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gravity victim
9th Oct 2001, 21:30
To complement the 'So What Types Did you Fly? thread, this might make a shorter but possibly more interesting one.

So come on, hang up those egos boys and girls, I'll start the ball rolling with an inverted arrival in a Cessna 170. :rolleyes:

9th Oct 2001, 22:27
Crahsed an MZ-ES 125 CC motorcycle back in the roaring seventies.
Lost teeth, broke knee, etc.

Also crash landed a 28' old round type parachute, broke ankle and more.

Never crashed an airplane yet.
Been close to crashing in Alaska a few times....


tony draper
9th Oct 2001, 22:54
oops soryposted that on wrong thread, going senile

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9th Oct 2001, 23:03
Uh Draper, ya are on the wrong topic meh thinks... :D

This one is about crashing, not about whorehouses in Venezuela.
But, hey why not: This is also JetBlast, anything goes....

10th Oct 2001, 01:46
Crashed my Dawes Galaxy once. I was pissed as a newt, and forgot that I was using toe clips. I earned a round of applause when I discovered this fact at a set of traffic lights. Alcohol is an effective painkiller.

PPRuNe Dispatcher
10th Oct 2001, 02:46
Turned up at an airfield for my first solo in a flexwing microlight only to watch a student destroy the aeroplane and calmly step out of the wreckage.


10th Oct 2001, 03:02
Honda CD175
Norton 600
My father's Renault 16
My Renault 9
No aircraft

10th Oct 2001, 03:55
First major memorable accident( still bring tears to the eyes) a friend came round on his new pushie(bicycle) racing model gears drop handle bars and toeclips, it was also fixwheel which was a novelty to me. I asked for a ride and he handed it over reluctantly. Having finaly got me toes wedged firmly into these newfangled toe-clips I took a couple of turns around our drive and then sugested a quick spin down the road, we lived at the top of a steep hill, as I began accellerating down the hill I reached a point at which my legs were a blurr and finaly decided to freewheel.
No such luck. In a flash I had been lifted of the seat and was being bounced up and down extremely rapidly on the crossbar.
My reasonably underdeveloped gonads were taking a severe beating, and the only way I could possibly think of escaping was to violently throw myself off the bike. I lost a lot of skin and had two enormous big blue black balls for a while, walked funny and was ostracised by my ex-mate on his slightly battered new bike.

Hang glider on a windy hill, simply went verticaly up about 30' before coming down as fast, very painfull.

Rotating malfunction on a PC, cut away to a 24' conical and proceed to break a leg

Planes, none to date

10th Oct 2001, 07:48
Mine wasn't technically a crash coz I had it under control the whole time ... right down into the waters of the Gulf of Papua. Gave the plane a "crash" course in swimming but, what can I tell ya ... it drowned. :eek:

10th Oct 2001, 15:23
DH 82 and I didn't even manage to leave the ground. :o

Tricky Woo
10th Oct 2001, 19:53
Bad landing dangling from a hang-glider years ago.

"If God had intended Man to fly hang-gliders, He would have given us all wheels".
c.TW 1988.

During the calm aftermath, still underneath the wing, in harness, I heard my shoulder joint go back in with a strange, soggy click. My philosophic thoughts on the matter were interupted by the passage of a light aircraft. Looking up, (nowt to see due to the wing), I thought "Aha: an engine and wheels! Just the thing".

I had a green patch on my chin for weeks. Never a whisper from my shoulder, though.

Bastard hang-gliders.


11th Oct 2001, 01:57
Bicycle and clever piano wire noise making contraption - age 7 - result broken nose.

Yak 50 and Ford Focus cunningly hidden on taxiway - age 40 - result broken prop, engine and pride. (Also broken nose I suppose, but the a/c's this time.)

Rather bad taste this thread, don't you think?!

Why am I here?...take me away to the cigar tree

AeroStars (http://www.aerostars.co.uk)

11th Oct 2001, 03:40
Stude of mine once broke the frangible tail skid on my Gazelle during an engine off.

Fortunately my bosses stude and he crashed next to us about 30 mins later and he was too embarrassed to bollock me. Especially as I gave him a ride back to base!

Not so fortunate when I fell off an RAF bicycle in Belize and crashed into a senior officer. In retrospect it served me right for riding it along the bar in the first place but he should have known that I was there first.... :rolleyes:


11th Oct 2001, 05:36
Thanks for not specifying aircraft types, gv, that's rather tempting fate.

Toyota Corolla - Muscat - 1980s. Front tyre blew-out on a gentle bend on a tarmac road polished to a mirror finish by heavy trucks. Road surrounded by rock outcrops. Exited road backwards at about 60, rolled 3 times and landed upright in the only sandy section for 4 miles (thank you, God!), engine still running but wheels & axles bent through 90 degrees, all glass shattered. Seat belt worked, no injury to self.

Local Toyota returned vehicle in "as new" condition 2 weeks later.

12th Oct 2001, 22:01
DH 82 whoops! Ended up inverted thinking 'If I release the straps I'm going to fall out and hurt myself' Sat there contemplating best method of exit when next thing head is nearly ripped off by helpful mate who thought I was unconscious.

Also managed to slow roll a Renault 5 in Putney High Street.

Constable Clipcock
13th Oct 2001, 05:40
1978 Chevy Impala
1981 Toyota -ton
1982 Ford F-150

Walked away from all three, two of three vehicles still driveable!

Also crashed:

Shriner's convention in Sheraton hotel bar in Charleston, SC in '88 (sort of... actually there just happened to be a bunch of the fez-wearing old drunkards there at the same time, but it's more fun telling it this way!)

15-year reunion party of a high school whose name I can't remember at another hotel bar in Vacaville, CA in '90 by pretending to be someone else!

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13th Oct 2001, 15:28
I have managed to reshape the bonnet of my old 1977 Toyota Corolla to the exact contours of the rear ends of a Peugot? 306 and a Toyota Camry... Hmm Camry cost more to fix, other driver didn't claim against me :) Yippee, now have new car which has been backed into by others. Ba$tards didn't even leave a note.

However, my other half declined to reply to this as the list would take up two & a half pages. And that just includes the ones he owned and was driving on a race track at the time. I won't mention the street incidents 'coz we don't know who will be reading this! ;)

Women drivers ARE better, at what I'm still not sure, but we are better! :D ;) :p

429 CJ
13th Oct 2001, 20:00
Geez, I can't turn me back for two minutes, can I? :D

14th Oct 2001, 01:58
:D ....and I shoulda guessed that one!