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Bally Heck
5th Oct 2001, 05:15
Gaa Ga. Goo goo. Lost Socks. Cutlery. Space time continuums. Event Horizons. 110 post old threads. Gaaaa.

tony draper
5th Oct 2001, 11:56
Thump thump clatter clatter clatter, sounds of footsteps running down from tower,CRASH! door flung open, "YOU!!!" THUMP! ARRRGHHH, !!!"teach you", THUMP, oooowww!, "hundred and ten posts would you"?, THUD!ouchhhhh, aaaggoooo, thud, slap,OWCH ARRGGHHH,"wait until we'r asleep would you"?,CRACK, ooffff, PUMMEL!ARRGGHHH,ooofff, "Groffis, leevis alone",
"And you,, bloody kung fu expert cum eer",THUMP!, oooww, "noooo, please sir, it wasn't me" ,SLAPPP!,OWCH! OOOOHYA, "it was him ,he made me do it", THUD!OOOOF, "PLEEEEASE !sir I hate violence", SLAP THUD THUMP, "owwww,boo hoo, it was him, it was him, pleeeeee, THUD!,yowee boo hoo boohoo.
GASP GASP, sound of heavy breathing, "right then let that be a lesson, gasp gasp".
Clump sound of tower door shutting , gasp, wheez, wheez, thud, thump, thump, sound of footsteps going slowly up the darktower. :rolleyes:

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5th Oct 2001, 22:21
Weird, really weird. I mean, weirder than a weird person in weird land.

6th Oct 2001, 04:06
Never seen PPRuNe Pop move so fast, except when people realised it was his round... :D

6th Oct 2001, 07:00
ok...so..what you're telling me is that there is absolutely nothing that can be done about the lost socks?? That they are irretrievable? Unless I want to go rifling through someone else's sock drawers to see if mine are holidaying there?

Maybe I should just return to the days of hand-washed stockings and give up on socks altogher??


Kermit 180
6th Oct 2001, 07:12
Give up on the socks Min, theyre as hard to find as missing hubcaps. :D However, mismatched cutlery remains a complete and utter mystery.

6th Oct 2001, 08:02
I've already suggested ditching the cutlery altogether...tho how you eat/drink soup without a fork/spoon is something that I'm not sure how to overcome....

As for hubcaps...I'm sure there's some magnetic force drawing them to some hitherto unknown holiday resort...can almost see them now...

Something I would like to know is why scotsmen don't wear anything under their kilts....I mean..they seem very keen on having matching pairs of sock (yes, socks again!!) with spivvy little tassels and everything, but that seems to be it as far as it goes in the 'smalls' department! Enlighten me, please :) (or at least humour me...)


6th Oct 2001, 12:32

I am reliably informed that astronomers have discovered the rings of Saturn are composed of lost airline luggage and odd socks! They haven't found hubcaps yet, but a future probe may well encounter an as-yet undiscovered inner-ring composed chiefly of 1968 Chrysler Valiant "sparkler" hub-caps.

(edited for spelling...damn keyboard still dyslexic!)

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6th Oct 2001, 13:21
hmmm.... on the subject of min's 'smalls' why do you have a 'pair of pants' and you normally only wear one?, a 'pair of trousers' (one off) and a 'pair of socks' (two off). Yet you only have a bra, singular, when surely that should be considered a pair?

tony draper
6th Oct 2001, 14:30
Beware, Kilted Scotsmen keep a knife down one sock, allbeit a right poofy one with jewels and such in the hilt, have been unable to fathom where they keep the fork and spoon. ;)

6th Oct 2001, 14:45
I bit of trivia here... The knife (correctly a "Skean Dhu") is usually real. Mine is, at any rate. Some are fake - not worth speaking of, really.

Skean Dhu means "black knife" or "hidden knife" - the words don't translate exactly. However, it was notmally kept concealed, inside the jacket, or up a sleeve. It was the weapon of last resort when your pistols are discharged, your claymore's broken and still the Butcher Cumberland's men are bearing down on you.

In peaceful interludes, when visiting a friend's house, it was normal politeness to leave all your weapons at the door. However, no Scot would ever leave himself completely defenseless, so would keep the Skean Dhu. But, as I say, out of politeness, it would be taken from it's normal place of concealment and placed where it was visible - normally down the sock.

And the reason for the jewels? Before the days of banks, much of your wealth had to be portable. Instead of bags of gold coin, whatever, you'd have your wealth in the form of precious jewels. And since you'd never give up your weapons, what more secure place to keep your money than set in the hilt? That way you'd never be able to separate a Scot from his money while he was alive - but we all knew that...

6th Oct 2001, 15:11
ahah...so that explains the Scotsmen's need for socks, decorative or otherwise! Still doesn't tell me why they choose not to cover anything else up!

Now...about my 'smalls'.....I can offer no light on those vexed questions you ask, tall...'tis indeed a mystery..last time I looked, I did indeed have a 'pair' to go into the bra, so that is somewhat of a relief to me at this point in time!


tony draper
6th Oct 2001, 15:23
Something you may be able to help me with here Mr H.
I sailedwith a lot of Scotsman in my time, fine engineers all, but pure loons with the ale in them, some of the older Glasweigians had tattoo's about their person, these were of different designs but nearly all said, (TAIL OF THE BANK), always meant to ask but never got round to it, what this meant, one of them did say that, if anybody found you dead on the battlefield with that tattoo they would see you got a decent burial.??
Can you enlighteN Draper Mr Hug.

6th Oct 2001, 15:27
min, I am indeed vexed by these questions and more...

For example would you consider yourself to have a 'ladder in your tights', or a ladder in your tight?.....

6th Oct 2001, 15:35
Alas, Mr.D., the mysteries of a Glaswegian stoker's tattoos are as obscure to me as how to construct a 1/2 scale model of the Eiffel tower using only 2 matchsticks, fourteen condoms (preferably unused), an HB pencil and a roll of stick-backed plastic.

6th Oct 2001, 16:17
Am taking notes here in case I get asked questions on any of these ever again...I could clean up in a quiz contest if I ever went in one!!

Ladder in the tights is interesting, coz if you wore stockings, you would get a ladder in your stocking. So, Tall, as you rightly point out, it should be a ladder in your tight, for 2 reasons. - 1. Despite being called tights, there's only 1 of them, albeit with 2 legs, and 2. We're talking about a ladder in only 1 leg, therefore in 1/2 the tight itself...so...it SHOULD be ladder in tight...but..that would make far too much sense, and this is the English language we're talking about here!!

While we're at it...why is it a boxing ring, when it's square??


6th Oct 2001, 16:30
Okay - under what circumstances do words like "water" become plural?

eg:- "Still waters run deep"/"Still water runs deep"

Bally Heck
6th Oct 2001, 16:33
Mr Draper.

I am as vexed as you as to why one should have a tat annunciating Tail O' the bank.

However I can enlighten you to a certain degree as to what the Tail O' the Bank is.

In olden days, when ships were made of wood and men were made of iron, and you could tell the women because they danced backwards. There was a mighty shipbuilder on the Clyde called John Browns. The birthplace of some of the greatest ships in the world. (HMS Hood, Queen Elizabeth 1, and 2, Queen Mary etc etc)

Now, If you ever fly into Glasgow Airport, You will see the old John Brown yard out the right window on final approach to runway 23. You might ask the question "How did they launch ships in excess of 600 feet long when the river ain't that wide?"

Well the answer to that enigma is Black Cart Water. A tributary of the Clyde which enjoins it opposite what used to be the main slipway at JB's. Prior to a launch, the dredgers would be out, clearing away the Clyde mud to give sufficient draught for the launch.

Now you can imagine what a spectacle it would be. To watch a mighty vessel being launched in such confined waters. The roar and smoke from the chains as they arrest their gargantuan load and prevent it from doing it's maiden voyage up the Black Cart Water.

And indeed massive crowds would gather to watch as some gracious royal or admiral's wife christened her charge with finest fizz.

And the best place to watch this spectacle?

Well the eastern edge where the Black Cart Water joins the Clyde. Crowds would jostle to obtain the best viewpoint on this area. And this piece of land is called "The Tail o' The Bank"

Why one would want to tattoo this on ones body is beyond me though.

About three inches left of the circle is Tail o' The Bank (http://uk.multimap.com/p/browse.cgi?pc=g811lx&GridE=&GridN=&scale=10000&title=&cat=h)

6th Oct 2001, 16:35
I liked this thread much more when we were talking about Greta Scacchi's breasts.

Well, I was, anyway........... :confused:

tony draper
6th Oct 2001, 16:44
Ah!, thank you Mr H,Another Question answered.
Draper has only now to solve the palaeoanthropological problem of human evolution, then he can return to his own planet. ;)

6th Oct 2001, 17:16
wow just noticed Tony Drapers posts were 911 , creepy eh, wonder what you get if you add up all the numeric equivalents of the letters of his name and then divide by the WTC zip code ?.

6th Oct 2001, 17:19
Well, Binos, strange as it may seem...I'm not particularly interested in Greta Scacchi's breasts!! However, I am sure there are plenty here who are, and will gladly steer this in that direction should you so choose :)


6th Oct 2001, 17:31
BUT surely , it should be a ladder up/down ones tight/tights?


Anyway, enough of that, what about missing teaspoons?

tony draper
6th Oct 2001, 17:33
The plural of fish is fishes, yet nobody uses that, they just say gimmee two fish please, lots of salt and vinegar. ;)

6th Oct 2001, 17:42
Anyway, enough of that, what about missing teaspoons?I blame Tartan Gannet! :D

6th Oct 2001, 17:45
Yes indeed you would say "I'll have two Wobbygong please".
Not Wobbygongs...

6th Oct 2001, 17:54
BTW, do "up" signals end in a odd or even number ?

tony draper
6th Oct 2001, 17:58
Strange, one wouldn't say, gimmee two dolphin please,no batter, one would say, two dolphins with salt and vinegar please.
Of course dolphins are mammals, and are therefor superior to Teleosts and Cartiligious,denizens of the deep, so perhaps thats the reason,hmmm, one is puzzled. ;)
And, why is Wales plural?, always found it strange that the man from the Seamans Mission, used to come aboard and say
"Hello,I'm from Wales, where's the boys cabin"
why couldn't he have just said
"Hello boyyo, I'm from Wale, got any dirty books"?.

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6th Oct 2001, 18:00
Mr Draper, in these health conscious days, I would have thought the request for fish/fishes/fishies would have specified grilled not fried, and no salt...not sure about the vinegar...that might actually be good for you, heaven forbid!!

tony draper
6th Oct 2001, 18:18
Bloody fops, its no wonder your such a weedy lot nowadays, fish should be dipped in good egg batter and flung into a seething vat of beef dripping, served with lots of chips cooked in a similar manner, encrusted with salt one quarter inch deep and a swimming in sea of vinegar, accompanied by huge chunks of stottie cake, very thickly buttered and a pint pot of strong tea with 6 spoonfulls of sugar .
Now that would put hairs on your chest Madam,
None of that bloody Bulemia in my day, skinny ladies would have been held down and force fed about six fathoms of black pudding a day,
until they had some meat on their bones. ;)

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6th Oct 2001, 18:37
I do beleieve the plural of wobbygong is wobbygans, however, the normal vernecular is: "A pair of Wobbies".

Does this make sense, not at all, however; in the interest of the welfare of several small schoolchildren, two hens, 3 maidens and a cat named Biggles, I must kindly ask that you stop such nonsense, and use the correct terminology in future endeavours.

Sincerely yours etc,

Brigadeer General Field.

Deceased, etc.

6th Oct 2001, 18:52

Tone, I believe the ladies of the dimensions you are requesting may be found in the resort of Ashington. Not too far from your good self, where the lasses appear too regularly indulge in the fish suppers you describe so accurately.

6th Oct 2001, 18:55
I can only agree on your points about dripping.
But as far as dolphins go, I've seen a few on the beach and they smell terible.
Couldn't eat one unless it was curried...

6th Oct 2001, 19:08
Well, Tall...judging from that response, I gather that you and Binos both feel the same about Greta's various attributes...!

I don't think Greta eats her fish coated in Mr Draper's favourite egg batter and fried in buckets of dripping, nor has she had helpings of black pudding rammed down her throat...

Wonder if Greta wears stockings or tights?? And does she too have missing teaspoons?? Does she even use cutlery? Is her wealth stored in the jewels on the hilt of her Skean Dhu?? If she does indeed wear stockings, where would she put her Skean Dhu when she came to dinner...she could always use it instead of the cutlery, I suppose...did women actually carry these knives anyway??

There Tall/Binos...is that steered enough in the right direction?


6th Oct 2001, 19:14
Hmm.. might the blade also ladder the tight stocking?

I wonder who was the first cross dressing blagger to realise that tights/stockings pulled over ones head could be a cunning stunt to disguise oneself?. And then how he brought the subject up amongst his villanous cronies in the pub?

The Scene:
An east end Boozer thick with fag smoke,(ciggarette smoke for our US pals), a wizzened old hag flogging jellied eels from a rancid wicker basket, get pushed away from a small group of chain smoking men,(they were well 'ard' they'd given up on the fags ages ago).
Harry 'Fingers': Push off luv
Big Vern : Right lads I got a brilliant idea for a disguise, we can use it dahna post office tamorrah!
Whips stocking from pocket and pulls it over his head
ALL: Cor Blimey etc for a couple of minutes
then Figers says: Oi Vern, Ow come you know you can use em like vat?
Big Vern answers........

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6th Oct 2001, 19:21
and as Loki pointed out, will the ladder go up or down??

Actually...I have a sneaking suspicion it won't just be a ladder but a bl**dy great hole!! She'll be lucky if she doesn't cut her leg off...! Of course, if these are tight stockings then she may be able to use as a tourniquet, although that has gone out of favour as 1st aid treatment these days...

Now...about these teaspoons...


P.S. I obviously have too much time on my hands tonight...apologies are herewith offered.

The Guvnor
6th Oct 2001, 23:22
One wonders why the holes/frayed bits in stockings are indeed referred to as 'ladders' One cannot use them as a method of climbing up the wearer's legs, after all!

Why are they simply not referred to as 'holes' as in "Bugg*r, I've got holes in me tights"

Indeed, what is the root of the word 'ladder' anyway, in the context of the wooden or metal item with steps which tends to wobble alarmingly the further one goes up it?

6th Oct 2001, 23:39
Main Entry: ladĚder
Pronunciation: 'la-d&r
Function: noun
Usage: often attributive
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English hl[AE]der; akin to Old High German leitara ladder, Old English hlinian to lean -- more at LEAN
Date: before 12th century
1 : a structure for climbing up or down that consists essentially of two long sidepieces joined at intervals by crosspieces on which one may step
2 : something that resembles or suggests a ladder in form or use; especially : RUN 11a
3 : a series of usually ascending steps or stages : SCALE <climbing up the corporate ladder>

7th Oct 2001, 02:35
Min, are you actually saying eating acid is good for you?

It's sure to be banned soon! :rolleyes:

7th Oct 2001, 03:33
Hugs concurring with your remark concerning the large lump of coloured glass in the top of the Skean Dhu and a Scotsman reluctance to be parted with anything that had the slightest value, reminded me of the old remedy for curing a Scotsman of seasickness which consisted of puting a golden guinea between his teeth and hanging him over the rail.
The other was the description of a Yorkshireman, who apparently was remarkabley similar to a Scotsman in many ways without however the saving grace of a Scotsman's generosity.
I do hasten to add I have very strong Scottish connections and these are of course not my views at all.

tony draper
7th Oct 2001, 04:31
Draper is of the Clan Munro on his mothers side,we await the restoration of the rightful Steward Monarchy, when our vast estates shall be returned to us.

Jackobites of the world unite

7th Oct 2001, 10:24
Well....now I'm very worried!! My great grand father was a Munro from Inverness...surely Mr Draper and I are not related?? No...this cannot be...(fret, sob, worry, much gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands....)


tony draper
7th Oct 2001, 13:34
I believe the Inverness branch were from the sheep stealing rather than the land owning side of the family.
Possibly a explanation for your present location Mr Min.? ;)

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7th Oct 2001, 14:02
Mr min??? on page 1 min discusses having a pair (past tense?) to fill a bra! Is mr Draper now suggesting that Scotsmen wear bra's as well as skirts?

tony draper
7th Oct 2001, 14:23
OOPs sorry Miss Min, in a strange act of relatavistic similtanity, I almost made the same mistake in Aussy once ;)
tother way round though.

"Yes Draper she is very pretty, but she's a he".
"Bloody hell bosun ,you shure?,whats he dressed up in ladies clothes for bos?". ;)

7th Oct 2001, 15:14
Well, Mr (??) Draper, I live in Sth Australia, the only colony not to have a convict past...so...no sheep stealers here, although I do a mean version of 'Waltzing Matilda'. Actually...I'm not interested in sheep at all...

I actually thought I filled this dress out quite nicely, but maybe the sex change operation didn't go quite as well as I thought...

Now...no-one has yet addressed the problem of the missing teaspoons...and don't blame the convicts...we're as short of them here in Oz as you lot back in the Old Country.


tony draper
7th Oct 2001, 15:50
Mr Hug, something of interest for you from my local history.

1700) George Bell, a officer appointed to keep order in the church, was paid one and sixpence per, week "to take care to turn vagrants and Scots out of the parish."

1746) Butcher Cumberland was on his way to Culloden Moor to fight "Bonnie Prince Charlie". The Gateshead folk climbed on the walls of a gentleman's estate so that they could watch the army coming down the High Street. The gardener of the estate set the dogs o n them and many were bitten on the legs. The keelmen and freemen were so angry that they set fire to the mansion

Interestingly, there are two schools of thought as to where the tribal name of us Geordies came from.
There is the politicaly correct one, that we were so named after Geordie Stephenson, the chap who invented the steam engine, railways, iron ships, radar, the jet engine,
discovred pennicillin ect.
Then there is the one that is probably true, Geordies,King Georges men, it was discovered that as well as being skilled at hewing coal and building ships and inventing things, we were also very handy at putting Scotsmen to the sword, so your pal Sweet William, took many of us with him when he went to remonstrate with you chaps at Culloden.

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7th Oct 2001, 16:26
I have, perhaps, to correct a certain miapprehension...

I am not exactly a Scot. I have Scots elements in my genealogical background (direct descendant of Flora McDonald) but most of the rest is Frog, Canuck, Blackfoot, and the merest hint of whingeing Pom.

As for the rest of your very illuminating post, Mr.D., if I were to mention the name Isambard Kingdom Brunel to you, would that mean anything? ;)

PPRuNe Pop
7th Oct 2001, 16:43
Huggy, you have NEVER seen me do a quick getaway away from buying a beer - I'm much faster than that! :D

Anyway I stick with my mate IFR, he gets 'em bought all the time. I wait to share them with him 'cos he doesn't drink much. ;)

Good thread this, funny and friendly like. Building nicely to the 100 too - then I expect we will have to have LRRA - 3 :D :rolleyes:

tony draper
7th Oct 2001, 17:20
Ah yes Mr H,how could one forget
Mr I Brunelli, without whom there would be no strawberry flavoured ice cream.
Anyway I think old Isambard was conceived in the big market.
PS, I liked his machine for the regurgitation of gold soveregns, a practical application of centrifugal force,smart cookie was Mr Brunnel. ;)
PPS Sorry we assumed that if one wore the kilt and carried a dirk in ones sock that there would be a connection with the highlands,although I'm led to believe Miss McDonald did hide the Bonny Prince under her skirt, good job he was a shortarsed little bugg*r.
Blackfoot??? hmmm I'm afraid you wouldn't get much of a trophy lifting Draper's scalp now.
Hell of a genetic mix that Mr H, ;)

Bally Heck
7th Oct 2001, 20:38
Right fellow conspirators. PPRuNe Pop has gone now. I think we can count on him being off for his beauty sleep.

So synchronise watches. On my mark. NOW.

OK here's the plan. We have a little under 24 hours to get this thread well past the ton.

I'm assuming of course he doesn't have some sort of electronic alerting device by his bed. Or worse still, monitor thread dimensions in the pub.

On the green light Go Go Go

And don't let the quality lapse!!

7th Oct 2001, 20:52
Ah yes, Isambard Kingdom Brunel. The son of French emigre and genius Marc Brunel and Sarah Kingdom. That sort of makes him Anglo French,like the Concorde (but not as pretty).

Anyway, did you hear about the girl who went into a bar and asked the barman for a double entendre? Well....he gave her one.

I thought it was funny...need to work on the timing.

Send Clowns
7th Oct 2001, 21:11
Have the photo to prove that min is female, and quite a looker too. Lovely dark hair. Mmmm.

Unfortunately I only got the photo on the promise not to publish :(

Bally Heck
7th Oct 2001, 21:18
Has anyone else noticed that Gordon Brown is slowly and inexorably morphing into Nigel Lawson? (Not Nigella)

Is it a sacrifice that Chancellors of the Exchequer must make in exchange for their God given ability to make the economic engine of the country cough and splutter?

7th Oct 2001, 21:57
While not having any idea who or what Nigella Lawson might be, I have noticed that the mere mentioning of said person has a jellyfying effect on our brother Binos.

So please Bally, refrain and abstain!

PS: I have never yet lost a teaspoon of my own, but passengers do tend to nick cutlery. Would that qualify? :confused:

Bally Heck
7th Oct 2001, 22:06
Well Flaps. Nigel Lawson was a past Chancellor in our fair country. He was somewhat over weight and of sallow pasty complexion.

Nigella is his lovely daughter. A raven haired beauty who has published cookery books and appears on telly. A much lusted after, sophisticated, demure lady who has confounded the laws of genetics by springing from his loins.

Bino, I am sure will feel pleasant a tingling at the mention of her name.

Rumour has it though that she has "gone blonde". I hope not!!

8th Oct 2001, 07:25
Send Clowns....sssshhh!!!


PS. You can barely see the lobotomy scar, can you?!

8th Oct 2001, 08:12
Flaps, I do think that you have solved some of the mystery re missing teaspoons...but I would still like to know where mine go..they are certainly not in my drawers! Cutlery drawers, I mean...

HugMonster, I'm glad you've set us straight about you not actually being Scottish...I was thinking Scottish accents and all, but alas, is not the case...no wonder you couldn't set me straight on the kilt thing...

I don't really find that Nigella Lawson has the same effect on me as she does on Binos..which is probably a good thing, as he really does turn to jelly at the slightest mention of her name, as you say Flaps!


tony draper
8th Oct 2001, 12:54
I am a little worried, the Kilted ones could take advantage of the present situation and try and take back Berwick from its rightful owner, England,
They have tried on numerous occasions to drag that fine town to a position North of the Border.
The highland fundamentalist are as we speak being whipped up into a frenzy, and that wall is not in very good repair due to military budget cutbacks. ;)

8th Oct 2001, 13:44
*tingle, lech, leer, ogle, dribble...... SIGH!*

Where did all these bloody frogs come from?

Bally Heck
8th Oct 2001, 18:40
"Wallace waken up man!"

Wallace shakes himself from under his sheepskin.

"What is it McGregor. Why dae ye disturb ma sleep man"

"The English have taken Berwick Wallace"

"My God man. They are within thirty miles of the capital. Have they taken Dunbar also McGregor?

"Aye Wallace that they have!"

"By Jings McGregor. Ye ken what that means don't ye."

"Aye Wallace. The Bellhaven Brewery has fallen. It is in the hands of the sassenachs."

"Aye McGregor. Even now they will be turning our Bellhaven best into Newcastle Brown. If their plan succeeds every Scotsman will have the mother and father of hangovers tomorrow, and they'll no be able to repel the sassenach hordes. Find the King, McGregor and tell him no tae buy a round until his taster has sampled the ale first."

"Ye needn't worry about the King buying a round Wallace. The last time that [email protected] put his hand in his sporran it got caught in the cobwebs man."

tony draper
8th Oct 2001, 20:56
HEH HEH, Good stuf Mr H, a little known fact is that Wallace was in fact a Welshmam.
The name wallace "Walcha"means Welshman,


[ 08 October 2001: Message edited by: tony draper ]

Mac the Knife
9th Oct 2001, 01:17
It seems that there are two "Tail of the Bank"s - one is indeed a notorious area of Greenock in the Clyde Estuary, but there appears to be another which is part of the Grand Banks (there is an Nose as well). There is even a Met buoy called Tail of the Bank at 43.75N/51.74W if Draper likes fishing as well as fish (Canadian Fisheries protected area, so don't let Davaar catch you).


tony draper
9th Oct 2001, 01:52
Travelled them banks a few times, always foggy there as I recal, drop down from full ahead(eight knots)to dead slow(three knots)and blow the horn like f*ck ;)
We lost the race to Port Churchill Manitoba twice, to a ship called the Warkworth.

Bally Heck
9th Oct 2001, 05:23
They may take our Bellhaven Best, but they'll never take our FREEDOM!

9th Oct 2001, 08:03
Was it a Castle Lines ship Mr D?

9th Oct 2001, 08:51
TPH, is your name Basil? Manuel's Hamster wasn't very popular tho....


9th Oct 2001, 10:50
"Please Mr. Fawlty - He been here one year - He do no harm!"

"Have you heard of the bubonic plague, Manuel? Alot of hamsters came across on boats, from Siberia....."

12th Oct 2001, 16:18
Hamsters coming on boats Mr Huck?, sounds like a cue for a crude seaman joke, ooer missus!, perhaps Mr Draper could oblige?