monkey boy
5th Jul 2001, 00:24
The real reasons behind the unconnected foot and mouth hotspots.

The slaughtermen are earning in the region of 2.5 K per week, and now that the outbreak is drawing to a close, they can see an end to this rather good money.

In Cumbria last week a transit van was followed by an off duty policeman. Items were seen to be thrown from the van into fields containing livestock.

These items were discovered to be parts of infected carcasses.

This almost certainly accounts for the unconnected outbreak near Appleby, but you will not hear of this practice in the media, instead outbreaks will be 'linked' to the movement of agricultural personnel.

5th Jul 2001, 00:34
I heard there were also some of those Americans in the van with them, and they were waving guns around threatening everyone they passed with reckless abandon! Not to mention the sheer madness of the driver, he was chewing GUM!
Before anyone get's too worked up about my post, I assure you I am not trivializing the hoof and mouth disease situation, just the "conspiracy theory" that is described by the origional post. Maybe I just need a nap.


pax domina
5th Jul 2001, 01:45
If it is true, it is horrible!

Mert - yes, you need a nap! ;)

A bit of overindulgence in Pearl and/or Lone Star (do they still make that stuff???!!!) on the 4th, perhaps? :)

pax d - narcissistic, short-sighted, ill-bred moron

DX Wombat
5th Jul 2001, 02:44
Just as a matter of interest, some of our local farmers are convinced that there have been deliberate attempts to infect animals, and this was well before this rumour appeared. Hope they are all wrong.

5th Jul 2001, 04:16
Hiya Pax, Yup, guilty as charged ( Lone Star ), just a couple more hours and I can drag my arsenal outside and watch the designated sober people light it off!
Myself and a couple of other neighbors have been deemed "unfit to play with fireworks" in our current condition.


5th Jul 2001, 12:52
Monkey Boy

You weren't the shooter on the Grassy Knoll were you??

Tricky Woo
5th Jul 2001, 14:15
What a load of bollocks.

tony draper
5th Jul 2001, 15:21
That grassy knoll is a dammed lie, that photo looks nothing like me, they were golf clubs in that bag and I was in Dallas to rest my nerves, I tell you.
Besides it was a long time ago and I no longer own that Wetherby Magnum, and yes I always carried it with my clubs, err, for rabbits and such.
I am warning you stop picking on me. :)
PS, I have always had a great hatred for rabbits.

5th Jul 2001, 16:34
Goodness Monkey boy, fancy suggesting that anyone would do something illegal or criminally irresponsible just to earn a few extra bob.

Tony, shhhhhh I won't let on about your involvement in Area 51.......