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8th Oct 2001, 04:22
Hackers...nasty pieces of work most of them. Like to spend their empty lives producing malicious viruses that wreak havoc in their own societies. I personally reckon that any hackers from the Western World caught red handed at this should be banged up and the key thrown away...like saboteurs in previous wars perhaps they should even be shot!
But wait a minute...I've a better idea!
How about locking the ******s up in a room with a computer and all the 'pretzels' (or whatever it is they eat) to keep them busy for the next few years producing nasty viruses that are aimed specifically at the terrorist networks that we are now at war with!
Too difficult? Surely not! These guys have proved their resourcefullness. And I've even got a first target for them.

I hereby applaud and commend the first hacker who manages to get The Guvnors IP address and nuke him with something nasty in the computer virus sense (of course). That should teach the grave dancer to get off the backs of the people trying to make this industry work.

(I wonder how long this thread will last before being nuked into oblivion by the PC police...along with myself no doubt. All in a just cause though).

8th Oct 2001, 04:35
I don't see why the PC police should have any worries about your post, maxalt. Just anyone with taste and decency... :rolleyes:

One wonders at times whether some people are capable of posting anything without being gratuitously rude and insulting to others. :mad:

The Guvnor
8th Oct 2001, 04:49
Oh I don't know Huggy - his post lasted about 30 seconds on R&N and was deleted completely (not just padlocked!) :D :D

Anyway, I'm certain my IP etc is secure from any hac

8th Oct 2001, 05:16
Hugmonster don't get upset...he deserves all he gets, and he's a BigBoy, well able to take it as well as dish it out, eh Guv?

He's right too...the ole PC police on R&N are on a hair trigger tonight. Maybe they have hooters and klaxons rigged to sound off every time I post. :D

Actually Guv I reckon it was more like 1min30secs. Maybe I'm not trying hard enough.

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8th Oct 2001, 06:12
He may well be big enough and ugly enough to take abuse from you. However, as you may already have realised, nothing is achieved by your brainfart here except for people to realise what a small-minded jerk you are.

Next time you want to masturbate over everything in sight, would you do us a favour and go do it somewhere else?

Your post adds nothing to Jet Blast, adds nothing to anyone except allowing you to get your rocks off.

PPRuNe Pop
8th Oct 2001, 07:28
Maxalt. A warning!

You are treading a very fine line with this and your other thread. Slagging off people, whoever they are, is not acceptable on PPRuNe and you are rapidly heading for the sin bin. So since this thread can make no contribution to PPRuNe I am closing it.

I suggest you think very carefully about making any further personal attacks on anyone.

PPRuNe Pop
[email protected]

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