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8th Oct 2001, 03:38
OK, Guvnor and his fellow grave dancers get their way and the major airlines of the western world fold (he'll be ever so happy to be able to say 'I told you so!').

Right then...This is Year Zero. What happens next?

Does mankind forsake the skys forever as a means of transport?

Maybe RyanAir becomes the worlds only mega airline then?

BA, VS, SN, EI, IB, etc etc...all dead as dodo's. Maybe even United/American/USAir too.

What replaces them...assuming anthing ever does!
And who pays for it?
Who comes up with the readies to fund alarmingly expensive aircraft, and pay war insurance rates? Only to see them fly around half empty with 'low fare paying' lemmings prepared to give it a go and hope they aren't Bin Ladened en-route to Majorca for a dirty weekend.

The doom saying glee with which TheGuvnor hypes his predictions are laced with his crocodile tears and the phone number of the Samaritans! Hah! What a prat.

So let's hear it BigBoy. Let's see you take your prediction a few steps further and tell us how people will get around in the future, because I for one don't think you have a balls notion about what you're on at. :p

8th Oct 2001, 09:00
We could perhaps return to the "Golden Days" where Air Transport was for Ladies and Gentlemen who could afford to pay for the privilege of flying in style. When flunkies pampered, Captains arranged the visas and overnight accomodations in addition to attending to steering the machine, and dirty oiks in greasy overalls were hurriedly shoved out of sight whenever the fare paying gentry appeared on the scene.

Of course security would then no longer be an issue, as people from the "terrorist classes" (easily recognised by their turbans, long beards and AK47 hand luggage) would stick out like a sore thumb if they ever had the temerity to try and seek passage on an Imperial Flying Machine.

But then again, perhaps things will carry on pretty much as usual...

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