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spud's on the job
8th Oct 2001, 01:53
Camberwick green - opening sequence with the musical box, even worse at the end with subject character dissapearing back inside

Rentaghost - particularly the bloke dressed as a jester - yikes that really freaked me

The 'Charlie Says' public information films

opening music to news at ten

sure theres loads more but happy to leave dark memories alone thanks

tony draper
8th Oct 2001, 01:58
Quatermass and the Pit,the TV series with Andre Morrel, scared me sh*tless when I was a sprog, freightened to watch it and terrified to miss it, long time ago. ;)
Must take a hell of a lot to scare kids now.

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8th Oct 2001, 02:06
A colleague and I were reminiscing about this very topic only yesterday. We both agreed that the Daleks took some beating in the whoopsee inducing stakes.

Agree about Quatermass though

henry crun
8th Oct 2001, 02:09
You wanna talk scarey, what about Bill and Ben ?, those two put me off gardens and potting sheds for years.

Wile E. Coyote
8th Oct 2001, 02:52
How can Bill and Ben be scary?

Bill and Ben are in the pub.
Bill says "Floobadob, lobbadob, dobbalob".
Ben says "Go home Bill, you're pissed again".

Bill and Ben are in bed.
Bill says "Floobadob, lobbadob, dobbalob".
Ben says "If you loved me, you'd swallow it"

Wile E. Coyote

8th Oct 2001, 02:56
I was mostly OK with the Daleks. What did it for me was the Cybernauts... :eek:

The Guvnor
8th Oct 2001, 04:37
Daleks and Cybermen no problem - definitely didn't like the episode with Jon Pertwee set in a mine with a whole load of giant maggots that grew into flies; nor the one with the Wirrn (7ft praying mantis type things); nor the really wierd one where people would get massacred by shop dummies!

For people with Dr Who phobias; check out The Bad Guys (http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/doctorwho/alien/index.shtml)

Nor have I ever been keen on clowns - Ronald McDonald still gives me the creeps!

Good grief, I was a bit of a wuss as a kid!

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8th Oct 2001, 04:59
Nothing scared me - except the Cybermen. The ba$tards were real. They had to be, they wore Doc Martins cunningly sprayed silver.

Watched them in horror every Saturday though. What do you mean, hiding behind the sofa - Me? I was just looking for something.

Yeh. Cybermen!

ShyT :eek:

8th Oct 2001, 05:45
Doctor Who, at the end, when it went *BANG*

The only thing that scared me as an adolescent was the possibility of something naughty coming on the telly whilst my parents were watching with me.

compressor stall
8th Oct 2001, 06:07
On a less scared level but more of a fear level.

As a kid when the watching the news when Regan-Gorbachev talks broke down in Reykjavik in 1981, I remember thinking "right that's it - there is going to be a nuclear war."

Certainly amongst my peers at school at the time it was the major fear. I was discussing the other day (pre sept 11) what the new world fear is in kids' minds since the end of the Cold War.

THink that it is pretty obvious now, sadly. :(

8th Oct 2001, 08:12
Dr Who (Daleks)

Lost In Space (sh!t there were some scarey c**ts in that!)

Deadley Ernests Awful Movies

Route 66 (when that guy got shot sleeping at night in a bed that looked exactley like mine!)

8th Oct 2001, 08:23
Definitely the Daleks and the Cybermen...the Dr Who music still sends a little shiver up my spine...I was such a woose.

Remember being absolutely petrified watching what I think was "Blind Terror" with Mia Farrow...


Bally Heck
8th Oct 2001, 09:45
Used to be force fed safety movies in a past life. In one of them it was obvious that the guy using the meat slicer was going to slice a piece of meat from the end of one of his digits. The music would build in a manner that would make Alfred Hitchcock throw up his hands in despair and vow to take up knitting. I would sit in my chair trying not to look whilst the film reached it's inevitable climax. Bluearghhh!!

8th Oct 2001, 09:52
I can't think of any TV shows that were too scary, but I managed to watch a clock work orange on the movie channel when I was about eight years old and it scared the beejesus out of me! :eek:

8th Oct 2001, 10:12
Back in the days of those gay flowerpots behind the shed, the Beeb used to run a road safety propaganda film. The thing showed a boy playing in his front garden (Front garden? We didn't have them in Co. Durham, but I digress...) and a happy fellow driving his Morris along the road without a care in the world. It cut back between the two as it built to the final scene where the kid dashes into the road after his ball and the car flattens him...

I used to run out of the room as soon as it started and stay out until well after I heard the squeal of the brakes.

Through difficulties to the cinema

henry crun
8th Oct 2001, 12:43
Gay flower pots behind the shed !.
Don't tell me Bill and Ben were homosexual.

8th Oct 2001, 13:00
Jesus, Henry where have you been for the past 10 years.....?

Don't you know that everyting has a 'deeply suppressed homo-eroticism' nowadays.... :rolleyes:

...what does that mean, anyway....??

'Course they were queer..... :D :D :D

Anyway, 1981 Day of the Triffids scared the hell outta me. Had nightmares as 11 yr old... :eek:

Saw it again when I was 15 - laughable special effects, wooden acting...

Prob cult classic nowadays. :rolleyes:

8th Oct 2001, 14:15
For me it was the Cybermen.
I'd go outside and then have to peek in through the window at what was going on.

8th Oct 2001, 15:26
This is for the older folks out there. For some bizarre reason whenever Lenny the Lion appeared on the telly (during the 60s this was) I apparently would take refuge behind the sofa.

Biggles Flies Undone
8th Oct 2001, 16:41
Fanny Craddock - now there was a scary woman! Endless ritual humiliation of poor old Johnny and a face off a wanted poster - I used to scarper as soon as her prog hit the screen :eek:

Evening Star
8th Oct 2001, 17:56
Dr Who. The Daleks (plus Davros) and the Cybermen certainly involved a cushion on the lap (so I could bury my face if it got too scary!). However, it was some form of mobile killer rock which appeared in one series that had me widdling myself in fear behind the sofa.

8th Oct 2001, 17:59
BFU - congrats on your 1.5k posting.

Agree on Fanny, so allow me to wheel out the old one about Fanny making doughnuts.
She triumphantly pulls the doughnuts out of the oven and Johnny chirps up --

"And if you follow our instructions, all your doughnuts will look like Fanny's...."


8th Oct 2001, 18:50
Magic roundabout for me: the one where it broke down.

For some reason the music slowing down like somebody putting a finger on the record made me want to fill my nappy :)

...but I've been ok for the last month or so :D

8th Oct 2001, 19:49
You can keep all your flower pot men, Daleks and safety videos. The scariest thing on TV when I was growing up, (mid 80's) was those bloody "for mash get Smash" robots. Pure evil.

8th Oct 2001, 22:41
Not on TV - but when I was about 3 my parents took me to see "Peter Pan" on stage.

I had this thing about crocodiles for years afterwards...

tick tock tick tock tick tock... :eek:

Dave Hedgehog
9th Oct 2001, 00:29
Farm Health and Safety Video in School about people drowning in slurry, getting speared by fork lift trucks, the usual. Had a host on it, who just before anything abd happened would go "nooooooo" in a really loud voice.

also watching the first ever episode of X-Files, seeing the Autopsy, i ran off to bed after that, scared sh!tless :eek:

9th Oct 2001, 02:09
Now I've grown up a bit there's one thing on telly that scares me more than the Cybermen.

The picture of the wife's mother.....

Scary ShyT

9th Oct 2001, 04:28
Tony Draper :

I was just about to post "Quatermass and the Pit" as the most scary. However I suspect it has not had a huge viewing by most.

As an aside I managed to find a BBC copy of the whole series a couple of years back and watching it again I wondered what all the fuss was about. But that old grainy Black and White is still a bit scary (I thought the tube had gone).

Hobbs Lane - ughhhh...


tony draper
9th Oct 2001, 04:41
Roger that Mr G they did make a movie of it years latter, but the tv series was before the days of special effects, and a lot of the frightening stuff was implied, it did convey some kind of luking ancient horror.
I slept with my head under the blankets for years after that.
Yeh your right, Hobbs Lane,no way I'm walking down that street. ;)

11th Oct 2001, 12:54
the movie se7en

even the opening bit was freaky :eek:

12th Oct 2001, 01:54
I was wondering today, as having been scared sh**less by the Daleks and the Cybermen, what the youth of today make of the Borg. (mind you, 7 of 9 doesn`t frighten me)

Enough of nasty TV, I`ve just started reading Oliver Postgates autobiography "Seeing Things". Remember him?

Noggin the Nog, Clangers etc....lovely.

12th Oct 2001, 02:02
Re Quatermass and the Pit.....
I have both versions (BBC vid and film), and the BBC version is scarier, even though you see less. What is most impressive is that with the technology then available, 90+% of it was done live in the studio. The same is true of the early Hartnell Dr Who's;which is why he had 3 companions, so they could split up and keep the action going whilst the other pair were changing sets. Although much of both was recorded on videotape and broadcast later, at the time it was almost impossible to edit tape and it was treated as a live broadcast, with only a few filmed location shots and SFX added from film. With the first Pertwee adventure they did it the other way round (due to a strike no studio time was available) and it is the only adventure entirely shoton location (although the major location was a BBC building)

12th Oct 2001, 02:53
The creepy old guy in the armchair on That´s Life (Cyril?) gave me the heebies as a child. Esther Rantzen still does.

Also the witch on Chorlton and the Wheelies gave me the creeps.

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The Groover
12th Oct 2001, 03:11
Does anyone remember a BBC drama (they did used to do them) about 15-20 years ago called Maelstrom ???

It was about some bird from the UK who inheritted a fortune in Norway but was haunted by a ghost when she got there.

It freaked me out for months and months.
Well i was only a nipper !!

I am interested to hear if ANYONE remembers it, as no one I know does.

I may possibly have dreamt the whole thing
so would be reassured if someone comes to my aid !!!



Thats the way its goin' down..........baby

The Groover
12th Oct 2001, 03:15
......................Oh, and the Master when Peter Davidson was Dr Who was also damm scary !!!!



Thats the way its goin' down..........baby

12th Oct 2001, 03:32
His name was Cyril Fletcher - and I totally agree :)

tony draper
12th Oct 2001, 03:33
I remember a play years ago stared a famous british character actor, who's name escapes me, called I think
Whistle And I'll Come To You, classic ghost story about a bumbling academic on holiday on the south coast who finds a old graveyard full of bones collapsing out of the dunes,he finds a old bone flute with those words carved on them.
Made very low tech,hardly any dialogue, just very atmospheric, real scary story. still remember that one.

Time Bomb Ted
12th Oct 2001, 06:59
Don't forget H.R. Puff'n Stuff. The witch used to scare the nappies off me. Not to mention that big thing that looked like the McDonalds Hamburgler on steroids.

12th Oct 2001, 07:22
My very first recollection of being absolutely terrified was watching the 1951 version of "The Thing"!

Golden Monkey
12th Oct 2001, 13:15
I'll agree with Judy on "The Thing" - never has vegetation been so scary. Apart from, perhaps, in the Day of the Triffids.

However in terms of retro BBC productions that gave one the willies as a youth, the masterful series "The Tripods" scared the hell out of me. Not only the green foggy insides of the Tripod machines but also the whole capping thing. I would like to add a story about how I used to check my forehead every night before going to bed, but that would be a lie. Still, damn freaky.

Those were the days.

12th Oct 2001, 17:19
The Groover,

I remember the Maelstrom but not a detail about it other than a hazy recollection of the opening scene showing the water! Perhaps I blotted it out....

Anyone see the UK TV version of "The lady in black"? I remember vividly the scene of the lady herself hovering over the boating lake and the chap falling overboard in panic. My son's school did a drama version of it a few years back and it was still scary even then.

ShyT :eek:

The Groover
12th Oct 2001, 17:33
Shy Torque
Yeah I remember The Lady In Black, it freaked me out and it was only a few years ago !!!

Glad someone remembers Maelstrom !!



Thats the way its goin' down........ baby

The Guvnor
12th Oct 2001, 18:43
A 1950s sci-fi film about giant ants called Them! also gave me the heebie-jeebies.

I also recall a children's TV series from 1972 or 73 called The Changes, where everyone in the UK destroyed all their modern appliances (I think everything that used electricity or had motors) due to some property developer waking up Merlin.

Another children's series that gave me the willies was Carrie's War because the titles featured a skull which said precocious brat chucked down a well.

My sister was made of sterner stuff though - I can remember her at about 4 or 5 making a mega fuss because she wanted to stay up to watch some princess in Dr Who being thrown to whatever monsters were starring that week!

Charlie Foxtrot India
12th Oct 2001, 19:09
Being the youngest, I wasn't allowed to watch Dr.Who because it gave one of my older sisters the screaming abdabs. Funny, I wasn't allowed to go to Brownies for the same reason.

What was that show where the circles moved along the wall and spoke "This is the voice of the Mysterons!" Every time car headlights swept past the window at night I would scream my head off thinking it was the Mysterons come to get me, (with the help of the dragon that lived under the bed, invisible to parents but very real).
Also got the heebeegeebees from the people in Camberwick Green being swallowed by the turntable thing *shiver*. And had nightmares about Windy Miller being decapitated by his windmill. How about the woodentops? How scary is it to think that you could be turned into wood from the waist up?! *scream*
Clowns and ventriloquist dolls still give me the creeps.
These days I think the tellytubbies are nightmarish. Hubby got a good game off the net that involved tellytubbies and a machine gun. :cool:

Mister Gash
12th Oct 2001, 20:00
The bit in Salem’s Lot where Danny Glick’s brother is scratching at the window. Scared the s**te out of me when I was ten.

12th Oct 2001, 20:11
CFI - The mysterons were from "Captain Scarlet" (Andersons - Centure 21 productions). Always started off with someone being killed, the voice of the mysterons, and then the dead person would get better and would now be a baddy. As usual Captain Scarlet would come in, sacrifice his life while saving the day and then get better. The main thing I loved was the Interceptor pilots - The Angels. Melody, Harmony and Rhapsody Angels. Ahhhh they gave me the horn. Pity there were wodden puppets.

Couldn't wait for the Andersons put out the UFO series with real people in it. Those page boy haircuts of the chicks on the moon base really got me going as well. Not to forget the bird in the submarine wearing the string vest outfit. Ahhhh it brings back memories and makes an old man very happy.
(not very PC posting)

The thing that scared the cr*p out of me as a kid was Lost In Space. The episodes where they had the monster that looked like a giant cooked cabbage. Had me hiding behind the couch. Jeeez - put me off veg for life.

The Groover
12th Oct 2001, 20:23
Hey Guv
Didn't think technology exsisted in them days to beam pictures into outer space !!

Fnaar Fnaar


(That is where he's from init' ???)

Thats the way is goin' down.........baby

12th Oct 2001, 21:32
ooh -- gotta post here ...

Terrified by :

1. Almost everything in the Tommorrow People. Especially the ultra-creepy ending titles.

2. Doctor Who City of Death, with those horrible single eyed tentacly things that tried to forge famous artworks...

3. Dark City -- the film.

4. Wordy (?), a creepy/friendly kids TV character on ITV.

5. Some film, where a couple's car breaks down and they call at a house/lab where horrible creatures have been created... It's in black and white, I wish somebody could tell me what it was called ...

The Groover
12th Oct 2001, 22:11

You just reminded me of wordy !



Thats the way its goin' down......baby

13th Oct 2001, 00:21
I'm suprised that none of you mentioned this:

Space: 1999 - "Dragon's Domain"

Even though just a light and tentacles that spit out a burnt corpse....
it was enough, and that was only the second episode of the series! :D

Also, as an overintelligent youngster:

"The Andromeda Strain" '71, 'cause I had read the book ...

Then it would have to be my first scary movie:

Alien. Really bad as it was the first, and coming off of close encounters it took one off guard hehe ...

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13th Oct 2001, 02:29
Probably showing my age here, but without a doubt the most scary thing on the tube as a kid was the original B&W weekly dose of the "Outer Limits". I really did think they had control of the television. Watched the modern version last year and - no contest


13th Oct 2001, 12:59
Watched a wildlife programme when I was about ten, which featured the legendary spiders that live beneath toilet seats down under.
I spent several years lifting the seat to check, just in case one had found it's way to rural Hertfordshire.
The programme made a big impact on the rest of the family - even today, many years later, my mother is convinced that EVERY toilet seat in Australia has it's own spider guardian.

the funky munky
13th Oct 2001, 22:10
Definitely Doctor Who all those Daleks screaming EXTERMINATE!, another Doctor Who episode had some disembodied hand that killed people scared the pants off of me.

Day of the Triffids. Must have been the going blind thing.

Edge of Darkness on BBC1 had what at the time was to me a real conspiracy about nuclear accidents and coverups.

One that was never on TV was my parents fascination with scaring me by playing the War of the Worlds LP, OOH LA.

13th Oct 2001, 23:00
Anything showing Margaret Thatcher.

Seriously, Quatermass series. I remember the first one in the fifties and my Dad used to send me to bed before it started, but I used to sneak down and watch it when the scary bits weren't on through the slightly open door. Gave me nightmares but couldn't resist it.

:eek: :eek: :eek:

tony draper
13th Oct 2001, 23:36
Its frightening that this thread no longer fits my monitor, I gotta keep scrolling to read it, I thought that only happened when people posted pickies. :rolleyes:
What happened??.

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14th Oct 2001, 09:50
I'm not old enough to have seen Dr Who, so I can't make any comment there, but I do remember having nightmares over the following films:
"The Never Ending Story" and all it's sequals, and
"The Wizzard of Oz" :eek:

Joe Bolt
14th Oct 2001, 17:20
I'm surprised that Star Trek (the original series) hasn't been mentioned yet.

It was the aliens with the big white bald heads that terrified me the most. Also, I recall one episode in which a beautiful young woman turns into a wizened old hag in a matter of seconds. That one certainly sent me scurrying to the back of the sofa.

Aside fron TV, for some unexplainable reason I had a morbid fear of anyone who was wearing a plaster cast following the misfortune of breaking an arm or leg, to such an extent that I spent six weeks of hell trying to hide from my younger sister after she had suffered such an accident.

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15th Oct 2001, 16:40

How old are you? Dr Who only finished 5 or 6 years ago.

15th Oct 2001, 17:05
When I was at Primary School, we were shown a film with a bunch of kids playing around on a farm.
They are sitting in a barn, pretending to drink from a bottle they've found. One girl drinks it. Que night time, agonsing screams from a house. Shes dead.
Next day, same kids,(minus one) playing around on the fence around a silage or sewage pit. One boy falls in. Hand slowly dissapears under crust.
One kid gets mangled in a large peace of farm machinery.
Can't remember the rest but one by one they all get killed of in horrible ways. Scared me for ages. A lot of parents complained about it because of their tramatised kids!

Gremlins (the movie) scared me quite a bit too.
On s slightly diferent topic, Wasps still scare the s*** out of me-but I was attacked by several when I was nine.
P.S Just realised that Dave Hedgehog hs already posted about the information film. Anyone else see it? Wonder if they still show it!

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The Guvnor
15th Oct 2001, 19:57
This information film was, in fact an incredibly slick piece of propaganda put out the the Farmers Union. They wanted to scare off as many people as possible from going anywhere near a farm, so their agricultural subsidy scams wouldn't get rumbled.

And it's worked. Apparently, many areas listed as 'farms' and which are in regular receipt of large government cheques, are in fact amusement parks, shopping centres and some are in fact in the centre of towns!

The current generation of MAFF inspectors - who grew up with the film in question - refuse to set foot on any farms for fear of being run over by psycho farmers with combine harvesters, falling into silage pits or getting eaten alive by rabid bulls.

And if you think it's bad here, you should see the info films the French made their kids watch! :D :eek: :D

15th Oct 2001, 19:58
For me it was the weather forecast anytime that I was on holiday with my parents. If rain was forecast then it was either a day playing board games and cards as a family or, all into the car to see some "interesting" but very boring ruins.
Scary indeed!

15th Oct 2001, 20:38
Joe Bolt

AAArgh! Yes! Trek! Never occurred to me, but now that I think on it, the bit in 'Charlie X' where he removed a sexy (female) yeoman's face - left behind blank 'skin' and muffled noises. Still don't like that now.

And anybody remember an ITV kids prog called 'TimeSlip'? That used to give me the heebie-jeebie some times.

15th Oct 2001, 22:46
Can't remember anything that seriously worried me on telly but did get pretty wound up by some of the situations on the radio with Dan Dare pilot of the future, I suppose ones imagination conjures up some pretty horrifying creatures. The othern one was listening to Conan Doyle's The Lost World, I imagined some pretty gruesome dino's in that one too.

Boss Raptor
15th Oct 2001, 23:05
Early 70's - long running series called The Survivors on BBC - about a virus that was released and killed most of the population, a few were immune and lived amongst the decaying fabric of before times...loads of gang wars just like Mad Max - I was max. 10 years old and the whole idea scared the **** out of me...and then along comes Osama Bin Laden!

16th Oct 2001, 03:13
Speaking of facelessness, there was a Saphire & Steel episode that had a bloke in it who did something with kids in photographs -- hairs rise on back of neck -- and no one could remember what he looked like.

Turned out he had no face, and was lurking in all photographs or something.

THAT still scares the crap out of me ...

Top Loadie
18th Oct 2001, 03:54
There was a program we watched each week in primary school, 3rd year infants, called "Dark Towers". The music at the beginning was so scary that everyone disappeared to the toilet before it started and then waited until the music ended.

There was also some weird American kids program with a mime who had a white face mask on with a big nose. Scared the c**p out of me.

One other thing that I just didn't like as a child was the music from "The Littlest Hobo". :confused: Wierd or what?

18th Oct 2001, 04:07
My youngest niece and nephew, aged 6 and 3 respectively, whom I was visiting over the weekend, have no problem with "101 Dalmatians" cartoon version. But the live-action version (with Glenn Close as Cruella deVil) they just can't take, even though they both recognise that it's the same story.

Oh - and my nephew has big problems with "Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs" as well, the bit where Snow White is lost in the wood is okay-ish with lots of reassurance, but when the dwarfs are chasing the witch is definitely more than he can handle! Wonder how he'd cope with "The Exorcist"...

Sick Squid
21st Oct 2001, 04:50
Quatermass and the Pit... only saw the film, never the TV, but I was damned if I'd deliver the Ayr Free Press to that tenement block in Fort Street because it had the the same scratches on the wall as Hobbes Lane. So I dumped them in the discarded organ boxes at the back of the music shop in the Sandgate and.. ....dumped the rest as well, and got sacked.......!

Such a psychologically scary film, particularly the "Devil in the flames" at the end... but another aspect that I remember was the TV show covered in one scene of the film... I think it was called the "Tittupity Bummity Show'" definitely intended to portray the depraved nature of entertainment in the future... big phallic bananas and topless women riding on top of them, plenty of gratuitous background sex, all guaranteed to have a certain resonance to a 13 year old male....... no surprise that watching "The Word," or "The Girlie Show" years later I thought "Whay Hey! The Tittupity Bummity Show has arrived!" :)

What was alluded to by an earlier commentator was the sense of inevitable Nuclear anhihilation that pervaded the early 80's... we had "Protect and Survive" landing on our doormats and telling us we could happily build a nuclear shelter under the kitchen table... we had the BBC out-takes telling us to put our grandmothers body outside... it was grim, bleak, and tangible that we were going to end in a bright nuclear flash. Thatcher, Reagan, The Miners Strike, Libyan F11's.... as Brits the future certainly was not bright for an teenager in the 80's. Rush's "Grace under Pressure" and Kate Bush's "Breathing" (from "Never for Ever") also seemed to hit the mark... The Specials "Ghost Town"..... empty, dark period.

My vote also goes to the Cybermen. Natsy, nasty creations... certainly wouldn't stand their round down the local, those boys.


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22nd Oct 2001, 08:31
Errrm, actually it was going on holiday this September and flicking through the channels of the hotel TV to find something in English and being confronted by live coverage of lower Manhattan on September 11th.
I can't see any way I will ever recover from that awful memory although I am handling as best as I can.
And yeah! Quatermass and the Pit was the one.
You would have to be really old and British to know what we are talking about but it was literally the first of the now popular horror movies.
Then there was the Dale Family, the first of the soaps when the intruders used a meat cleaver to cut the phone line before the cliff-hanger ending.
There were so many outraged calls to the station that the following episode had the hard guys, minus meat cleaver, simply rip the cord from the wall.
We thought we had learned to take any amount of fear and violence didn't we?

22nd Oct 2001, 20:52
The Diddy Men from Knotty Ash

The Witch from Chorlton and the Wheelies

...and even though I'm not a kid anymore, Ronald MacDonald in the current TV ads for Macdonalds...WHOOOAAH! :eek:

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