View Full Version : Don't Like Cats ?

3rd Jul 2001, 16:24
If you like cats don't follow this link through and click on games then cat-apult.


Tartan Gannet
4th Jul 2001, 12:51
I love cats, so I wont. Thanks for the warning.

Meow Meow Purr from TG :)

Tricky Woo
4th Jul 2001, 13:53
I also adore cats, but I've had to cut down on 'em 'cos they give me indigestion.

Capt Vegemite
4th Jul 2001, 14:38
I am devoted to my little chocolate Burmese pussy.
You should see the tricks it gets up too in bed.
It is so cute and energetic and has very short hair.

4th Jul 2001, 16:07
mrrrrfff? ffnw?

(click! rwww? RWWWWWW!!!! schnck! flmp.)


hgggw hggggw hggggw hwwwgggggwwww.....

(hairball on TM's pillow)

4th Jul 2001, 16:26
The dog in "Cat Vac" is a nice touch!

4th Jul 2001, 16:34
Furry little speed bumps :)

Professor TailSpin
4th Jul 2001, 16:36
Oh no, it started out with me just posting this great link to a few colleagues....now the whole office is playing the games. Never get the buggers to do anything now!

4th Jul 2001, 18:35
Has anyone else got the torture bonus by covering all the horns?

Top scores please.


5th Jul 2001, 07:51
We should be nice to pussies. Stroke them until they purr and lick their lips. Kiss them gently. Feed them all they can take. If you are nice to them, they come when they are called...

Through difficulties to the cinema

6th Jul 2001, 04:22
fnnnggrr fngggggrrrrr ffffnnngggrrrrrrrr!!

(Seizes BS's pet snake and bangs all over room)

Revenge is en suite.

(Edited for the RSPCA)

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6th Jul 2001, 12:14
First time I in da house innit and wat do I check?Talkin about my bestest rap gangsta subject punanni.

Bio Warrior
6th Jul 2001, 12:38
While Bios away some people see fit to start up threads like these??!!!
... growls in the back of her throat.... Just remember those green eyes you see shining in the night are mine Throttle Monkey and we cats are your only protection from Mr tony draper.... Youre now on your own buddy... enjoy Mr drapers friendly entertainment

Amused and satisfied purrs over the strange screams in the night

Bio (kitten incarnate)

Belief is nine tenths of understanding