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13th May 2004, 09:16
Food from the past

After seeing and contributing to threads like Brown v red sauce,Favourite chocolate etc.I have noticed that foods from ones past keep being mentioned.Shredded steak in tins and compo sausages are two just for starters.
It would also be great if ppruners knew if these were still available and where to source them from.

I'll start with
Compo sausages
Tinned steak and kidney puddings..affectionally known as babies heads!

13th May 2004, 09:18
Whatever happened to proper cumbrian sausages? Not the pathetic feeble attempts that the supermarkets try and sell us these days, but the ones that were spicy and chunky?

Boss Raptor
13th May 2004, 09:52
Vesta Chinese ready meals...vile really looking back but I used to luv them as a kid...my mum would buy them as a Friday night treat and it was my first taste of foreign (?) food...mind u I prefer to eat packets of soup in powder form just like a sherbet dip :cool:

Sugar Puffs?

Golden Nuggets with Klondyke Pete

13th May 2004, 10:00
I distinctly remember a kind of hamburger/rissole with thick gravy in a tin. Might have been made by Fray Bentos and was quite yummy. They were around when I was growing up in U.K. but have never seen them in Oz.

13th May 2004, 10:01
What's all this "past" stuff? You can still get tinned s&k puds, which are marginally more palatable than tinned pies.

Also Sugar Puffs are alive a well!! I'm sure that Golden Nuggets are still hanging around somewhere, though I could be wrong!

13th May 2004, 10:02
Got Sugar Puffs in the cupboard (unless MadsMum's been at them again).

Miss 'loose' Danish butter (carved by hand from a 1cwt block).

Good black pudding, preferably Metheringham's (I know it still exists up North (although not Metheringham's unfortunately) but it's a bit of a long drive for a slice of black pud).

Savoury ducks.

13th May 2004, 10:06
Golden Wonder Baked Bean flavour crisps. Only available for a year or so in the early seventies.

13th May 2004, 10:09
There was a really yummy breakfast cereal called Shreddies ...

13th May 2004, 10:18
Fray Bentos still do a steak and kidney pudding in a tin.

I know. I have a weakness for them. And they're microwavable. You zap them, open the top up and pour in a can of marrowfat processed peas.....

My wife is not a fan, so I consume the lot.:ok: :ok:

13th May 2004, 10:19
What oh what has happened? I now know my decision to leave UK was correct. Four years ago I know for a fact that tinned S&K puds (Fray Bentos), Vesta meals, Sugar Puffs, Shreddies were all available in .......wait for it......... TESCOS, and reasonable Cumbrian Sausages as well, in fact a bloody big ring one - hot, for p'r'aps a quid. Tho' the bangers from my local butcher were always the best.

Cheers, Lofty

PS Lasernigel how do u manage 257 posts since April 2004, u must live on the machine

13th May 2004, 10:23
Mutton is difficult to obtain these days; savoury ducks are faggots in another size aren't they?

Shreddies is air force slang for underpants, or did you alraedy know that?!?:suspect: :)

13th May 2004, 10:27
Mutton is impossible to get as far as I am aware. As is boiling fowl (old chicken). Both admirable foods if cooked correctly (long and slow; ideal for a slow cooker). (A couple of weeks ago my local butchers was advertising Mutton on their board outside so I dashed in to get some only to be told it was beef mutton. Hopes dashed).

The ducks were, indeed, similar to faggots.

And miss chicklings (local name for chitterlings). (Again I know they can be found but rarely and with difficulty).

13th May 2004, 10:30
How about that stuff you used to get in a packet that you would sprinkle on your tongue and it would fizz like mad? It was around for a while in the late 70s or early 80s but I think it gave you cancer or something so they had to withdraw it.

I also miss dilutable orange juice that had so much artificial colouring in it that it used to turn your top lip orange.....

13th May 2004, 10:34
I used to be able to get a gorgeous herring pate from the supermarket but they withdrew it (obviously, I liked it so they would take it off the shelves) - a Scottish brand, had a castle on the label. Yum - mouth watering at the thought. Why must supermarkets always pull stuff off the shelves just when you've had the chance to get to like it?

13th May 2004, 10:35
That'll be sherbet (or coke:uhoh: ).

13th May 2004, 10:35
Oh Gawd, Gainesy, no I did not. :yuk:

The Shreddies to which I refer were small, square pillow-shaped things with a lattice-like appearance. Slightly malted I think.

13th May 2004, 10:37
Shreddies (the cereal!) are still alive and well-ish. Though you can get them in teeth-rotting (sugar-coated) and chocolate flavours now. :\

13th May 2004, 10:43
Gainesy - this was something far more sinister than sherbet! It came in a sachet and from memory looked like little rock crystals. I don't think there was anything organic in it - I am sure you could have put some on a rock and come back a million years later and it would still look the same :D

13th May 2004, 10:43
Gainsey, I think he may well mean Space dust (which I recall exploding quite violently in my mouth) rather than sherbert (which I recall forming a solid lump).

Never thought of Space Dust for a long time and if I had I would have assumed it was defunct until very recently when I read a restaurant review where the pudding was a mixture of meringue, rasberries, cream and space dust. To give it a bit of zing I suppose. :ok:

Only problem is if I had some now I would probably end up recovering my dentures from the plaster on the wall. :E

(Edited to add. And space dust fits Huffy's description perfectly).

13th May 2004, 10:55
Can vouch for the availability of Shreddies. Only this morning had to retrive a few dropped on the floor by the sprogs. The cats like to kick **** out of em' until they disintegrate into a fine powder on the kitchen floor.

The Shreddies don't fare well out of the engagement either...

13th May 2004, 11:02
Ms Blue Diamond

You can get Nestlé Original Shreddies shipped to your door in Oz!

Loads of goodies can be sent by UPS to you.....have a look at:

Useful Expat Shop (http://www.expatshopping.com/)

13th May 2004, 11:17
YES! Space Dust - that was it.

Aaahhh, those halcyon days of a glowing blue tongue....jumpers for goalposts......

13th May 2004, 11:23
I was trying to remember 'cos Space Dust rang a bell somewhere.......and then it just came to me!
Space dust 3 packets
mate 1
Mate pours three packets into his mouth in one go.
Hilarious result.

13th May 2004, 11:36
To all extolling Fray bentos Steak and Diddly puds,the one I remember is from Army rations in a tall can with suet pastry lining all of the can(not puff pastry on top like FB's).
Mads dad You must bring yourself upto Bury market on a Friday or Saturday,all the meat products are available.
Lofty 50 Easy really.Check systems working on arrival in morning,go to office observe systems via webcams...technology you can't beat it.Never had this on exercise on North German plains.Oh and importantly, scheduled maintenance weekly.

13th May 2004, 11:43
Laser, again I think someone has got the wrong product. FB do a stinned pie, tin about 6 in diameter, 1 in deep, with a puff pastry top but they also do a steak and kidney pudding, tin about 3 in deep, 3 in diameter, rounded bottom, which has a suet lining all through the tin and meat inside.

Still available at shops and supermarkets near you.

I know Bury market, been there a few times. I always preferred Barnsley market though (and, of course, the Birds shop in Mansfield for the best sausages and pork pies ever plus all the other bits-of-pig products you could name).

13th May 2004, 11:46
Loose black pudding in an enamel dish.
Palethorpes sausages
Flying Saucers
Fizzy Sarsaspirella

The steak puddins in a can you are thinking of, were made by "Goblin" and tasted like :yuk:

13th May 2004, 12:24
Plus with the "Goblin" ones, yer need at least 10 to make a decent meal. Assuming you can stomach more than one at a time! :yuk:

13th May 2004, 12:30
Oh where is Mr Carn when u need him :E

13th May 2004, 13:34
Coo, tinned elfs, what will they think of next?

13th May 2004, 13:52

elfs are not goblins!

An elf is also a sprite.......a drink....can be in a can...but not an elf...... it's not a puddin in a tin!:}

13th May 2004, 13:56
puddin it tin elf goblin sprite.....

I think this thread's losing touch with reality...

13th May 2004, 13:59
laser - i am talking puds here! IE loadsa suet and not enough meat, hence the marrowfat pea treatment.

They must sell them in ruddy Burnley -- just wander past the tripe counter, you're bound to find the things!!!

13th May 2004, 14:06

Unfortunately, with regard to your comment about loads of suet and not enough meat, the premier steak and kidney pud producer in the world is a mere stones throw from Burnley!

If you have never tried a Hollands Pud, you have not lived!

They also make superb meat pies.:ok:
Have a look at their web site:


However, these puds are also not now of the original receipe:{

13th May 2004, 14:09
Hufty I'm sure it was actually called moon or space dust.

13th May 2004, 14:13
Hollands Pies rule!! But they are near Accrington, please don't sully them with Burnley's name!

13th May 2004, 14:19
It's up valley aint it!:rolleyes:

13th May 2004, 14:29
That's not the point. ;)

13th May 2004, 14:49
I only moved there last Sept from Blackpool,so all this food which I was brought up on is a memory from the past luxury now,but not good for the waistline.
What's up with Burnley?At least I can understand the language,in Accrington they talk rather strange.
And thanks for the Steak and Sid pudding info.

13th May 2004, 14:50
It's only 7.5 miles! ...and you don't cross a boundary where passports have to be shown!

13th May 2004, 15:19
I wish sunny Delight came under the foods from the past criteria. Damned stuff has a half life twice that of Plutonium and yet it is still displayed in the chiller cabinet to fool people into thinking its perishable.


13th May 2004, 20:15
Bought a Malt Loaf the other day, havn't had it since I was a kid.
Scoffed the lot in one sitting. Yummy.

13th May 2004, 20:32
Mutton is difficult to obtain these da
Plenty of it in NZ - we also have hogget, which is lamb up to 2 years old - sort of halfway between lamb and mutton. Why don't they sell corned beef in the UK? (and I don't mean that terrible tinned stuff...). Loverly it is....
Don't see lardy cake or parkin about too much ... and you can get FB babies' heads in most NZ supermarkets, but I prefer to m ake me own.....

13th May 2004, 22:28
Not so much food but snacks for small kids. The things I used to love as a boy were Bazooka Joe's, Outer Spacers, Sky Divers and Milky Ways (when they were nice). Does anybody remember Pacers? They were the green and white mint flavoured chews. Similar to Chewits.

Also, I remember when my grandfather used to give me Sauerkraut cabbage with pieces of German sausage in it. It was one of my favourite meals and I used to look forward to visiting him because I knew that he would give me as much as my little belly could take. I have never tasted this dish anywhere as good as his.

13th May 2004, 22:48
Malt loaf - are they still around ?? Where did you get it from (says he standing shopping bag in hand)

13th May 2004, 23:39
Malt loaf, with plenty of butter on it. Memories of childhood teatime with my grandmother.

Constable Clipcock
14th May 2004, 00:13
Ah yes, Space Dust. We had that stuff in the States as well, marketted as Pop Rocks. Those things were evil!

Mirkin About
14th May 2004, 00:21
My mums aunt used to make and sell at Barnstaple markets a thing called "Hogs Pudding " was sausage like and had Barley in it but apart from that I have no Idea what was in it but by golly I loved it . Noboddy else has ever heard of it .


14th May 2004, 00:41
texan bars...a delicious combination of orange nougat and milk chocolate. Truly a delight.

14th May 2004, 01:14
Malt loaf.
Got it from Sainsburys. As ********* said, must be eaten with loads of butter mmmmmmmmmmmmm
Sainburys opens in five hours:ok:

14th May 2004, 01:17
Not stictly a food from the past since, like maxman, I too enjoyed one in its entirety for the first time in many a year recently. More than worthy of mention however. So soft and gooey that even with the sharpest knife by the time you've cut a slice it's squashed to a height slighter than it's thickness and you need to stretch it back to something resembling squareness to provide sufficient butter spreading area.

To answer your question phnuff, any supermarket. I spotted mine purely by chance on a rare foray into said dispensary of edible requisites and simply had to have it. Be sure however to purchase also real butter, as to sully it with a vile solidified vegetable oil alternative is I'm quite sure a crime, even if only aginst sound morals. Ensure also you purchase only the brand marketed as "The fruity malt loaf". All others are mere pretenders and to be distrusted and avoided. Should you not be able to source supplies contact the producer here (http://www.soreen.com/original_malt_loaf.asp) for information regarding outlets.

I feel it nesecarry to quote the merits of malt loaf, as illustrated by the manufacturer, for the benefit of those unaware of it's beneficial properties (edited slightly in case of copyright issues).....

Sor**n Original fruity malt loaf is the UK's favourite malt loaf.
It's unique and secret recipe has remained the same since it was first created. Many sports persons rely on Sor**n's malt loaf range as part of their balanced diet because they are packed full of carbohydrates and a great source of energy.
What's more, Sor**n Original fruitymalt loaf is suprisingly nutritious and low in fat.

..... Relied on by many sports person eh! They can't be wrong surely? Enjoy, and remember its low in fat so a 1/4" thick layer of butter only balances that out, dont feel bad about it.

Edited as maxman was obviousy having a middle of the night malt loaf moment too. Hope my additional information is of use however and possibly encourages others to partake in the noble tradition of 'loafing'.

Edited again as maltloaf withdrawal syndrome is taking its toll on my spelling!

14th May 2004, 04:07
Not to mention Junkit pud. :)

Ace Rimmer
14th May 2004, 07:40
Malt loaaaaaafffff - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm must get some for teatime on Sunday

Nutty bars: sort of soft toffee/nougat covered in peanuts

The strange brands of chocolate you used to get in compo probably with an average age of about 50 years

Cookhouse tea: Strong and teeth rottingly sweet

Curly Wurlys

Chocolate MoJos

14th May 2004, 07:50
Mirkin About
Mmm Hogs Pudding - YUMM

Still get it in Cornwall....whenever I return there me mum gets a supply in.
I love it cold or fried.
Far as I know its glorified minced pork with herbs and other bits + pieces.....
Local butcher had to stop making it it 'cos European regs required him to have a seperate area for preparing it. A complete new kitchen just for hogs puddin means he just buys them in now...not the same but good!

14th May 2004, 07:59
Malt loaf definitely. Haven't had any since last weekend, must get more.

The other one remembered from childhood is Madeira cake (the yellow fluffy stuff that bears no resemblance whatsoever to the stuff you get in Madeira). Used to eat that thickly spread with butter - called it 'butter cake'.

And does anyone else remember eating treacle sandwiches. Gorgeous but you could be imobilised for hours afterwards if you touched something. Hands so sticky you couldnt pull them off the door handle.

14th May 2004, 08:00
What's up with Burnley?
Look where I am from! ;)

Ah, Sunny Delight, or as one of my Dad's colleagues once called it, fruit flavoured vegetable oil! :yuk: Dreadful stuff!

Maltloaf....mmmmmmmm, top stuff. Your slice must have it's thickness increased my no less than 50% with the butter layer on top though!! :p

14th May 2004, 08:10
Ace Rimmer Did cookhouse tea have bromide in it,or were you just that knackered during basic training girls were the last thing on your mind!
The following Army rations:
Condensed milk in tubes
Jam in tubes
But what were biscuit AB about..hard, tasteless and the last thing you'd eat if starving.
eal 401 Prestons the same as Burnley..just bigger!
Agree with all malt loaf sentiments,but what about bun loaf?

14th May 2004, 08:23
Coming back to Britain next week.

Malt loaf. Must have Malt loaf.


14th May 2004, 08:50
Prestons the same as Burnley..just bigger!
How dare you sir!! ;)

Hmmm, maybe you might be right......:p

Can't say I've had the pleasure of bun loaf, but if it's what I think it is, I think plenty of butter is still a requistite!

14th May 2004, 09:34
Haven't had fondue for a while! Gone the way of the prawn cocktail, cheese and silverskin onions on cocktail sticks and the gin and tonic :E

Fondue was great though - many a joyous hour spent dipping bits of bread into vats of boiling cheese etc....

14th May 2004, 09:44
Hufty. Fondue is alive and kicking out there. During a period of 'resting' from my normal paid employment last Xmas I took a temporary job working in a warehouse, picking goods to send to the shops. I was astounded by the number of fondue sets being shipped.

I assumed it died out at about the end of the first series of The Likely Lads; unlike you I have never been to a fondue party (possibly the only person in the country); I never got invited to those parties where you throw your car keys into a bowl either, but that's another story. :{

14th May 2004, 09:58
I am surprised you can still get fondue sets! Strikes me that there is something very dangerous about having several litres of scalding hot fat sitting on your dining room table, just waiting to get knocked over and poured into somebody's lap :ouch:

Hostess trolleys - there's another thing we can do without.

I thought the emergence of the IKEA generation and the John Lewis wedding list would have killed products like these... :E

Anyway, back to topic.....gobstoppers that had different layers in them - one was hot the other cool.........

14th May 2004, 10:44
Oh dear. I've suddenly remembered that Mum's steak puddings were the absolute best. When I visited Mum and Dad after they retired she would always do one.

How sad I'll never have another again.:( :(

14th May 2004, 10:55
angels That's really sad mate.Remember my Grandma's apple pies, she used to grate her apple so no big chunks but not puree either,always on Sunday for dessert.
Steak and onions on Saturdays..in fact you always knew what day of the week it was by the food.

14th May 2004, 12:27
bu##er Angels now you've started us all off.....
My Gran (passed away a few years...) used to make the best melt in your mouth marinated mackerel. No recipe written down....:(
However, her magical Christmas pudding recipe was passed to my sister and the ritual stirring passed on to demonstrate the right consitency etc.....Don't think Sis has made a Christmas pud in her life....wonder if she still has the recipe???

Oh yes something she called "Russian Cream"....
Seemed to be a jelly like opaque glutenous base (taste/flavour unrememberable....maybe there was none:uhoh:) with whipped egg white on top. Ever so yummy with clotted cream :O

ooh ooh GOLD TOP milk;)
Can you still get it in the UK?
The stuff that had a level of cream on it so deep and thick you had to get it out with a small tea-spoon when chilled. :)

14th May 2004, 12:38
Ah, food like my mother used to make:
hairy bacon and cabbage, boiled for a fortnight, stew made from whatever meat you can afford on eighteen quid a week.

1960's Irish cuisine, try as you might, you can't forget it.

Rhubarb tart to die for though, in season.

14th May 2004, 12:43
Mmm Taildragger
Grandfather still has rhubarb plants in the garden that have been feeding DM families for over 60years.......Gran used to make a mean Rhubard+Blackberry crumble too :(

Ace Rimmer
14th May 2004, 14:23
Ahh Brigade Squad...don't think I've ever been that knackered before or since - about the only time in my life when a pillow was erotic

Bacon burgers!!!!! I'd forgotton about those

14th May 2004, 19:10
Yeah, the grandparents rhubarb and custard, Grandad used to grow it, and Nan made the pudding. I too, will never taste it again.
You just know, that nobody's is going to taste quite the same.

14th May 2004, 20:11
My aunt still makes lemon cheese, to my grandmother's receipe.

I've run out and can't get any more till August.:{

14th May 2004, 22:10
Beef dripping sandwiches. Plus extra salt. If I die young, that's why.

Cold day recipe from my late Mum. Baked potatoes with butter and cheese. Creamy rice pudding cooked in a gas oven, with a thick skin on it.

Home made bread, raised in front of the coal fire.

Shin Beef and onions, left simmering for hours until the meat falls apart in the mouth. Gravy mopped up with bread.

Mashed potato and swede (actually called turnips in my part of the world) plus tomato sausages and gravy.

Liver and onions....slurp.


29th Nov 2004, 10:14
No it was space dust

29th Nov 2004, 10:48
Bloody Bluetits used to leave the silvertop and go for the goldtop so they weren't color blind! Obviously also genned up on nutritional requirements for cold weather.
Grandmothers recipe for Xmas cake lives on, my mums was so good both my sister and I have taken it over. My Xmas cake has just been made, the fruit having done it's obligatory marinade for three months in a mixture of Brandy, Port, Cointreau and Galliano. Use just anough cake mix to hold fruit together then when cooked a months 'feeding' with VSOP untill Christmas.
Ref MOD ration packs once made the mistake when in a rush and desperately hungry, in attempting to consume mashed patatoe in it's powder form, then to help it down some water. Very unsettling results, painful even.
Have found the neccesity to make one's own 'Baby's Head' due to the desire to have mushrooms cooked in along with the steak and kidney.
Space dust was great, better than Flying Saucers or Sherbet Fountains, packed a much better fizzy/ better punch.
Malt Loaf and the wrestling on TV, watching 'Mick McManners' getting or giving a hiding in highly theatrical performances. By the time TW TW came on it was all gone.
As a child Locusts were a local dish however since this had never caught on with either the parantage or in the UK, it's been a while since I have sampled them. Actualy as Desert Locust Control became steadily more proficient the food source tended to 'die out' gradualy, though I believe it has made a resurgence in recent years, certainly in southern Saudi a couple of years ago. I wasn't however tempted back to childhood ways though, my taste has obiously undergone a sea change.

29th Nov 2004, 10:58

Ah, Irish cuisine.

I miss a good bacon and cabbage dinner with potatos and white sauce. Also calcannon, mashed spuds with the middle hollowed out and filled with melted butter...

The best was a good irish breakfast after arrival at my aunts house in Mullingar. Eggs, bacon, mushrooms, sausages, black pudding, white pudding, scalloped potatos, beans and soda bread. With a pot of strong tea on the side.

29th Nov 2004, 11:13
Ooooooooh. Crunchy fried bread. Must go see parents soon - I hae a craving for a proper breakfast now.

Lon More
29th Nov 2004, 11:17
Try here for a lot of what was mentioned above; they even have Fry's Peppermint Cream http://www.aquarterof.co.uk/

BTW there was a prog. on TV the other night, debunking Urban Myths; one was that your stomach could explode if you washed space dust/pop rocks down with cola.

Back in the 1970's there was a version of "Ebony Eyes" called "Holland's Meat Pies' Can't remember who sang it but very funny

tall and tasty
29th Nov 2004, 11:51
Bake Bean crisps out last year for red nose charity fund raising so hopefully will be out again next. (my son hopes so!)

Shreddies going live and strong but think that has been mentioned

Space dust is called popping candy now and manufactured in Spain but on the shelves :p

Gosh notice these are all kiddies indulgences can't understand why! :D

But what happened to Cabanna bars? :confused: Coconut and cherries in a soft chocolate bar reminisce of sitting on tropical beaches bring them back the only English choc I like (Swiss White truffle fan)

Malt loaf not had it in years


Fletchers Left Boot
29th Nov 2004, 13:35
I remember once giving space dust to the dog :cool:
Poor thing didnt know what had hit him!

I also remember a drink that came in a concentrate and added to hot water. Was it called "Camp" or something. Contained coffee and chicory? Sorry to be vague but my memory is hazy.

29th Nov 2004, 13:40
Still going strong...

Camp is a secret blend of:
and is, like revenge, best served cold.

Camp is made by:
McCormick Foods
East Lane
Paisley PA1 1QB

Biggles Flies Undone
29th Nov 2004, 13:46
I remember being on a training course when 'Topic' first came out. In reply to the merry little jingle of "What's got a hazlenut in every bite" the massed throngs in the TV room would shout out "Squirrel sh*t"

Sorry..... I'll get my coat......

29th Nov 2004, 14:42
I read somewhere recently that the PC brigade have banned (or are trying to ban) adverts for faggots. Now, faggots and pease pudding as a dish is at least 800 years old.

Though I can't say that I'm that keen on them myself.

One thing I noticed recently is that jars of mixed vegetable pickles don't seem to be about, except for Haywards, and they're in white vinegar. Nowhere near as good as in brown.

29th Nov 2004, 15:42
One has never ever tasted a faggot. Prolly because of all the marketing in one's youth and the association of brains with faggots. One recalls that me mum had a liking for brains many years ago when it was presumably still safe to consume them :hmm: I don't remember whether they were cow or sheep brains but I do hope she used different pans :confused: One does miss eating mum's meatballs and gravy though. :{

29th Nov 2004, 16:57
Understand your mental block Airship but can only hope you will be reassured by the fact that Brains was/is a brand name of faggots and that there are none in the product itself. The primary ingredient of a proper faggot is minced liver which along with other binders such as breadcrumbs is encased in a layer of caul fat (some kind of intestinal lining I believe).

I lived in Somerset for a while and after a skittles match the home team would often serve up a dish of faggots and mushy peas - fit for a king!

If one is ever in the West Country I suggest seeking out a local butchers or cooked meats shop and trying out their particular version. I happened to be in Midsomer Norton over the weekend and can highly recommend the pie, pasty and cooked meat shop on the High Street by the stream.

29th Nov 2004, 22:57
How's about "Nib-Its" [a bit like a Vesta crispy noodle..BTW what happened to them? ]
Colemans "Chinese Meals", just add meat...very nice
Sherbert Dips with "Spanish" [licorish stick]
Kai-Li [sp] a mixed coloured fizzy crystal sherbert.

30th Nov 2004, 14:01
Duckbut is quite correct, except that faggots also contain minced onion, according to the recipes I found. One suggestion was that minced pig's heart is also used in addition to the minced pigs liver.

Other definitions of faggots are:

a bundle of brushwood, usually hazel, used as firwood or in land drainage - George Stephenson used bundles of faggots of this king when putting the railway over Chat Moss.

A box made of wrought iron bars and containing scrap iron for heating and conversion to wrought iron.

Maybe the 'luvvies' are worried people will start eating the hazel wood bundles by mistake.......

tony draper
30th Nov 2004, 14:38
A bowl of Semolina with a big dollop of strawberry jam, only milk pud I liked, although Barley with raisins and currents was just bearable,hated rice pudding with the burnt milk on top, and tapioca was revolting.
Tapioca growers must be finding business a bit slack, not even heard of it for years.

30th Nov 2004, 15:10
I think they make wallpaper paste with it.:yuk:

Boss Raptor
30th Nov 2004, 15:55
I have just got back into eating Campbells Meatballs...except they now have at least 5 flavours, gravy, spicy tomato, bolognese, cant remember the others...used to have these as a kid with chips and now only 56p a tin from Tescos...really nice cold and straight from the tin for breakfast :E

As above as a kid used to associate Faggots with 'Brains' as in content not manufacturer :yuk: now I luv them

surely not
30th Nov 2004, 16:03
I miss Pork Chops with the Kidney attached, a really enjoyable addition to any fry up.

As a kid I used to enjoy Toast Toppers, which was usually a layer of gunge put on top of toast and grilled until it had a light brown skin on top.

Were there sweets called Flying Saucers? A soft cardboardy outer texture that concealed sherbert on the inside.

I have to agree with ORAC, one of the best breakfasts I have ever had was at a Guest House in Mulingar. Everything listed by ORAC was on the plate and it was fan-blinkin'-tastic.

Just off for a piece of Malt Loaf with lots of butter on it........

30th Nov 2004, 17:25
Toast Toppers!!!

Aaah yes, I remember them from my bedsit days.....looked like cat sick but tasted brilliant, about 3 o`clock in the afternoon, whilst attempting to recover from a hangover.

Also from that era, Fray Bentos steak and kidney pies in a tin (remembering to remove lid before placing in oven)

30th Nov 2004, 18:39
Tapioca growers must be finding business a bit slack
'tis very popular in Thailand with coconut milk, made from the cassava plant I think - I can now stomach small amounts.
Semolina with jam, stirred until it turns pink, is the only dessert I ever remember being served for skool lunch, every day, every week, every year

30th Nov 2004, 18:55
What ever happened to Oxtail Stew?

I offered to cook it last Saturday for a dinner party and was informed by my wife that most of the guests would not touch the stuff.


Cooked for five hours or so the night before and warmed slowly before serving it is delicious

tony draper
30th Nov 2004, 19:13
One's corner shop has taken to stocking frozen Jam Rolly Poly,Spotted Dick,and Rhubarb Crumble, one has been meaning to try same,one shall report on ones investigations.
PS Tiz prolly made in China.

30th Nov 2004, 19:17

Do you remember Smuggies doing a great Steak, Egg and (strips) at lunchtimes?

30th Nov 2004, 19:42
I used to love the whole line from Sunshine Desserts!

tony draper
30th Nov 2004, 19:51
Ah, one never attended the Smuggler in daylight hours, Mr Lonkmu always at night, to listen to the band and down many Ginger Squares until a suitable state of fuddlement was attained.
One does recal visiting a grubery known as the Vasco Da Gama cafe nearby occasionally,, twas the haunt of many Gangsters then, so one fitted in well.
If it still exists tiz prolly the haunt of luvvies and yuppies now alas.

surely not
30th Nov 2004, 21:43
Ohhh and another memory......

My mother used to serve up ox tongue sandwiches on white bread. :yuk: I used to have to put a lot of mustard on them to stop me gagging!!

On one occassion she tried to get my sister and I to eat tripe and cow heel. It was a lost cause as we both refused to eat more than the merest token amount.

I used to hate broad beans as a youngster, guaranteed red faced heave if I was forced to eat them. Now though I thoroughly enjoy them, strange how tastes change

tony draper
30th Nov 2004, 22:35
Tongue is revolting, dunno how anybody can eat something that comes from a animals mouth, one would much rather have a boiled egg.

West Coast
30th Nov 2004, 22:39
Dunno if its been mentioned, but juju bees. A type of candy. Could be counted on to pull a few teeth out as you tried to seperate your jaws after you bit in to them, had the consistancy of crazy glue.

tony draper
30th Nov 2004, 22:49
Licorice root, they used to sell it at the chemists,kind of wooden twig one chewed, bloody revolting, made the chewer look like they were in the final stages of bubonic plague of the mouth.
Not seen proper cinder toffee for yonks, one liked cinder toffee.

30th Nov 2004, 22:57
And then again, one used to smoke cinnamon sticks.

Solid Rust Twotter
30th Nov 2004, 23:01
Durned near lived on FB snake and pygmy pies in the Antarctic. Can't get 'em in this particular colony any more.:( Usually have a bit of excess baggage on the way home from the Yookay when one visits........

30th Nov 2004, 23:08
Anybody remember Golden Syrup jelly - used to taste wonderful on hot toast.

1st Dec 2004, 06:15
Loose black pudding...ie not in a skin, just the filling. You took your own enamel dish to the local pork butcher and got it filled. Eaten on a fresh oven bottom muffin with English mustard.

tall and tasty
1st Dec 2004, 09:27
Pet hates at school they always served:

Greengages in syrup or prunes (why?)
Kidneys and liver
and horrible horrible tapioca pudding

:yuk: :yuk:


Licorice root, they used to sell it at the chemists,kind of wooden twig one chewed, bloody revolting, made the chewer look like they were in the final stages of bubonic plague of the mouth.

Yup remeber being forced fed that by my mother it was "good for me" :confused:


1st Dec 2004, 12:28
I used to live at my grandparents a lot when I was young as Dad was a Head cocktail barman then a publican.So not much time for young Laser:{
Gran used to dish up all sorts of concoctions that did me "good"!!
Juice off senna pods soaking in cup... :yuk:
Spoonfull of malt extract...:ok:
Spoonfull of juices from dish with steak and kidney in it just before crust were put on.. :ok:
Cod Liver oil.. :yuk:
Prunes... :yuk:
Butter beans..:yuk:

1st Dec 2004, 12:40
Surely Not
I too remember those Flying Saucers. Pink, green + yello IIRC.

Also used to get Black Jacks or Fruit Salad chews.

There was a small corner shop on the way to the primary school, they used to have those big jars with screw top lids of all sorts of goodies :)

Sherbet, mint imperials, etc all weighed out into little bags for you.

MmMmmmmmmmmmmm :)

tall and tasty
1st Dec 2004, 12:49

We have a shop near us that still sells sweets in the jars and weighs them out for you. Everything you could wish for and the trip to the dentist on the opposite side of the road!

TnT :}

1st Dec 2004, 12:51
What ever happened to Oxtail Stew?

I offered to cook it last Saturday for a dinner party and was informed by my wife that most of the guests would not touch the stuff.

BSE I would suspect. Just finding a butcher who is prepared to sell it to you is a challenge (spinal cord and all that). Was partial to Oxtail myself, but stopped eating it after the BSE business.

Even Bovril doesn't have beef in it anymore!

1st Dec 2004, 20:09
ramsrc. No problem getting oxtail round here but MadsMum won;t eat the resulting stew. says it's too greasy. I reckon it's ambrosia.

(Ambrosia creamed rice. Had a tin for my lunch every day for years when I was at junior school).

And as fo the malt extract Lasernigel, you wouldn't be referring to Virol would you. Don't know if you can get it now (and probably wouldn't touch the stuff) but my mum couldn't feed it to me fast enough when I was a toddler.

tall and tasty
1st Dec 2004, 20:19

Fed Virol until it came out of my ears and it was on sale up until about mid 1980's but have not seen it since.

Offel was something my mother tried to force feed us and rabbit in stews the smell makes you

:yuk: :yuk:

and the memory ahhhhhhhhhh


1st Dec 2004, 21:14
Don't remeber Virol, but I DO remember Scott's Emulsion - brings flashbacks of our kitchen ceiling as me mam held my chin up so i would swallow the stuff - can't look at kitchen ceilings now....

1st Dec 2004, 21:27
Black Puddings from Bolton Market - sold in pairs and boiled rather than fried.

Toast Toppers still available in the UK - chicken and mushroom my favourite!

Space Dust was brilliant, especially with Coke!

Monkey Nuts - small toffee balls covered in chocolate and sold by the quarter - rock hard, especially when cold straight from the fridge!

Breast of lamb, roasted too much so that it goes really crispy and served on its own, a bit at a time (so it doesn't go cold), liberally doused with 'proper' mint sauce (fresh mint, boiled in malt vinegar and then sugar added to reduce the acidity - must get Auntie Ann to bring some over at Xmas!). My Mum (RIP) could eat a whole breast at one sitting but was thin as a rake!

Hat son number 2 eats Pot Noodles until all the noodles have gone, then gets a straw out to drink the liquid - I worry what sort of food he will remember as a child.

Not a huge fan of McD's, but can still remember my first Hot Fudge Sundae in Paris - can't get them any more in the UK.

Little Eagle
1st Dec 2004, 21:47
Lord Toffingham Ice Creams :}

Cod Liver oil by the spoon :yuk:

Captain Crunch Cereal

Constable Clipcock
1st Dec 2004, 21:47
BSE ? What's wrong with the British Seal of Excellence ???? !!!!
:eek: :eek:

(Allusion to a much-earlier thread. Flame on....)

Then there's this new tree-grown delicacy called the Brazil Nut.... No longer PC to call them "n_igger toes".