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I. M. Esperto
9th Oct 2001, 18:03
Never mind the Apocalypse, just think of what millions of tatooed women will look like in 40 years or so.

9th Oct 2001, 18:23
Three thoughts come to mind... Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrgggggggghhh! Groucho Marx:- "Lydia, oh Lydia, oh have you met Lydia - Lydia the tattooed lady?" When they're young, I find tattoos on a woman can be quite sexy - far more so than piercings...
I was having my hair cut yesterday and across the way in this place was a gorgeous blonde hairdresser working on the ugliest client you could imagine. The short T-shirt the hairdresser was wearing showed what must have been the top of a tattoo on her hip. Wouldn't have minded seeing the rest of it!

gravity victim
9th Oct 2001, 20:40
I.M. Esperto, you are right.

A nurse friend told me that she recently gave a blanket bath to a geriatric woman who had inscribed on her wrinkled lower abdomen the words 'Vive L'Amour' and an arrow pointing south. AArrgghh!

9th Oct 2001, 20:41
Quite so HM ...

A strategically placed tattoo can be intriguing and very sexy... :)

But piercings :eek: anywhere except the earlobes - major turn-off. Yeeeuuucchh !!

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10th Oct 2001, 02:51
Hey... I like my tattoo... and it's strategically positioned somewhere it won't sag. Anyone coming along to the Coventry Bash on October 20th is welcome to a look ;)

10th Oct 2001, 08:21
Tattooed ladies? You mean like my Mother-in-law?

One night in gay Paris, I paid five francs to see a tattooed lady, tattoed from head to knee. On her jaw was a British Man o'war and on her back was a Union Jack so I paid five francs more...and up and her down her spine was the whole damned fleet in line, and on her big fat bum was a picture of the rising sun. And on her fanny was Al Jolsen singing "Mammy" - how I love her, how I love her, how I love my mother-in-law...

Through difficulties to the cinema

10th Oct 2001, 16:48
AerBabe ... and maybe a pic for those of us who are "absent friends"? :D

10th Oct 2001, 19:06
Don't worry, Oz, I'll sort out the pic.

In fact, The Nr Fairy has commented on the sexually frustrated thread that there could be money to be made from certain COVBash threads - I wonder if I could do a Beckxy+AerBabe Special? :D :eek: :D