View Full Version : chat passwords

9th Oct 2001, 10:55
can we please have passwords on chat again?

today they didn't think that i was me

its true noone expects the spanish inquistion! :p

PPRuNe Dispatcher
9th Oct 2001, 12:17
Putting passwords back on chat is on the list of things to do but other tasks (such as just keeping this monster running) take priority.


9th Oct 2001, 13:07
Agree it would be good - was a bit shocked, a few weeks ago, to go into chat for the first time that day, and find everyone saying Welcome Back....

....But like Mik says, not at the expense of keeping the rest of PPRuNe running!


(PS - Mik, I believe we share a flying instructor...)

9th Oct 2001, 14:28

How anyone could mistake you is totally beyond me! :D

9th Oct 2001, 15:58
:eek: Does this mean I have to revert to signing in with my REAL handle? Geez, just when I was getting accustomed to my alter-ego too... :(

9th Oct 2001, 16:49
Oz, I'm sure if you ask Dubya nicely, he'll sort something out for you..... :eek: