View Full Version : Chat...03/04 July.

Big Red ' L '
4th Jul 2001, 13:32
Is it me or is the chat room down.? I have tried for the last few days now and am having no joy.. http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif

Feeton Terrafirma
4th Jul 2001, 13:41
Pretty typical!
It often takes me 8 or ten goes to get into chat, and sometimes, I just give up till tomorrow. Gives you sh!ts big time eh?

Big Red ' L '
5th Jul 2001, 04:21
Still no joy with the chat room. I need to know if it is my pc or if the room is down for a while. Has anyone been in there in the last few days..? If so then i will need to change some settings on my p.c as i have just re-installed win98.


5th Jul 2001, 04:32
Just worked fine on Netscape.

Kermit 180
5th Jul 2001, 11:23
Working ok recently, but have had difficulties with icons, etc and being booted off for no reason. About a week ago I couldnt get on, it told me the room was at maximum capacity, but when I finally did get on there was only two people present.

5th Jul 2001, 12:36
I got on fine late last night. Make sure your software is set to accept Java that may be the problem.

Just after getting on I had the blue screen of death (for a different reason) so apologies for leaving so suddenly.