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15th May 2004, 12:05
Well I have a business trip "across the pond" scheduled for the end of the month. I will be flying British Airways Toronto to London Heathrow on a 777. Any other time I have flown this route has been with Air Canada on a 767-300.

What differences in in-flight service and legroom should I expect in the "cheap seats"? At 6'1", and not exactly small, room to move is really important to me.

15th May 2004, 12:38
Hello smithery,

I have booked a BA Club ticket to YYZ at the end of June .

Iam on the 747-400 ( upper deck ) but main features are;

(1) fully flat bed.
(2) window seats face backwards
(3) 2-4-2 configuration.

I have heard that large or very tall people may find the seats a little small but I have not experienced it and you should be ok.

(4) about 20 channels of movies/tv ( no AVOD like on AC's new A330)
(5) Arrivals lounge at LHR on your return flight is supposed to be good.



PS Ooops!! I only saw "business" and did not see " cheap seats"

In economy the BA 777 is 3-3-3 I think compared to 2-3-2 in the AC 767 and 2-4-2 in the A330.
BA has 31 inches of pitch whilst AC has about 32-33 inches.
In either case space will probably be a little tight ( I'm 5'10) but found on BA to be ok.

BA has seat back TV's not sure about AC.

Both should offer a meal and afternoon snack prior to arrival. I'm not sure if AC charges for alcohol on board ( BA does not)

15th May 2004, 19:01
Have flown twice to YYZ, once with BA and once with Air Canada. Air Canada a/c was a 747 combo, and falling apart inside. TV's not working, seats falling apart, food not all that good. BA - top notch. Good food, smart interior - if leg room is a problem for you, why not call BA before you go, mention your height, and ask if they can reserve you an emergency exit or bulkhead seat. And if they can't do it before you go, ask at check-in. If they can't do it, ask when you get on-board, and if no ee seats are available, the lovely crew might upgrade you....

15th May 2004, 22:40
Flew back from YYZ on BA92 (B747-400) on the 7th April on staff travel and was fortunate enough to be onloaded straight away as there was a fairly light load. The seat pitch is fairly generous in M class (I am 6'3" and was pretty comfortable) the width of the seats is fine as well. Config on the 747 is 3-4-3 and on the 777 is 3-3-3 in economy (not yet flown that service).

Unfortunatly I am unable to comment on AC as I have not flown with them for ages (about 15 years if memory serves).

As far as alchol in flight goes I believe that AC does charge where BA doesn't.

Not alot of info I know but I hope it helps.


p.s We now operate a 3rd service which I believe goes every other day (BA97 o/b and BA96 rtn) timetable shows B777 as a/c.

18th May 2004, 12:52
Thanks for the advice folks. A "cyberfriend" of mine from another forum is in-flight cabin staff for BA, and has very kindly agreed to call a friend in reservations, and flag my ticket for EE/bulkhead seating upon check-in.

And Bluejay, I opted to fly on BA98 and stay an extra day in London, as it kept the cost WAY down, compared to flying on the Sunday. Return flight is BA95 to YUL, with a short hop home to Ottawa.


Jordan D
18th May 2004, 20:33
Just to throw in my two cents, I've flow to YYZ twice, once with AC, once with BA.

AC was 767-300, with 2-3-2, fairly confortable, food was good (it was a 7am departure), and only let down was in flight entertainment. Return was from YVR, but I can say that they don't charge for alcohol.

BA was outbound 747-400, inbound 777. At the behest of my grandparents we got bulkhead seats (I hate them, as I have to put up with stupid folding trays/video screens), but service was very good both ways.


28th May 2004, 16:04
I don't often say this about an Airline, but AC was Cr*p. Some of the most unfriendly cabin crew I have come across, AND I was in business!!! The seats looked worn and when I gave a smile to the CC they really couldn't be arsed to smile back...

I would be happy fly to with BA crew... What ever you do just don't open the curtain to the galley... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!:}

ACTUALLY fly the other direction and find some friendly Asian carriers... Three times as long, but a damn sight nicer.

29th May 2004, 08:14
Just to clear one thing up - AC does charge for alcohol (spirits) in Hospitality (Y) class. No charge for beer or wine.

30th May 2004, 01:20
Also to add my thoughts, I flew AC a couple of times last year and was impressed with them so much I enrolled in their Aeromiles programme, as they will be my airline of choice from now on.
They don't have personal TV's, which is a shame but their service on board is fantastic and I couldn't fault it in any way. The food was good (for airlines standards) and the crew were constantly checking if passengers were OK for drinks or cookies throughout the flight (even when half the aircraft were asleep.) The crew were the best thing about the flights I took, I have never seen such friendly and professional crews, they were geniunly nice people, nothing was too much for them.
I hope Air Canada can overcome their recent problems because its a fantastic airline and will be my airline of choice in the future (and hopefully not 2 distant future!)