anatomy, I have no expertise in this matter.
Perhaps someone else can come up with a answer tothat mystery.
Although I hesitate to bring up this matter the poor young things seem insecure enough. ;)