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5th Jul 2001, 19:36
Don't you just hate this stuff...?? :rolleyes:

Hear'say, Boyzone, Spice Girls...etc...etc

Pop Svengali gets gullible good-looking kids together and they mime to backing track and jump around in formation.
Oh, and backing track is usually some regurgitated ABBA cover from 70's.

What happened to real music..??

Where bands could play instruments, write stimulating lyrics......etc.....etc

Or am I just becoming an old fart....... :) :)

Live long and Prosper.....

Golden Monkey
5th Jul 2001, 19:55
Yes. In a word. Compare the lyrical genius of Bono ("Elevation" excepted) or the musical invention of Radiohead to any of that lunchbox-selling-teen-friendly pap and it's a whole different world.

What was quite telling on Channel 4's excellent "Top Ten 1990" programme at the weekend was the strong memories retained of all the acts mentioned, of all musical varieties (Betty Boo to the Stone Roses to MC Hammer) APART from the one boy band. New Kids on the Block. Who everyone promptly forgot about. 911. A1. 5ive. Heresay will go the same way. It's just an ever-changing marketing product, seamlessly switching from new thing to the next new thing. Probably a metaphor for the way in which our consumer society is advancing into the new century. Or summat.

Hersham Boy
5th Jul 2001, 20:12
For: Rachel from SClub7
Against: Claire from Steps used to be our receptionist at an old company and she was much better looking in person.

My point-of-view from within the music industry is that these bands sell CDs.

My view as a total music obsessive is that anything or anyone that gets kids into music is a good thing... it has always been the same whether it was Bill Hayley or Bob The Builder - it's whatever is fashionable during your youth. I also think this kind of music is [email protected], but it may lead onto 'harder stuff' ;) - like the great Led Zep, Neil Young, Pink Floyd and pre-Let's Dance David Bowie.

And don't forget, Swash - the outfits just seem to KEEP getting skimpier :)

DJ Hersh

You splitter
5th Jul 2001, 20:17
Hersham Boy,

Your point re: Rachel from S Club 7.
Could not agree with you more!!!
(Embarrasingly I like their music too!)

Otherwise produced bands are cack.
Still think we have some great talent out their though. Saw the video to 'Sing' by Travis today. Absolutely bloody brilliant!

Golden Monkey
5th Jul 2001, 20:20
I don't think I've seen the "Sing" video but current choice of the video crop must surely be the Gorillaz' new single? Fantastic.

However, didn't Travis have that video with the WWII fighter in it? Bonus points, boys.

5th Jul 2001, 21:02
Two best video clips I've ever seen:

Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush: 'Don't Give Up'.

Very simple, a sun sets behind the couple while they sing, and then rises. Very, very appropriate to the song's lyrics

Radiohead: 'Streetspirit'

Stunning surrealism with the overlays of the characters on screen moving at different speeds. Not an animation either, as far as I could tell.

pax domina
6th Jul 2001, 01:05
I live in Orlando (Backstreet Boys, N' Sync, O-Town, 98 Degrees . . . ) DON'T get me started on boy bands!


(Sorry about the caps, bloodey [TM Slasher] UBB Code still off on JB.)

pax d - narcissistic, short-sighted, ill-bred moron

6th Jul 2001, 01:25
As for boy/girl bands. Yech!

Tarek Nor
6th Jul 2001, 07:19
The new Travis single is great, the albums not quite so good, but its a grower.

The new singles from James and REM sound good aswell, can't wait to hear
the albums.

6th Jul 2001, 12:32
Couldnt agree more. Heard Bono refer to them a good while back as Wallpaper bands. Put them up for a year or two and then take them down and bin 'em.

On the plus side (the only plus) What about Hannah from s-club 7 or even better Suzanne from Hearsay ?...

6th Jul 2001, 12:54
Sorry boys, but Jo has it, Rachel is too passe!

Don't forget David Gray, and there are some great bands who are massive in the US but never heard of over here like The Dave Matthews Band (cover of All Along the Watchtower on the "Recently" EP is the best cover I have ever heard) and Creed who are superb.

The path of my life is strewn with cowpats from the Devil's own Satanic HERD!

6th Jul 2001, 13:47

'wallpaper bands' :) :) :) :)

..love it....... :) :)

Live long and Prosper.....

Stiff Lil' Fingers
6th Jul 2001, 14:29
Yeah, these manufactured boy/girl bands always fall apart sooner or later and members discovered to have zero real talent....

.....oh yeah, other than Robbie Williams.

Alot of these bands are cack but I have to say that I think S Club 7 are the pick of the crop (and I'm not just talking Rach here)..I actually like alot of their songs!


Biggles Flies Undone
6th Jul 2001, 14:52
The wizardry produced in a modern recording studio is very impressive, but I’ve always judged bands and solos on how they sound live. I’ve seen/heard a lot of acts live in the last couple of years and some were a lot better than others! Top of the pile has to be Blondie and the biggest surprise was David Gray – saw him twice last year and he was truly excellent.

You can stuff your wallpaper bands (nice one Teroc!) where the acoustics reacheth not :)

Hagbard the Amateur
6th Jul 2001, 15:02
Highly recommended current album releases which blast the boy/girl band thing into the statosphere;

Gorillaz "Gorillaz"
Nitin Sawhney "Prophesy"
Talvin Singh "Ha"
Air "10,000 Hz Legend" (and their current single from the album "Radio Number One" is actually taking the royal pi55 out all that is wrong with the Mc music scene.

Northern Lad
6th Jul 2001, 15:30
Even 'non-boy-bands' are slowly becoming their teenage rivals. Travis, who I think are completely over-rated, seem to run out of lyrics now and again - turn, turn, turn, turn,.....sing, sing, sing, sing!

6th Jul 2001, 18:38
For a girl band give me L7. I can relate to their sh!t.

8th Jul 2001, 10:08
L7 are getting a bit haggard, but where else can you see the skill of playing a bass and masterbating at the same time. Fantastic stuff.

Dave Incognito
8th Jul 2001, 10:40
Hagbard the Amateur,

I’d hardly call Gorillaz or Air boy bands.

I don’t think they are ready to bring out the white suits and choreographed dancing just yet.

Agreed thought that 10,000 Hz Legend is a winner.

Hagbard the Amateur
8th Jul 2001, 12:16
Dave, you misunderstand me. When I described these bands as blasting the boy/girl band genre into the stratosphere I meant it as a forced exit.

8th Jul 2001, 12:47
I dont think any of todays **** will ever come close to bands like deep purple,led zep,rainbow,floyd,and for great lyrics the first name that comes to mind is billy joel.

Dave Incognito
8th Jul 2001, 14:55

Oops, my bad. :o

I think I'd better go back to primary school to repeat Reading 101. :D

Have a good one, Dave

9th Jul 2001, 15:36
Boy/girl bands are just a product, nothing more. It masquerades as music but they actually fill a void in the marketplace.

Think about it - previously Top Of The Pops used to have dance troupes like Pans People and Legs and Co to perform to one of the hits of the day, now the BBC don't need to emply a troupe - the bands dance and mime, and that's it.

I just wish they were honest about it - yes they ARE miming, not you CAN'T do those dances moves without miming. IT AIN'T A BAND!!!!!!

I do feel a little sorry for them actually, in five years time they'll be on the scrapheap (Take who?).

"Real" bands will stay around for longer, not depending on marketing as much, in many ways I feel there should be two charts now - a boy/girl band music to mime to chart and a real music chart, just to cut the wheat from the ***** ;)

I say let the teenies have their dodgy rip off bands, but don't call it music.

eye thank ewe

9th Jul 2001, 17:54
PjDj makes good point about 'scrapheap'.

I often hear 70s/80s stuff and get really nostalgic, think about what I was doing then etc.

I wonder what the youngsters will do for this in years to come??

9th Jul 2001, 19:03
Neighbor had a pool party yesterday and went on a N'Sync binge. Thought I was gonna barf. Probably in retaliation for my Brooks and Dunne, Meat Loaf, Commander Cody, and Frank Zappa binge last week.

Dont' care for any of the boy/girl bands, musically anyway.

And who can forget the original manufactured boy band- the Monkees. "Daydream Believer" wasn't bad for the time.
It's not a matter of where I am, it's a matter of when I am.

10th Jul 2001, 10:02
Yeah 'Daydream Believer!' But the talking donkey does it better...

Anyway, weren't The Beatles a 'Boy Band'? I don't remember much about the late 60's early 70's. The drugs did me 'ead in, see...

Through difficulties to the cinema

10th Jul 2001, 15:09
Just for info, the Beatles weren't a boy band. They played clubs and pubs for five years(notably in Hamburg) before anyone took any notice of them. Extremely talented individual songwriters in Lennon, McCartney and Harrison. One of these individuals on their own had more talent than all the Girl/Boy bands put together!!!!!
I think it was last year that the Spice girls received an award for contribution to music. It should have been an award for the exact opposite--i.e. services against decent musical talent. Their crap and inane rubbish being blasted at todays youth prevents youngsters enjoying more talented bands over the airways....Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
Nuff said...Load of Bo**ocks....

11th Jul 2001, 08:45
How about ABBA? Were they a "Boy 'n Girl" band then?

Or is the definition less one of being a manufactured 'product' and more of a lack of talent?

The Beatles were certainly manufactured and image managed by Brian Epstein. Only two of the originals who went to Hamburg were in the finished product. Those were the two with talent of course, but the band was an artificial product in need of plenty of polishing ... "She loves you yeah, yeah, yeah!" aaahh yes, pure poetry sung to sublime music.

I'd say it was a while before the REAL talent began to show, but they all have to start somewhere don't they ...

Through difficulties to the cinema

11th Jul 2001, 08:57
I have the Brandenburg Concerto playing in the background, nice and classical. It suddenly occured to me. What about the reverse end of "Boy/Girl" bands? You know, where a trio of clapped out old opera singers, who can no longer cut it in the classical world, get together to form a 'Boy Band' as "The Three Tenors" Surely a different form of the same thing? A manufactured product designed to squeeze a few quid out of the punters while they still can?

I'd love to see Pavarotti try to shake his booty though! Awesome! :D

Through difficulties to the cinema

Windy Militant
11th Jul 2001, 18:46
What will happen in twenty years time is the same as is happening now. The Pub round the corner from my humble abode frequently has 70's nights. The place is always packed out to the doors and it's always on a slack weeekend when there's nothing else on in town worth making the effort to go to. They always play the same sh*te that I couldn't stand first time round and the punters love it. However I have found a place that supports live alternative music. they regularly have live bands ranging from Ska-core Skateboard music, soul, mod, Rythem & Blues(Not R&B the proper stuff as played by Dr Feelgood et al), Rockabilly, garage surf and though not my cup of hemlock Gothic rock. By careful perusal of the diary you can get to listen to somthing that pleases you on a regular basis. they've even had The UK SUBS,John Otway and Wreckless Eric performing.
The thing that really p*sses me off is that some of the young bands that we get through there are really talented, can play and write their own material, but they just can't get any air time on TV or Radio. Not only can they not get air time but the big record stores will not handle their records so they have no chance at all of charting. So my suggestion to you is "Unplug the Juke box and do yourself a favour" and get down to your local live indie spot. And don't forget it't ain't proper music if it don't have a brass section! And there is no song you can't improve by skanking it up (if only because by playing it faster it don't last so long)
And in the words of the late great Alex Hughes "Get those elephants out of here I'm trying to make an LP"

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