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20th May 2004, 12:17
Use this thread to share information on your favourite airport hotels, food outlets, exec lounges or other facilities with other lost souls who may find themselves in transit.

Try and include the airport IATA (3 letter) code in the title of your post, to help with searching.


As I get more used to this forum, it is apparent that there is a great deal of flying experience spread amongst the contributors, and maybe this could be shared.

There are times when we all find ourselves stuck in the limbo of transit or short stays at an airport. Those of you to whom this is a regular occurrence may well have your own favourite places to stay, eat or just kill time in peace. Please use this thread to share your recommendations with others.

The thread will remain sticky for a couple of weeks if it is not running well, Ill delete it or make it unsticky. As before, when posting, Id appreciate it if you could rate the thread as a quick and dirty method of estimating usefulness.

21st May 2004, 21:04
I don't travel much these days but a couple of venues stick in mind - one at Kastrup (Copenhagen) where alongside the shops is a small bistro bar that actually has a chef that will cook salmon steak/tuna steak etc to order. Last time I was there was a year ago, to be fair, but the price was reasonable, the service good and the food delicious!!


2nd Jun 2004, 14:36
CWL usta have a great facility......a caravan in a lay by on the access road.....'Egg on Ronnie's'.......(geddit? :) )

a favourite crew brekky venue

Rabbs :ok:

Final 3 Greens
9th Jun 2004, 08:14
There is a pretty reasonable bistro/grill on the level above departures, with quite okay food at prices that are more high street than airport.

As always, the "menu du jour" is especially good value.

10th Jun 2004, 01:59
Working east to west....

LHR T3 - One of the pubs there - can't remember the name - if you can get a seat does a semi-decent cheeseburger otherwise the place is a dead loss - I mean ugly.
YHZ - nothing decent in the airport. Backwoods. The sticks.
YUL - semi-decent restaurant in the check-in area. That's about it. Sad lot there especially for such a large cosmopolitan city.
YOW - really great small deli - fabulous smoked meat sandwiches with kosher pickles and fries. A treat. Get one to go as well.
YYZ - Can never remember any thing decent to say about the place, restaurants, bars, lay-out, most staff or anything else. There's a reason(s) for that.
YYC - Western type (Yee-Haw type) place does a good all-day breakfast and has a nice bar. Harvey's does a good burger near the A gates. Tim Hortons' does fairly good sandwiches but their muffins are partially-cooked somewhere in Ontario and finished at various places across the country - and this is a big country. Plus about half a dozen mediocres on the food level.
YVR - Tons of restaurants. Some good (Milestones in domestic) (Whitespot on pier C) ( Harvey's/Chalet Chicken downstairs in Domestic) - some mediocre, A+W, Burger King, Pizza place, Sushi place, Chinese noodle place, Japanese restaurant and more. Lots of mediocre to choose from (Tim Hortons included).

This and other reasons are why I always travel with a couple of Bacon Sarnies east or west bound.

Boss Raptor
11th Jun 2004, 18:34
Bit obscure - First Floor restaurant/bar Banjul Airport, The Gambia ('Man, di smiling coast') - does a wonderful homemade burger and chips, pattie is wonderful and meaty, chips are well great 'chips' - good price

Moscow SVO 2 - once you are airside in departures take the lift up to the 5th floor restaurant, have a meal and watch the whole of the airport - great view - no obvious and I only found it by accident!

The 'Landing' restaurant Accra Airport, Ghana - ACC - otherside of the approach road roundabout to the control tower and terminal, next to the old Ghana Awys. offices - everything from local food to amogst the best and freshest chinese food I have tasted - very cheap andis air conditioned waiter service

13th Jun 2004, 08:59
I've always liked going to the restaurant in the Theme Building at LAX, which has been through several operators over the years. It looks a bit isolated from the terminals (it is right in the middle, landside, between them all, and quite easy to walk across to), but the structure itself with it's Buck Rogers-style architecture still has to be the icon of the airport. You really need a couple of hours to spare rather than be in a rush. Also if you're staying at one of the many airport hotels the shuttle van will be able to take you there, of course.

There are great views out across the airport; have a good look round all the tables before they seat you to ensure you are getting the best view. Contrary to much LA opinion, the restaurant doesn't revolve.


7th Jul 2004, 23:53
Six responses from the 20th of May reinforces my belief that it's always better to take a bacon sandwich with you. Are all airport eateries this ignorable? Wouldn't mind a nice pie shop at LHR.

Final 3 Greens
13th Jul 2004, 06:13
I can't believe that I'm posting this, but there's a little oasis of relative (note relative!) tranquility at Eleftherios Venizelos airport in Athens.

I've used it a couple of times now, when catching an early domestic flight where breakfast isn't served and also where I've left the hotel too early to eat there.

The Golden Arches are located in the duty free area, above the departures level, towards the B pier, but before boarding pass inspection for the pier, so anyone can go there.

Whereas the coffee bars downstairs are heaving, the McDs is relatively quiet and a Big Breakfast is EUR 4.42.

After that, one can relax to either of the Priority Pass lounges (Olympic's own), which are well appointed.

Ace Rimmer
3rd Aug 2004, 09:51
EWR - Term C: The Garden State Diner (round about Gate 82) there's also a Nathans (similar area) and an A&W stand (but that's over by the 130 ish gates) all good heart attack on a plate fare - yum

LGW - South: I think it's the Metro upstairs over in the left hand corner (looking west) reasonable croissant, coffee type of thing and excellent view over apron and rwy.

6th Aug 2004, 14:22
Just visiting here. A few years ago The Spectator carried an article on the best free meal available in London, and how to get it.

Buy a first class ticket London to Paris on Air France. Schedule the flight conveniently around lunch time. Arrive early. Check in. Proceed to Air France first class lounge. It has, or at time of reporting had, the very finest cuisine, free to passengers. I cannot recall the details, buffet or otherwise, but it was described in glowing terms. Eat meal. Enjoy drink. Place call to home office in London. Learn to shock and dismay that you have to return there forthwith. Return to check-in. Express regret. Cancel flight. Receive refund. I have never tested this myself, since it is dishonest and I do not live on the relevant continent anyway, but such was the report. The experience gave no evident moral qualms to the journalist.

8th Aug 2004, 21:20
There's a nice little Irish bar around 'D' gates in AMS called, appropriately, Murphy's. Several beers on tap (including, of course, Murphys), food and occasional live music. It makes a change from sat around in a canteen type area or coffee shop clutching a can of Heineken.

15th Aug 2004, 17:42
You can now use the Anna Livia lounge in Dublin airport for 20

17th Aug 2004, 14:00
Munich T2 has a Thai eating place - excellent food and reasonable prices (had a great meal there last weekend)


the 5th floor restaurant at SVO2 is accessed from landside not airside. (well it was in 2003 unless things have changed)

silly walks
26th Aug 2004, 02:55
I have to agree with you. Murphy's is good. The steak Sandwich is excellent:ok: :ok: .
The only drawback is that it can get very smokey at times

23rd Sep 2004, 17:12
DEN - the whole airport is just fantastic, and they have a policy of attracting individual business, and not just chains.
GLA - Garfunkles may lack the excitement it had as a kid, but you do at least get an excellent view of the Apron.
MAN - the SAS hotel offers good views & food
SXM - Maho beach hotels have to be mentioned for their legendary runway views & airliners.net photo ops!

Flip Flop Flyer
2nd Nov 2004, 13:20
In the old T2 transit area there is a rather nice Hereford restaurant that does a nice steak.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing, and what they have costs an arm and a leg. Bring a sandwich.

The 'Pilots Club' restaurant on the 3rd level in departures is nice, but not cheap.

If you drop by the DHL office, they might offer you a cold bottle of water just for the pleasure of seeing a friendly face. The Indian chef might have a bowl of chiken chikka if you're lucky (or not, as the case often is).

The chow place next to the PX does a very nice breakfast at rock bottom price. Eat in the company of US Marines and an assortment of other soldiers, and buy a t-shirt on the way out.

Nope. Nada, zip, zilch, nothing.

Second floor in departures, up the escalators and to the right. Nice little cafeteria type thing that does the most wonderful freshly pressed juices. Pretty good burgers too.

Fast food joint in departures that does a very nice chicken burger.

In departures, just before entrance to T1B there is a restaurant with pretty good ham/cheese sandwiches at around EUR 2.50. Beats bringing your own, but that's about it.

Restaurant up on the 5th floor or something does great steaks.

Fast food joint in departures (it's a chain, forgot the name) does a very nice and cheap chicken salad. Alternatively, if you're in F or J with GF the lounge in the transit area is very nice, but all non-smoking.

You must be joking!

Well, there's a Burger King .....

Very nice restaurant at the entrance to the airport hotel. Sports a very nice selection of wines too.

2nd Nov 2004, 21:22
pukka little coffee bar in the departure area at MXP

3rd Nov 2004, 16:11

Loads of decent/good restaurants and even excellent restaurants oops you meant airports := sorry, a half decent one
upstairs the Aviator.

15th Nov 2004, 19:51
LAX: If you're airside in T6, try Jody Maroni's Sausage Kingdom - great bangers, top fries, and you can eat at the adjacent bar while sampling a microbrew. Or six.

PHL: Franchises seemed mediocre so I tried the Airport Marriott - leave the terminal, follow the signs. Superb nosh and there's even a smoking area. Downside: If you go large, it'll cost as much as your ticket.

ORD: Airside options similarly uninspiring. Far better nosh at the Airport Hilton, if you fancy a quick leg-stretch. Give it a miss if you're clastrophobic though - they forgot to build any windows...

AMS: Another option's Cafe Amsterdam, above the area near F/G-piers. Their recreation of a 'brown cafe' isn't too bad, the sate's cracking. And you can gaze on the pates of the masses queueing at security below.

LGB: I've not eaten in the terminal restaurant but if the grub's as good as the art deco trim, it'd be a winner.

LHR: T4 Conc Lounge wasn't bad... :{

Similarly defunct (I assume) is the best best for a 05:00 grease-fest on a cold winter's morning: Olive's Cafe at Beccles Heliport...

15th Nov 2004, 20:57

In the international departures area, just befor you go through the second check to the non-Schengen gates (so say gate 29), up a set of stairs but looking over the gate area below, there's a pleasant full service restaurant (which is relatively unusual in Finland overall). Usually quiet.


Once again up a level from the main area, between the two piers, right by the little outside spectators area.

It looks a bit like a school lunch canteen but has lots of interesting hot Czech dishes, the sort of thing I always find great when in transit. They take Euros. And the cashier spotted I had chosen (quite inadvertently) non-alcoholic beer and in quite adequate English sent me back for some "proper Czech" stuff !

1st Dec 2004, 06:09
SIN - 1 level above the check-in rows at Singapore Changi T2 has this conveyor belt sushi/japanese restaurant that has good food at reasonable prices. If something you like is not on the belt, one can order them with a click on the mouse and screen provided at every table.

6th Dec 2004, 17:50
I've decided to let this thread sink or swim on its' own merit, so it is now "un-sticky'd"

nervous flyer
6th Feb 2005, 14:28
A bit off track but as pax in ncl we ate at a irish bar up on the first floor. lovely food good view of easy's fleet (haha) seriously tho the food was nice and it was all set out like a pub fake brick work on the outside and everything. not sure whether it's still there because they were building around it, but if it is try it.

7th Feb 2005, 10:53
BKK (Don Muang International)

after checking in and security check turn to the gates at the left side. after the last entrance to the gates there is a small bar where smoking is (was?) allowed. i think this is the only place at bangkok airport where smoking is allowed outside the smoking rooms. the food is ok, beer too. and you have a nice view to the runways and the military part of the airport.