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14th May 2004, 14:07
These pictures - http://vsveil.mysite.freeserve.com/page2.html - of the Upper Class cabin of G-VEIL (346) are doing the rounds at the moment - the first real life pictures I've seen of the new suites. There are some more pictures on a second page, too, if you click the links at the top of that page.

Comments? (The ones I've heard so far generally centre on toilet cubicles.)

Final 3 Greens
16th May 2004, 18:57
First impression is not brilliant, but I'd need to see them in real life to judge properly.

They look a little cramped on the photos.

17th May 2004, 05:26
Cattlestalls was the word I was looking for.....!!! Upper class cattlestalls of course .

17th May 2004, 15:38
guys, please believe me...cramped these are not.

The suites have been a huge success with our customers. Having dinner opposite your partner/collegue has also proved successful. When you're in your seat you either want to enjoy the IFE or read or sleep....however dont forget if you are feeling sociable or want to chat, we have the ber where you can have a drink, snack or a chat...... i personally have had a few BA frequent flyers who have thought the seat fantastic! Try it....


17th May 2004, 17:54

I agree with vast ( I flew the Suites to SFO and back on Easter)- they are not crammped, easy to get to the aisle and very comfortable (and the vport IFE is great too).

The new bar is fantastic with a great colour scheme.

For my sins , I'm travelling BA NCW to YYZ in June and will give a comparsion upon my return in July.



Final 3 Greens
17th May 2004, 18:14
As I said...but I'd need to see them in real life to judge properly. Shoulder room is the issue.

As an amateur flyer, there is one other downside - can't see out of the window very easily.

I've flown BA First and NCW - these set the standard for me, but good luck to VS .... its the US carriers I don't much like ;)

19th May 2004, 11:18
Even though I fly fairly frequently, I never get tired of the view out of the window, in fact not getting a window seat is a cause of major disgruntlement for me. Looks like looking out is impossible with this new configuration.

Moot point for me though, as I can't justify cost of Upper Class anyway:)

- Michael

28th May 2004, 15:52
Not sure if I am right, but is there not something written in JAR OPS or ICAO Air Law that stipulates seats must be in line or at a 90 degree angle to the longitudinal axis?

28th May 2004, 17:25
What if you want to look out the window? I'd rather be looking out the window than at the bloke across the aisle...

29th May 2004, 07:22
The dont look as good as the new Qantas Business Class seats. Having just experienced then I must say I was very impressed by their comfort and the ability to lay horizontal.

1st Jun 2004, 16:12
Almost horizontal, at any rate. The new QF seat is a flat-at-an-angle, but I'm glad to hear it's good. Still waiting for my first op-up into one of them ...

1st Jun 2004, 16:32
The "cubicles" do look nice and private, but there doesn't seem to be any "side by side" so if you are travelling with a partner it might get a little "impersonal". Any idea when either the Las Vegas or the caribbean routes will get them - my wife and I now have enough miles for a free Upper classl flight, which we intend to use next year sometime...

1st Jun 2004, 18:01
Hi deep_south,

I think some of the LGW base fleet will be fitted out with suites later this year and ealry next year so by perhaps spring 2005 all the LGW fleet will be suites.



3rd Jun 2004, 13:24
Having vowed recently to change from BA, I am making my "virgin" Virgin flight to Shanghai in a couple of weeks. I must say the Limo service and all the other goodies sound nice but can anyone tell me if I will experience these new "suites" on the sector?

3rd Jun 2004, 22:30
Hi strake,

I think the Shanghai flights are the A340-300 series so no ,no suites unfortunately.
Service is still excellent though.

Only one of the A350-600 has been dsone ( more to follow) as well as almost all of the LHR 747-400's/



Rupert S
5th Jun 2004, 15:12
there doesn't seem to be much room down the aisle and to be honest, those walls make them seem a little clostrophobic, especially since you have your back to the window. Wouldn't a club arrangement just be so much nicer. And if you're traveling on your own, gazing into the eyes of a complete stranger for the whole journey could be slightly aquard...