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17th May 2004, 05:51
Hi there everyone. Just a quick one. Travelling MAN-CUN in June, MYT031, returning MYT032.
Just wondering which a/c is normally on this one, any of you MYT guys or girls know? I'm presuming A332 but perhaps DC10?
Also would be interested to know what the IFE's like if its on the airbus??... have heard is pretty poor on the DC10?

Also... whats the chances of any extra's for two extremely well deserving airline employees..??! is the premium cabin defo out of bounds?... or maybe just an exit row would be nice as I think the flights something like 9.5 hours... mmm nice :rolleyes: !

apologies for all the questions... hope one of you can help
ta v much
tt ;)

17th May 2004, 19:59
....when I was in CUN last Nov (I went with FCA, nee AMM), both MYT 330 and 763 were seen when we arrived and left.

18th May 2004, 08:34
I think MAN operate their 763's down that way. If it is one of them be prepared for a very uncomfortable flight. Seat pitch is about 29", there is no Premiair cabin and G-DJAC has a dicky No 1 engine that Air France sold them on the cheap and tends to go tech quite a lot. So pack a packed lunch just in case you have a nice delay.

Other than that the crew are wonderfull and I dont have a bad word to say about the service they provide.

19th May 2004, 20:45
MYT031/2 ex MAN will be on A330 equipment unless major tech problems exist, then difficult to determine what action would be taken but probably use the remaining DC10-30 as that is the designated long haul standby. For SS04 the 767s are predominantly operating out of LGW, BHX, and GLA there are however occasional visits to other bases.

The A330 has individual seat back video, six movies if I recall. It's a Rockwell Collins system and generally works quite well. The DC10 is a DC10 and as such has the original fit IFE. It's therefore rudimentary (overhead projectors and pull down screens for each cabin area. You all watch the same thing) it has several audio channels as an alternative. There are not too many complaints about it, such as it is it works.

Approach_Plate your comments are unwarranted. Seat pitch is pretty much standard for a U.K. charter operator, you get what you pay for. Your comments re DAJCs #1 engine are completely unfounded and the sort of [email protected] that MyT just does not need. They stink of partial knowledge and should be removed. The AF LOAN engine, which worked, has been removed and returned. It happened during “half time” in the Hadj. Get facts before you post.