View Full Version : Saab 340 Landing Flap

The Stooge
19th May 2004, 11:39
Just wondering what flap settings other operators use, 20 or 35 and why, as it seems to be a rather sensitive point in our company at the moment. Any technical reasoning behind your thoughts would also be appreciated.

19th May 2004, 11:54
The company I flew for didn't care - it was simply left up to the crew. SOPs recommended Flaps20 for significant crosswinds (landing Vref higher so more effective rudder control), and Flaps20 are better in the event of a go-around (improved L/D penalty than Flap35). We would tend to use Flap35 more than Flap20, simply because the manufacturer made the facility available - silly not to use it (unless good reason).

Eff Oh
19th May 2004, 14:22
When I flew the SF340 it was our SOP to land with flap 20 unless runway length was a factor. Can't remember the reason, sorry. I do remember that you needed a larger flare with flap 35. In fact in nearly 2 years on it I only landed with flap 35 once, and that was during line training, to demo it.
Eff Oh.