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8th Oct 2001, 23:10
Right, this may or may not be the easiest question to answer. That's because it isn't really asked right. Anyway here goes, I'm going to use "la"'s a lot to depict the musical sound I'm going for (use you imagination, I know some on this forum definitely have one)...

What is the title of this song and the artist who plays it?
"La Laaa
La La Laaaa
La La, La La, La Laaaa
La La Laa
La Laaaa
La La Laa
La Laa
La Laa La Laa
La Laa"

I know whoever reads this will have it bugging them until they say/find an answer. It was kinda one of those songs that I heard only once, but stuck! Thus, I don't know the answer either! :D
Any way good luck, and 100 thanxs to whoever gets it!!!

clue: it's jazz, played very often on WJJZ 106.1 in America, and is very popular over there!!

Bally Heck
8th Oct 2001, 23:49
Sounds like the intro to "Speedy Gonzales"

9th Oct 2001, 00:10
I was thinking it sounded like the music from the Film programme on TV - the piano/bass/drums trio (Oscar Peterson?)

9th Oct 2001, 01:07
Can't get the tune of "The windmills of your mind"? out of my head now - can't remember the artist.
You and your La La's :D

tony draper
9th Oct 2001, 01:09
Midnight in Moscow.

9th Oct 2001, 04:17
Let's face it - could be anything!
How about Russ Freeman's "East River Drive" ... (almost fits)

Per Ardua Ad Asda
9th Oct 2001, 06:20
Nah. 'S the main theme to 'The Vikings' starring Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis.

9th Oct 2001, 11:28
Isn't it the song the mice in "Babe" sing?

9th Oct 2001, 13:07
:( Ahh well, it was worth a try. I just couldn't find out what it was, even after searching the radio station list for aeons.
Thanks a bunch for all those who helped with suggestions, they were quite close to what I was looking for (I checked on CDNOW.com)
votre souhaits!