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Tartan Gannet
6th Jul 2001, 14:04
Forgive me if this has already been done, I have been away from my computer for a few weeks as some of you will know.

I completely agree with Liverpool airport being renamed John Lennon after that great musician. Now we already have CGD in France, Leonardo Da Vinci, Jan Smutts, Marco Polo, JFK.

Who would PPRuners wish to see an airport named for and which one? Should London City be "Winston Churchill" for example? ( I DO draw the line at GLA being renamed "Rab C Nesbit" however).

Hersham Boy
6th Jul 2001, 14:14
Luton - "London Lorraine Chase"

6th Jul 2001, 14:18
Can't agree with Tartan on this one....

If Lennon was alive today, he'd still be a whingy protestor type. Amazing how many lives were saved in Vietnam by him & yoko staying in bed..... :) :)
Likley he'd be tunnelling under the runway.

What has he got to do with Liverpool anyway? As soon as he could he left. Bit like Bob Geldof slagging off Dublin. Renaming is completeley surreal decision IMHO.

Why do we venerate these 'celebs' anyway. Most of 'em have thier flaws just like us! They all go to the loo, y'know....

I think Idlewild was a much better name than JFK.

Also Speke, Ringway, Abbotsinch, Castle Donington..........Bloody Marvelous!!!!

Lets have an end to this celeb-sychophant culture. Remember the Roman Emperors......

Live long and Prosper.....

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6th Jul 2001, 14:26

Dont realy agree about Speke being renamed after Lennon, but then again I dont care enough to argue about it.

How about

Stansted (Essex don,t forget) - Sir Matt Busby International (After all that where most of the Man Utd supporters are from :) )

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Pilot's sex kitten
6th Jul 2001, 15:26
How about a Douglas Adams airport? Doesn't matter where, but the logo could be "DON'T PANIC". All staff could wear this written in red letters on the front of their uniform T-shirts and all travellers could be given a complimentary beach towel...

A little of what you fancy does you good...but a lot makes you feel ecstatic.

6th Jul 2001, 15:49
Yeh kitten. A Douglas Adams tower take-off clearance can be acknowledged with a "so long and thanks for all the fish!"

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6th Jul 2001, 15:49
I can't think of many Brits who wold be non-contentious in an issue like this.

One or two, though:-
Benjamin Britten
Odette (Can't remember her real name off-hand - the subject of "Carve Her Name With Pride)
Diana Princess of Wales?

People of other nationalities:-
Martin Luther King
Mohandas K. (Mahatma) Gandhi
Jean Vanier
Nelson Mandela
Viv Richards

Part of the trouble is that what makes people famous for some makes them infamous to others... I'm reminded of a quote from A.P. Herbert, in which the judge enquires of a barrister in the case in question what the difference is between "Politicians" and "Statesmen":-

"By politicians, m'lud, I mean the members of your party. By statesmen I mean the memers of mine."

6th Jul 2001, 16:29

I think it was Odette Hallowes? You mean the SOE agent?

BTW, 'scuse my ignorance, but who is Jean Vanier?


Live long and Prosper.....

6th Jul 2001, 16:43
ave yous all forgottun elton?here is a main man dat as splashed ova many bruverss lips and will be remebered fa is autos and whateva and dat bloody mingin noise at dianas send off

Big Red ' L '
6th Jul 2001, 16:45
The Danny Fyne Grass Airstrip.......

:) :)

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The Guvnor
6th Jul 2001, 16:49
I'm trying to persuade Omniport that PIK should be renamed Robbie Burns International.

Squawk 8888
6th Jul 2001, 17:11
Methinks YUL should be named after Mordechai Richler. Would bug the hell out of the separatists :)

Per dementia ad astra

Transition Layer
6th Jul 2001, 17:20
Surely Cootamundra, NSW, Australia (YCTM) should be renamed -

The Sir Donald Bradman International Airport

since this was the birthplace of the great man.

I guess that would mean removing the big COOTAMUNDRA painted onto the roof of the hangar. Bummer, at least I knew I had the right airport then.



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"Tears, crying, wish you'd never learnt to fly. Should have taken that job at the Council."

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6th Jul 2001, 17:23
Paris : The Captain Jean-Luc Picard International Airport (Paris Picard).

6th Jul 2001, 17:32
And since no foreigner can pronounce " Schiphol " correctly, maybe our crown-prince / future king should get the honour. (Prince Willem Alexander).
So instead of the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport ; the Amsterdam Alex Airport.
("Alex tower, come in")

6th Jul 2001, 18:00
Aaah :)

How about renaming LHR something more inventive:


:) . :) . :)

(now that's going to put cat amongst 'em!!)

What goes around . . .
. . often lands better!

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DX Wombat
6th Jul 2001, 21:56
Jean Vanier - a wonderful man who worked to improve the social standing and acceptance of people with learning disabilities and started the L'Arche Communities where people of all mental abilities live and work together. :) :)
LHR - what else but "Dick Turpin" after all it is built on Hounslow Heath his original stamping ground and some say his descendants still work there in profusion ;)

Tartan Gannet
7th Jul 2001, 02:25
Ex Sim Guy, Id have to fly to GLA from LGW then . Perhaps we should limit it to dead persons or those from fiction?

Now what about renaming Bristol Lulsgate to either Cabot or I K Brunel.

7th Jul 2001, 02:30
I've already got one named after me.

Its called EGAC.

7th Jul 2001, 22:21
I don`t know about airports, but I`d like to see a pub renamed "the angry ploughman"....well he would be if somebody had nicked his lunch.

Send Clowns
7th Jul 2001, 23:16
Very few famous people! As suggested here, I'd probably only agree with 'MLK International' and perhaps 'Douglas Adams Spaceport' :p. Huggy I would certainly contend 'Princess Di Airport'! She was a pleasant enough woman but not deserving the adulation she had any more than you or I.

I don't like the cult of celebrity, and the naming of an airport only encourages famous people to think that famous = important, and obscure people to think that fame is important :eek: .