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Constable Clipcock
4th Jul 2001, 09:09
WRT the informational site I linked in one of my replies to the thread American Gun Laws, I note that you chose to disable that link while — at the same time — leaving other links, to other sites of differing opinion, intact. While I presume that you believe you had a good reason to do this, I must say that I am at a complete loss as to what that reason could possibly be.

Now I realize that links to sites of a pornographic or racist nature have been taboo — this subject has been beaten to death on this forum before. However, the fact that you choose to deactivate a link to a site which fits neither of those descriptions does provoke a certain... curiosity.

In the interest of having some consistency with regard to what may — and may not — be linked here, I'd like to propose a simple solution: why not disable all links?

Feeton Terrafirma
4th Jul 2001, 14:25
OK, I'll stick my neck out a little here, because I haven't read the thread and seen how the link was disabled, but I have to question the value of disabling a link, or banning them for that matter. I can type a URL in plain text:


and all you have to do is select the text, cut (CTRL C) and paste (CTRL V) it into a browser to get there.

I'm not a PPRuNe addict. (just need one more post)

4th Jul 2001, 20:38
Sorry Constable to do this, but I don't want to start another thread just for the purpose of this question, and I think if I post it here, it will be read faster by PPT than if I sent email.....

So here goes: Towers, Babe, Where the heck has the UBB coding gone? http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif

Regards GG

Winston Smith
5th Jul 2001, 01:45
Oh yes, GoGirl!

Initially I seriously considered starting a thread "UBB code - the cornerstone of a decent society" or "UBB code - the hallmark of a self-respecting forum" - but then thought better of it...


5th Jul 2001, 01:56
This will be good for all of us; to get use to. A clean cyber society is a UBB free society don't you think?


Winston Smith
5th Jul 2001, 02:05
Yeah, ocb,

I'm sure you won't miss it. You were about the only one who didn't hack the "[quote]" command. Your posts would be much less confusing if you didn't just copy/paste our posts and add your "*** [insert 3-5 words of your choice]".

5th Jul 2001, 03:08
Winston Smith,

Good remark!
Well, now that you've had your "brain drain" for the day, take a chill pill, relax in a cool spot, take a nice long break and get youself some B12; we'll have a go at it again tomorrow! Be good, the cutting and pasting may be next on the list.


Constable Clipcock
5th Jul 2001, 04:14
I think you've _all_ missed the point; I was refering to the _selective_ disabling of certain links by the management.

The entire point of what I was proposing — to wit: the complete disallowance of links to other sites of _any_ description — is that by eliminating _all_ links on this forum, there would be no more room for anyone to complain about URL's in their posts being censored on a non-uniform, arbitrarily selective basis. I.e.: everyone gets treated _equally_ here on out.

In the meantime, how about not letting this thread grow into some mega-post monstrosity until _PPRuNe Towers_ has had the opportunity to respond — _without_ having to trudge through everyone else's 2 cents/pence/kopek/etc ?

(Perhaps he's acted on this suggestion already!)

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5th Jul 2001, 16:25
Can't blame a Gal for trying !!

CC, as I originally stated, was not meant as a hijack, merely was trying not to be a nuiscence, sincerest apologies :)


5th Jul 2001, 16:45
The first time I read the subject of this discussion I could have sworn it said Marriage Proposal!!

...........scary :)

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6th Jul 2001, 05:07
Hmmm...How does one "modestly" make a marriage proposal? ;)

Slasher's: "May I shag your bones till dust do us part?"

OCB's: "Is Eternity too long?"

ExSim Guy's: "Will you share my Marmite?"

IFR's: "Let's draw up a proposal for the proposal."

Feeton's: "Plant your Feet with me?"

10W's: "Let me direct you to my runway?"

StanSted's: "Will you be my Bash Mate?"

Mr. Mcd's": "Let's smell Jet Fuel together"

Capt.PPrune's: "What will you be doing in 2010?"

oops...sorry, got carried away. :)

6th Jul 2001, 09:40
Hehehehe....Spot on Judy!! :)

6th Jul 2001, 09:49

Love ya! :)

- Slash