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5th Oct 2001, 23:02
Seeing that, sex, politics and religion is banned, I suppose we could talk about airplanes, as farfetched as that seems. Actually, was thinking about this, since someone mentioned they had a model of all the airplanes they had flown, well, I was just trying to figure out, how much that would cost me, but to do that, I had to figure out what all I had flown.

Not that I think I have a lot, secondly, would be kind of interesting to see what fellow Ppruners had flown, who knows, we might have a Brabazon pilot amomgst us.

Anyway, to bore you all to tears, here goes:

Cessna: 150,152,172,172RG,182,182RG,210,310,337,402,404,414,441, Citationjet.
Piper: Cub, Tomahawk,140,180,Comanche,Arrow,Lance, Saratoga,Seminole,Seneca,Navajo
Mooney:20C, 20K. Bellanca Viking. Beechcraft A-36, Skipper.Christen Eagle.KitFox.Stearman. Grumman AA-5, another Grumman that looked like a Cessna, Learjet 23,24,25. DC-8, series 50 and 60. A320.

Favorite would be the DC8 and the least favorite would be the Hershey winged Pipers.

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6th Oct 2001, 04:03
Cessna 150, 152, 172, 206, 210, 310, 402, 404, 421
Piper Tomahawk (YUCK), Cherokee, Warrior, Archer, Dakota, Arrow, Cherokee 6, Lance, Saratoga, Seminole, Seneca, Aztec, Navajo, Chieftain
Robin HR200
Mooney 20something
Beech Duchess, Baron
Islander BN2A, BN2B, BN2T
Boeing Stearman, 757 (There's a difference!)
Christen Eagle
Fokker F27
Jetstream 31, 32
ATR 42, 72
Embraer Bandeirante

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tony draper
6th Oct 2001, 04:39
Hmmm just noticed something, why are so many aircraft named after Native American Tribes or Chiefs?.hmmm?
Bit like all the early Shadows numbers, strange that, don't you think?, hmm?. ;)

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6th Oct 2001, 04:45
...except for Beech aircraft, which all seem to have regal pretensions above their station :rolleyes:

6th Oct 2001, 05:13
In California. it's called Indian Country because all these Commanches, Navajos, Tomahawks,Seminoles, Chieftans,Cherokees,etc. come up to meet you.

6th Oct 2001, 06:59
Cessna 140,150,152,172,177,180,185,210,206,310,401,402,411,414,Cita tionJet,Citation II,V,Ultra,III,Excel,X. Lear 23,24,25b's,c.Sabreliner. Piper Cub,Pacer,Colt Tomahawk,Cherokee 140,180,235, Commanche single and twin.Grumman Cheetah/Yankee, TigerMoth Stampe,Emaraude, Broussard,Twin Beech,Fournier Rf4,Europa,Stinson Stationwaggon,Pitt's(singleholer)Christianson Eagle Stearman,Chipmunk,Citabria140 and 180. Piper Apache Aztec,Douglas DC3 DC4 DC9 Boeing 727 100/200 BAC111, Piper Arrow. a gullwing French thing with slats whose name I forget,
Gliders Sedberg T21 Slingsby firefly, and some German thing (Blannick?) Hang Glider
Canopies T10, LoPo, 1.6, PC and a couple of French sport canopies.
wasn't sure if the gliders and parachutes qualified but certainly were fun. Every single one of them has been great. The DC3 Lear 24 and Pitts particular favourites, the least successful was the hanglider, almost killed myself. Every minutes been a massive pleasure and I have had a blast and for which I am truley gratefull

6th Oct 2001, 07:46
Cessna 150, 182 and a half*, 185.
*185 with 260 horses.
Cherokee 140, 235, Super Cub, Aztec.
Beaver, Turbo Beaver, single Otter.
Stinson SR9. Weird vacuum operated flaps that had a mind of their own about operating in unison.
Beech Queen Air, 18.
Lockheed 10A, 12.
DC-3, wheels and skis.
Fairchild F-27A, F and J.
Gulfstream 159.
DH-125 1AR.
Loved them all. Well, maybe that @#$& Queen Air less than the others, and the 182.5 was no great shakes on the small floats.

6th Oct 2001, 11:35
just the piper warrior :(

6th Oct 2001, 14:57
Ah - if we're including gliders and canopies...

Ka4, Ka7
C9, T10, I24, AC, Dragon, Pegasus, Defender

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6th Oct 2001, 15:10
Chipmunk, Hiller 12B, Bell47G-3B1, Bell206, Bell205, WS55 SeriesIII, BN2A, Skyvan, PA28,
Beech18, PA30, PA31, Beech Baron B55/58, BAC1-11, B737-200 & -300, B757-200, B767-300ER, B747-400.

6th Oct 2001, 15:34
Only small stuff.

Assorted Cherokees,Tomahawks, Arrows and lances.
Several Chippies and a tiger
260c Comanche
B22 Bantam Microlight

More than I thought.
Favourites: Chippie and Comanche

6th Oct 2001, 15:51

Pipers:PA18,PA22,PA28(140,151,180,181,235),Cheroke Six,PA23,PA31.


Rockwell AC500S.

P68B. BN IIA. DHC6. C47(not DC3!) Airbus320, B767, L1011.

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6th Oct 2001, 16:19
C150, C152, C172, C206, C207,
C210, Pa28 (various from 140 to 181),
Be 77, Be 76, Be 23, Be 24
Pn68, BN2B, AC500s (loved that plane)
EMB110, DHC6, DHC 8.
I think that is about it. :D

6th Oct 2001, 17:22
cessna 152,150,172,172rg,182,210
piper warrior,cherokee,seminole,seneca,aztec,
Kingair 90,200
Lear 24,25,31,31a,60
IA 1121b, 1123,1124
T33,DC3(Turbo prop version)

6th Oct 2001, 17:27
Oh yeah,
Citation 500,1,2,S2
Rockwell 680,690
Citabria,super dacathlon,Pitts..
757 and 737 sims, Don't count though.. :D

6th Oct 2001, 19:32
C150-152 (aerobat, c172, c177, c182, c206, c337, c310, C180, c188 Husky, Piper Arrow, Piper Brave, Piper Traumahawk, V Tail Bonanza, Tiger Moth, skyfox, Storch, Drifter, & a Blenik if your counting gliders.

I hated the Skyfox - loved the Storch and the rest were just work hacks.

6th Oct 2001, 20:17
Arcturian Industries Crater Hopper Mk4

Jovian Megablaster (the one with the supercooled warp coils)

Foundation ship (first officer)

Piper Cherokee

6th Oct 2001, 21:18
Beech Bonanza A33
Cessna 152, 172, 185 waterplane
T-37, T-38, NF-5, F16 (only one ride but :D )

various computerplanes :rolleyes:

6th Oct 2001, 21:28
C-152, C-172, C-206, C-421 (my favorite) Aztec, Tomahawk, Warrior, and been for rides in other GA aircraft.

7th Oct 2001, 03:46
Hogwash you diferentiated between the DC3 pre-war and C47 (army) and R4D (navy) and Dakota (RAF?) but weren't they all basicaly the same?
The Super 3 (Navy) was different in that it had the enclosed wheel wells extended fin, larger wright Cyclone engines and Radar.
Forgot my seaplanes LA4 and LA8

tony draper
7th Oct 2001, 04:14
Negative Mr P,the pre war DC3's ashtrays didn't fold into the panel when not in use, and it had a black bakerlite knob on the gear lever.
People often make this mistake.

gravity victim
7th Oct 2001, 04:25
Flown :DH82A Tiger Moth (PPL),Chipmunk,Stampe, Beech,Piper Cub,Jodel 1050,C150,172,182,Tomahawk

Jumped out of: C170,172,182,206, Rapide,Tiger Moth,Tripacer,Rallye,Dornier,Skyvan,Bucker Jungmann,Lancashire Prospector,Twin Pioneer,DH Dove, TurboPorter,JetRanger,Gazelle,Islander.

Canopies: C9, T10,Irvin Oscillator (24ft reserve,)Irvin Skydriver,Papillon,Irvin Delta 2Parawing (horrible) Para Commander,Stratostar,Pegasus.

Dave Incognito
7th Oct 2001, 06:55
C152, P28A, P28R, BE76, Super Decathlon (great aeroplane)

Looks like I've still got a long way to go to catch up to some of the old [email protected] around here. :D

p.s., Where is everyone geting their hands on Chipmunks?

7th Oct 2001, 15:36
Hang gliders - the harness has so many uses ... mmmphhm ... mmwmwmwwm ... mrmmrrrm

7th Oct 2001, 20:53
Rallye, Cessna 150/152/172/182, Cub (various), PA 28/38/Pawnee, Scheibe Falke, DHC-1, Jodel 140/150/1050, Grumman AA5, Tger Moth, Stampe, Turbulent, Fournier RF4, Robin HR100/210, Rollason Condor,Thruster, Taylorcraft, Christen Eagle, Aeronca Chief, Cap 10, Citabria, Pitts S-1s/S2B Slingsby T67, Stearman, Turbo Porter,Various gliders, Bulldog, JP5, Hawk, C-130, Puma, Wessex, Lynx.

Jumped: 206, Let 410, Turbo Porter. :D :D

Wot a grin it was!

7th Oct 2001, 22:12
I'm intrigued by the grammar of the question as posed - "What all did you fly".

I assume this is English as she is spoken by our colonial cousins? :confused:

Sorry - not being grammar police here - it's just been getting to me each time I've seen the thread title in the list, and each time I've thought "I've never flown an all" ;)

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8th Oct 2001, 04:58
Beech sundowner, Beech F33, Beech B36, Beech B58, Fuji-200, Grumman AG5B, Piper Seminole, TB-20, and the Fokker 70.

I have never flown a Cessna though.... Not even a High-wing aircraft. I think I'm an exception.

8th Oct 2001, 06:12

My sincerest apologies for not being completely clear and grammatically correct. As you can see, I have taken the liberty of changing the topicline, to reflect ,perhaps, a more appropriate statement.

(Gee, talk about a stiff upper lip, after all, this is jetblast not Harvard)

8th Oct 2001, 06:25
No problems, Mr. D8! :)

Harvard? Do they speak English there? I had understood that Harvard was some sort of training school for accountants... :D

8th Oct 2001, 07:15
How about Oxford then, I suppose they speak english there, that is unless the empire is completely gone.

8th Oct 2001, 11:09

Sorry to have taken so long to reply. The DC3 was a pure Pax aircraft with an airstair door on the stbd side. All others like the C47 have been civilianized as their documents will show. One example of this is that the CAA after the war made the civil opperators of C47s lock out the second stage of the superchargers.

I have only seen one true DC3 which came through E Africa many years ago - owned and opperated by a guy called Ben Drew.

However let me say, that with regard to my post, that I was being a bit pedantic!! ;)

8th Oct 2001, 11:21
Oxford, ain't that the place where they make those dictionaries?


8th Oct 2001, 14:37
some very impressive lists here - puts me in my place. Anyway, fwiw:

Sedgeberg, Venture motor glider.


Hairy Plains:
Chipmunk, Bulldog, Tomahawk, 150, 152, 172, Cherokee 140, Warrior, Rockwell 112A, C208 grand caravan, Seneca 2 and 3, Twin Commanche, Duchess and Aztec.

Fave: probably the 208, though I love the Aztecs too.

Least fave: probably the 150, handles lovely but too cramped.

8th Oct 2001, 14:53
Thanks Hogwash, I do believe that was what they called the Douglas SkySleeper. Ok I have to delete that one, only flew the militarised versions. But... if we are going to include jumped out of I could add DH Dragon, DH Rapide, Beaver, Otter, Wessex 5, Sikorsky, Hiller.
No Tony sorry, I think you confuse that handle with the bakerlite handle that was on StingRay on the blow ballast tanks doodad. The folding ashtrays were always just to the left but left folded up during program hours so as not to send the wrong message about smoking to minors. Troy only smoked when the Marina song was on and he was out of sight.
Oxford.. Dictionary, possibley.

8th Oct 2001, 19:05
Jumped from as well, is it?

OK -
BN2, Cherokee 6, C206, Turbine Porter

Let's also add get winched out by:- :D

8th Oct 2001, 21:28
Wiched out of you say, well then... er none.

Although the word has reminded me I did forget the Thruxton Jackeroo, you damned nearly had to be winched out of the back of that if the chap you were jumping with was anything less than svelte.

8th Oct 2001, 21:37
Mines a very short list in comparison to some here but we all have to start somewhere...

Gliders: Venture

Fixed Wing: Chipmunk, Bulldog, C152, Piper Warrior, Aztec (for about 10 mins :D)

Wockawockas: Gazelle (the most intensive hour of flying I've ever done!)

I'll keep you posted over the next few decades as this list grows!

Vapour Trail
8th Oct 2001, 21:48
Mine is a short but sweet list.

C-152, C-172R, C-182S, PA-28, PA-32, PA-44, 8KCAB (decathalon), Zlin 242, Debonair, B767-300 :D

Fav's would have to be : PA-44, Zlin242, and the mighty 767.

8th Oct 2001, 22:01
Ok, here we go.

Aircraft I have flown.

Aero Commander; 500 (both types), 520, 620, 680, 680FL (Grand), 680FLP (Pressurized Grand), 1121, 1121B (Jet Commanders).

Beechcraft; Beech 18 (D&E), Bonanza (damn near all series), Debonair (conventional tail), King Air 90 (yes the straight tiny 90), 200, Queen Air 65,85, Twin Bonanza, T-34 A&B.

Bell; Jet Ranger, 222.

Boeing; Stearman, 727 100&200

Cessna; 150, 172, 175, 180, 182, 185, 210, 310, 320, 336, 337, 340, CE-500 & 550.

Convair; 240, 300, 440.

Culver; PQ-14 (look that one up)

Dassault; Falcon 900EX.

DH; Beaver, Dove, Chipmunk.

Douglas; DC-3 aka C-47, DC-6.

Howard; 350. (aka Lockheed Super Venture)

Hughes; 269, 300.

Israel Aircraft Industries; 1123 (what a pig), 1124, 1124A.

Lear Jet; 24, 25, 28 (yeah the one with no fuel), 35, 35A.

Lockheed; 731 Jet Star

Mooney; Mite, 20, 220 (the single engine pressurized one, I may have the number wrong).

Mitsubishi: MU-2 G, J, L, M (all pigs, terrible airplanes).

North American; T-6.

Piper; J-3, Super Cub, Colt (two seat Tri-Pacer), Tri-Pacer, Cherokee 140, 180, 235, Six (260 & 300hp), Comanche 180, 250, 260, 400, Pawnee, Twin-Comanche (all series), Apache 160 & 180, Seneca, Aztec (all series), Navajo (all series including the non-turbo charged commuter version).

Sabre Liner; 40, 60, 65, 75 (another pig), 80 (75A).

Squealing Pig
8th Oct 2001, 22:39
Types Flown

C150 C152 C172 C182
PA28-140 PA28-160 PA28-161 PA28-180 PA28-181 PA28R-200
PA-38-112 Yuck :eek:
Grob 115
T-600 (Microlight)
B747-200 but only a sim
BE-200 another sim

A320 HS748 B737 B747 B757 B777 DHC-8 J32(if you can call it a JS on one of them)

Types flown in as PAX
Thorpe T-211
Jodel D112
B737 B747-400 B757 B767 B777
PA-23, Cherokee 6
BAe ATP, BAe 146
HS 748
SD-330 SD-360
Jetstream 32

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9th Oct 2001, 02:00
Here's my list:
Aero Commander: Lark, 680F, 840
Aeronca:Champs, Citabrias, Decathlon,
Super Decathlon
Beech: Musketeer, Sundowner, Debonair,
Duchess, C-45, 99, King Air 100
Boeing: Stearman, 737-200 Adv
Bowers Flybaby
BAe: HS748
Cessna: 140,150,152,170,172,177,180,182,185,
Christen Eagle
deHavilland: Chipmunk, Beaver, Twin Otter
Grumman: Trainer, Traveler, Cheetah, Agcat
Lake Buccaneer
Maule: M-4, M-5
Morane Saulnier Rallye
Piel Emeraude
Mooney Super 21 & 201
North American Harvard & SNJ
Partenavia Victor
Piper: Cub, Super Cruiser, Super Cub, Pacer/TriPacer,Cherokees,Arrows, Navajo, Chieftain, Cheyenne, Cherokee 6, Saratoga, Seneca, Seminole
Stinson Voyager
Swearingen Merlin
Wren 460 (Yes I know its' just a modified 182, but what a performer)
Blanik, Pilatus B-4, Schweizer 2-22,2-33,1-23,1-34,1-35
Beavers, Bushmaster, Quicksilver, Tierra, Chinook, Challenger

All of them fun under the right circumstances, though the Quicksilver & Chinook had a bit more flex in the structure than is good for an overimaginative driver

Ole Flashy
9th Oct 2001, 03:35
Yep. I've flown most of them except the big jets.
BUT!!!! Have you flown the following....
Douglas A26 Invader (favourite)
Grumman TBM Avenger
Bristol Freighter
C117 Super DC3
Turbo Beaver on amphibs (2nd favourite)
Hiller 12E helicopter

Guess I'm lucky .....

9th Oct 2001, 04:21
My minor list: .Grumman Tiger, 172L, 172R,
172RG, 182RG, Katana C1.

RH seat of honorable mention:1948? Waco Bi-plane.

LH seat ride to remember:Bell 212 P/U'd after
heliskking in Canadian Rockies.

9th Oct 2001, 05:25
con pilot, that PQ-14, was that the little spindly legged tri-gear thingy that started out as a target drone? I'm too lazy to go look it up.
Flashy, is it true that a '26 can outrun a P-51 at altitude? Are the high blowers still operational on yours? The Turbo beaver must be nice on amphibs. I only ever flew it on wheel/skis. Beats the livin' s**t out of the DC-3 in the slush, I can tell you.

9th Oct 2001, 14:23
I can be really boring too!

Gliders, K-7, K-13, Sedburg.

Cessna 150, 152, 172, 177, 182, 205, 210, 310, 401, 402, 404, 421 & Citation SII.

Piper 22, 23, 28, 30, 31, 32, 39, 44, & wotever P number a Tomahawk was.

Bellanca Citabria.

Dassault Falcon 200.


Shorts 330 & 360.

De Havilland Twin Otter & Dash 7.

Rockwell 112, 690A & 840.

Beech B58, F33 & BE 200.

Bae ATP.

Fokker 50.

Dornier 328.

Boeing 737 300/400.

Yeah! i'm old and had miss spent youth ferrying. :confused:

9th Oct 2001, 14:43
Cessna: 152,172,182,206,207,208,210,F406(Reims),500 (Citation 1)
Beechcraft: A36,Be55/58,Be99
Boeing: 737-200/400,727-200
Airbus: A300B4
Piper: 38-112,28-180/181/140/235/32&32R/44-180/23/30
British Aerospace: BAe3200,146-100/200/300
Sweringen: Sa227(Metro3)
Lake Bucaneer(Fark!)
Partenavia: PN68
Aero Commander: AC680FL
Lear: LR-24

I think thats it. Not in the correct order...sorry.

9th Oct 2001, 19:02
Evidence of a lifetime wasted in GA. All the sorts of things you'd expect an instructor to have flown. Also the usual assortment of types in which one attempts to dodge rocks, clouds and sudden death in PNG. One or two types used to spot marijuana plantations on Police charters, a couple of types that were simple ferry jobs - and one midnight repo job... now, THAT was living dangerously but, what can I tell ya? I was VERY young... :eek:

Beech : B77, A36, BE76, BE90, BE20
Britten-Norman : BN2
Cessna : C150, C152, C172, C177, C182, C205, C206, C210, C310
Grumman : AA5, GA7
Lake : LA4
Mooney : M20
Piper : PA22, PA28, PA32, PARO, PA44, PAZT
Rockwell : C24R

Surveillance flights in... DHC7, FK28, B727, B707, B747 and AB30

Never been a glider pilot or a meat bomb.

Ole Flashy
10th Oct 2001, 03:17
Hey Pigboat.
Yes the A26 cCOULD outrun the P51 at altitude.Our VNE before installation of the fire bombing tank was 425mph 0r 380knots.
The controls are rockhard at that speed in a dive and my biggest worry is hitting a bird.
All of ours have the blowers lockwired in low......you would'nt get off the ground in high.
I hear they lost a Pigboat this year..true?

10th Oct 2001, 05:22
Yeah, Buffalo lost one on a pickup outside Inuvik. Crew got out ok. No word of any salvage attempt.

10th Oct 2001, 07:03
Lets see:

Beechcraft King Air A90 and 200.

Boeing (727-235 and 737-200 simulators)

Cessna 140, 150, 152, 172, 172RG, 182RG, P210, 310R, 414, 421, 500, 550 and 650.

Convair A340/A440 (580).

Dassault Falcon 900A, 900B and 900EX.

Douglas (DC9-30 and DC9-82 simulators)

Fokker 70 and (100 simulator)

Grumman G159.

Gulfstream GIVSP and GV.

Piper PA 34 and PA601P

Rockwell International N265-60

Tricky Woo
10th Oct 2001, 19:43
Hi All,

I assume we're all restricting ourselves to logbook entries?

Various hang-gliders(ouch).

C150(yawn), C152(yawn), Aerobat(wheeeee), C172(yuk)

Cherokee 140(yuk)


Super Cub(yum), J3 Cub (yum-yum)

I'm feeling rather inadequate after reading some of the previous postings. Must try harder...


10th Oct 2001, 21:39
K-35, BE-95-A-55, G-18-S, F-90, BE-76.

7-GCB-2, 8-KCAB, 17/31-A

727, 737, 747, 757, 767

C-120, 150/152/152A, 170B, 172/172RG, 177RG,
180, 182, 185, 188, 206, 207, 210, 337G, 402B/C

DHC-3, DHC-6

DC-3, DC-8/73


Metroliner 4

Grumman American:
AA-5-A, AA-1-B


Lake Aircraft:

Mark-22, Mark-21

J-3-S, PA-23/160/180/250, PA-28 140/160/181/200R/201TR, PA-38/112, PA-39-160,
PA-34-200, PA-44-180



B-47 :eek:

11th Oct 2001, 00:44
Slingsby T3
Cessna 150 & 152 + Aerobat
Allons Ercoupe
A few more gliders I can't remember the names of
JP5 and 5A
Wessex 5 & 2
Ch-47 Chinook
Steen Skybolt
Grob Tutor
A few French wooden things with propellors
Beagle Husky
AS-355 F1/F2/N
R-22 (only once!)
CH-53 PaveLow
S-70 Blackhawk & PaveHawk
Space Shuttle

Lied about only one.. ;)

Cisco Kid
11th Oct 2001, 01:42
Beagle pup
Bolkow junior
Cessna 150-172-182-Cardinal-310
Fournier RF4- RF5
N. american Yankee
Stampe, Tiger moth,Gipsy
Moth,Zlin,Pitts,Luscombe,Beta Racer,something else small which was so scary Ive blocked it from my mind.on the larger side .CV-440-580,HS125,DC-9,MD-80,A-310,B-747-300,A319-320-321-A-330.Also flown from the rugby club bar on a Saturday night,but that was a few years back .

11th Oct 2001, 07:19
-Usual little one:
Couple of glidders,

-Unusual little/medium one:
Beech D18S/G18S :p

-And for the big one:
not a [email protected]#$%&g single....yet :D :rolleyes: :confused: :(

Constable Clipcock
12th Oct 2001, 06:42

Cessna 140, 150/152, 172, 182RG, 210, TO-1D, AgWagon (glider-tow, not ag!)
Piper PA-28-140/151/161
Bellanca Citabria 7GCAA, Decathlon 8KCAB
Gliders: Blanik L13 & L23, IS28B2
R/W: Schweizer 330, Robinson R22

F-101B, RF-4C (both cockpits)
Frasca 101 (museum piece these days!)

C-130, MC-130 and Hercules C.Mk.III (w/ MC1-1B/C, T-10, PX-4/5)
One of HM Captive Balloons! (w/ PX-4/5)
UH-1 (w/ MC1-1B/C, T-10)
UH-60 (ibid.)
CH-47 (ibid.)
Cessna 186 & 206 (w/ 28' LL LoPo)




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12th Oct 2001, 10:13
OK! here it comes...

Cessna: 152-172-177RG-310-335-401-404-SII
Beech: B-19, B-23, C-23, B-76, B-55
Grumman: GA-7 (Cougar)
Piper: Cub, PA-23, PA-31
Swearingen: SW2, SW3, SW4
B727 (S/O)
Fokker 28
Lockheed Tristar (this is about to end, snif)
(and soon) A310


12th Oct 2001, 23:38
Pigboat, you got it dude!

13th Oct 2001, 15:18
Ran the usual gamut of light singles and twins on my way to the Slowtation but my weirdest one had to be the Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer.

Uglier than a Shorts 330/360 it didn't so much rotate as levitate.

Luvvit :D

15th Oct 2001, 17:05
As an ATC cadet with minimal "hands on":
Chipmunk, Piston Provost, Tiger Moth, Vampire.

Sandbagging with mates, with lots of "hands on":
F4 Phantom, CF5, CF18, F16, Tiger Moth, Meteor, T-33, Cessna 150, Kiowa, Gazelle (as part of Harrier lead-in training).

Actually flown as part of Job:
Jet Provost 3 & 4, Gnat, Hawk, Hunter (various), CF104 Starfighter, Jaguar, Harrier 3 & 4, Sea Harrier (thanks for the auth for the trips Soapy), Grob tutor.

Favourites? Starfighter (a bit like driving a TR3 in the wet), and Jaguar (only ever maligned by people who have never flown it)!!!

16th Oct 2001, 07:26
Float planes:

Ah yes, forgot to specify:

DHC-6-300 Twin Otter on floats. (Challenging)
Twin-Bee. (Twin version of Sea-Bee)
C-180 and C-185 on floats.
J-3-Cub on floats.

Nice crafts, more "fun" than big jets, but pay and days off don't quite compare. :(

Same with taildraggers, low pay and long hours, and it don't pay the mortage and the SUV bills.
How do we change that??? :confused:

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17th Oct 2001, 01:02
Types Flown

Cessna 150,152,172,182,185,210,402,421,501
Piper j3, 18, 28, 32, 34,23 aztec
dh tiger moth, chipmunck
Pitts Special s2a
Bae 125 viper series
Jetstream 41
Mitsubishi mu2