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London Jets
14th May 2004, 17:38
Hi all

I know this is a Beechcraft of some sort but there was no markings on it whatsoever apart from the nice orange paint scheme!!



Iron City
14th May 2004, 17:47
Looks like a Beech 18. Nowwhere and why the paint job?

14th May 2004, 18:52
I second that.

After trying to submit reply been told I haven't said enough.

So it was powered by 2 PW 985 radial engines @ 450hp each.

Lu Zuckerman
14th May 2004, 23:18
The D-18 Beech also known as JRB, SNB (Navy and Coast Guard) or AT-11 or C-45 (US Air Force) was really a great aircraft but it had a serious design flaw. The landing gear and the flaps were driven by the same electric motor. A clutch would engage the motor into the system that the pilot wanted to extend or retract. Upon landing if the pilot wanted to raise the flaps he first had to raise a panel on the flight deck to see that the clutch was in the right position otherwise he could inadvertently raise the gear. It happened a lot. Or, conversely if the aircraft was taking off when the pilot wanted to raise the gear he could inadvertently raise the flaps.

It was also difficult to maintain anything on the back of the engine because the engine was so close to the firewall.

:E :E

Silas Blattner
15th May 2004, 00:02
The where is possibly Djibouti 'cos I remember one up a pole there the last time I went through - though it was pre dawn (temps can be something shocking so you better get going early) and I can't remember the colour. Also are squared off tips standard. - I suppose I could look it up.

15th May 2004, 00:11
That looks like a "D" model, so the squared wing tips were an after market addition.

Silas Blattner
15th May 2004, 00:18
That saved getting the books out . Thank you and BTW - v v nice floatplanes. SB.

15th May 2004, 17:25
Thank you!
I thought they'd edit my comments about double slotted flaps.:O

London Jets
15th May 2004, 18:42
Many thanks Guys,

I took the photo in Jiddah at the beginning of the year. I was working for EAAC doing the Malaysian Hajj flights and I took it on one of the trips. I saw it there last year outside the old airport terminal and it is still there this year, along with an old Saudia 707 which was parked around the corner but I couldn't get a picture of that!!!


17th May 2004, 02:26
The construction branch of the bin Laden family used to own a twin Beech. Naahhhh....couldn't be, could it?

17th May 2004, 05:25
pigboat it died along with the American pilot and bin Laden senior when it cartwheeled on take off in a crosswind. All and sundry reckoned at the time it was old man bin Laden at the controls as the regular pilot would have handled the cross wind easily. Allegedly, possibly, maybe.

17th May 2004, 06:10
The particular aeroplane was seized by the old Jeddah airport authorities in the late 1970's (as I recall) for non-payment of parking fees.