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2nd Jul 2001, 15:31
Do you not get scared when you fly? After all there is often 60 gallons of highly flammable avgas less than a meter away from you.

I worry about this, I occassionally even lose sleep over it. What happens if I crash and burn? You either get cremated in the remains(which is thankfully a free cremation), or I get buried 6' under if you crash fast enough(which is thanfully also a free burial). What can I do about this fear?

Surely eveyone has it to a small extent? Can I ever be an airline pilot like this, I can't image being close to tons and tons of this fuel. I like flying as I feel closer to God, but will he be there protecting me in the danger zone, just a few feet away from the ground?

Please help me, I need something to help me sleep and fulfill my dream at the same time.

Arm out the window
2nd Jul 2001, 15:44

This fuel you refer to is made up of the fossilised remains of our friends the dinosaurs.
In its current form, it's much less scary than it would have been as a hungry Tyrannosaurus Rex, so there's one positive aspect for a start.
When you actually start up the aeroplane, it goes on to be burnt, and would be in a crash too, so it should be even less scary then.

I'm sure that if God is omnipresent, and doesn't mind being with you in unpleasant situations such as the toilet when you're passing a particularly unpleasant bowel motion, then He or She would have no dramas at all with hanging in there when you're flying (or crashing, for that matter) with tons of Avtur, (which as pointed out above could be thought of as a form of living creature, in a way, so God should be there protecting it too).

As you would no doubt know, excess fuel has a cooling effect on combustion, so when you're lying in a twisted, burning airframe, there might be a pleasant few degrees less of scorching heat if you learn to love, and load on, those extra kilograms or even tons of fuel.

I think you should apply to as many airlines as you can - they will be only too happy to talk to you about your silly but totally understandable fear of fuel in your interviews. Don't hold back - in this way, you're bound to face and overcome your fear.

Remember, fuel is our friend. I'm off to sniff some right now!

2nd Jul 2001, 15:50
Adults ask children: What do you want to be when you grow up? Wrong question. It should be: What do you want to do?

The first question addresses self-image, the second addresses reality. "To be" an airline pilot is about swanking around the airport with gold (most carriers)rings (four are best, but three are O K too)on the sleeve, dropping the voice an octave, manly frown (even from lady pilots),gaze focused on the middle distance. The walk is stately.

The reality ("to do")is that you actually do sit on a few tons of fuel, in a machine that has very hot turbines (there really is a fire in there) spinning at some thousands of RPM, with often quite chancy electrical installations, planning to take-off or land or both in a snow or rain storm, flying through or around turbulence or icing or both, after sleeping badly in a hotel that may be less clean or comfortable than you like, and all this because it is what you like to do.

I do not know the right answer for you, but I think you are asking the wrong question.

2nd Jul 2001, 16:23
Release heres some more things to worry about when you try to sleep at night: :)

* airline jets have a fire inside them burning fuel. You stop the fire you stop the engine. What puts out a fire? Water. What do jets fly in? Rain!

* Jets have fuel in the wings. What ignites fuel? Sparks. Wings are made of metal. Whats attracted to metal? Lightning!

* Jet engines need air to breathe. You stop the air you stop the engines. What chokes an engine? Ice!

God Im a cruel bastard! ;)

Seriousley though mate consider the proof of statistics. If all these things were an everyday occurence then aeroplanes wouldve all fallen out of the sky long ago leavin us without jobs. I remember flying into my first huge angry thundersh!tter in a 737 at 31000ft at night during my first Nam monsoon. Ran into a blind alley and this 40nm-diametered bastard was nastey! Deafening rain with a lightning strike just under my left window! If that didnt scare the paranoid christ out of me we were in very serious "holy SH!T!" turbulance and I could barely see the bloodey instrument panel! All I told myself was "Boeings just dont fall outa storms! Boeings just dont fall outa storms!" Luckey for me Boeings generaly dont!

Dave Incognito
2nd Jul 2001, 18:20
Arm out the window,

I still have tears in my eyes after reading your post. Thankyou for brightening up an otherwise mundane day.

LMAO :) :) :)

Flying is easy - just throw yourself at the ground and miss.

2nd Jul 2001, 18:30
I only wrote the post originally as a windup for the dull and boring wanabee's section(you should see their dead n' dull replies).

Of course I knew that it was really suited to JB, where it would turn into a joke and give us all a good laugh :) :) :)

Cheers slasher and Arm otw, you made me laugh!! :)

3rd Jul 2001, 00:19
So, Release, you find Wannabes 'dead and dull' do you? Well, in that case, stay out. I don't need idiots like you wasting the time of people who are desperate to do anything to get on the professional flying ladder. Such people are, by their very nature, earnest, enthusiastic, and somewhat vulnerable to your pathetic little 'wind-ups'. They will answer any plausible question, from an apparently like-minded individual, as well as they can, in the hope that someone will be equally good to them when the time comes. I expect you find that somewhat sad and perhaps a little nausiating. Well, Release, have you got an ATPL? Then you know how these people feel. Haven't got one? Then you've no idea how serious and important this is to them. Don't piss them about, sonny, because you will upset me - and I'm not a green ATPL Wannabe. I will bite! And you will lose your posting privileges anywhere on Pprune. OK?

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tony draper
3rd Jul 2001, 01:09
Bloody hell your worried about hydrocarbons,
try sitting on top of 50 gramms of anti matter, like I have to on this Centarian Scout Vehicle.
Spill some of that on your boots and it will realy spoil your day. ;)