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Ray Darr
4th Oct 2001, 07:28
ABC123: "Maastricht, G'evenink. ABC123 FL330 to GMH (Germinghausen)."

Maastricht: (With an obvious "Hmmmm...." tone) "I show you routing (via) Nomka??"

ABC123: "Yessir, last 'sektor' gave us GMH."

Maastricht: "OK, would you accept direct Nomka?"

ABC123: "Yes we would"

Maastricht: "You sound very agreeable. Would you accept direct Oslo?"

ABC123: "....ahh.... yes....? (half baffled crewman)"

Maastricht: "I thought so. You are cleared direct Nomka." (Laughter in the background at Maastricht CTR).

(Quick location lesson: GMH and Nomka were appropriate(-ish) for that flight. Oslo was, ahh, just a teensy bit north of track, shall we say!!)

- - -

CDE234: "Maastricht, CDE234 FL370, Non RVSM."

Maastricht: "CDE234 identified, and good thing you are not RVSM as we aren't either!" (more chuckles in the background!)

- - -

Whoever you are in Maastricht CTR, you made our LONG night HILARIOUS!!

:D :p :D :p :D

(edited for typical typo's... sheesh)

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4th Oct 2001, 23:15
One I used myself:

me..."(a/c callsign) what are your flight conditions?"

"Ah, we`re IMC"

me..." Oh good "

(hint, this was before TCAS)

big pistons forever
7th Oct 2001, 06:15
Heard a number of years ago in YVR terminal airspace

ATC: AirChina flight XXX. Cleared for the the Treel 2 arrival ( The usual arrival from the orient )

XXX: Roger cleared for Treel 2 arrival , then inexplicably reads the entire contents of the STAR over the air. This takes more than 3 minutes. When he finishes there is stunned silence on the Freq , then;

Canadian XXX I'll take the same with cheese please !!! :D

7th Oct 2001, 13:43
True story.

Rather dotty student lost on dual navigation exercise with instructor. Instructor knew position but was waiting to see how said student dealt with the problem. They were north of Cranfield in the UK. They were ex Luton which is well south of Cranfield. Student called Luton Approach, they quickly identified her position and suggested she call Cranfield on xxx.xx. Conversation that followed:

Student: Hello Cranfield.
ATC: Hello
Long pause
ATC: Go on give us a clue.

Another that springs to mind was a PPL at Luton in the circuit having forgotten to call 'downwind'. He remembered when late downwind and said to the tower:

PPL: 'G-xxx was downwind L/H 26, please note the use of the past tense.

And finally overheard in the south of England some years ago a student on a solo navigation exercise and lost. Quite correctly called for assistance:

ATC: Are you India Mike or Victor Mike?
Long pause.
Student: Negative, I am a student pilot.

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Avoiding Action
7th Oct 2001, 22:30
Posted long time ago on the Military forum (hence I can claim no credit whatsoever :D )

>The German controllers at Frankfurt Airport were a short-tempered lot. They not only expected you to know your parking location, but how to get there without any assistance from them. So it was with some amusement that we (PanAm 747) listened to the following exchange between Frankfurt ground and a British Airways 747 (radio call Speedbird 206) after landing.

Speedbird 206: "Good morning Frankfurt, Speedbird 206 clear of the active."

Ground: "Guten morgan, taxi to your gate."

The British Airways 747 pulls onto the main taxiway and stops.

Ground: "Speedbird, do you not know where you are going?"

Speedbird 206: "Stand by, ground, I'm looking up the gate location now."

Ground (with typical German impatience): "Speedbird 206, have you never flown to Frankfurt before?"

Speedbird 206 (coolly): "Yes, in 1944. But I didn't stop."<
:D :D :D

Data Dad
9th Oct 2001, 03:34
TOWER: "XYZ123 (Shorts 330, Female pilot) clear to land 34"

XYZ123:"roger,clear to land"

TOWER:"ABC987 (budgie visual approach) report final number 2 to a Shorts 330"

ABC987:"OK when the Lady's got her shorts down we'll slide in behind"

:D :D :D :D :D

9th Oct 2001, 12:45
Busy GAAP Aerodrome on a Sunday morning, circuit is filled with student pilots.

TOWER: "ABC, no need to respond, cleared touch and go."
ABC: "Cleared touch and go, no need to respond, ABC."

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Ace Rimmer
9th Oct 2001, 15:43
Tower ( To Piper Cub which had an interesting bouncy arrival) "Cub G-AB vacate left, clear to taxi to the tower parking...I suppose you'll want that charged as one landing..."

Nigel at EGLL: "Ground, Speedbird 1234, Now pay attention this is important" (pause for dramatic effect can sense controller reaching for panic button) "which stand did you say it was?"

10th Oct 2001, 05:46
ABC: Tower, be advised there is a flock of Guinea fowl on the runway at the intersection.

ATC: Roger, we will send out the firetruck.

ABC: No, they are not on fire, they are just there! :p

Time Bomb Ted
10th Oct 2001, 08:12
Tower: ABC Runway left clear to land, caution, there is a very large eagle beside the runway about half way up the runway.

ABC: Runway left clear to land, ABC

Tower: ABC can you see what he is doing?

ABC: Watching how it is supposed to be done..............

:D :D :D :D

henry crun
10th Oct 2001, 08:35
Tower: Air 671 there could be some delay with your landing clearance, we have a herd of cattle lose on the airfield.

Air 671: Roger that tower, you need my FO down there, he's a cowboy.

10th Oct 2001, 09:39
ATC Center to F-27:

Say speed!

Roger, we are doing 270 knots and that is as fast as this Fokker will go..... :eek:

10th Oct 2001, 21:42
ATC: Previous reports a dead dog on taxiway charlie, advises bear left.
XYZ: Roger we see the dead dog, looking for the bear.

Lon More
10th Oct 2001, 23:07
Tower - Be advised dead sheep nwxt the runway
A/C - Roger, will advise our catering

In trim
10th Oct 2001, 23:10
ATC: "ABC 123, have you captured the localiser?"

A/C: "Negative.....but we have it surrounded!"

In trim.

11th Oct 2001, 00:02
ATC (Kai Tak): "Can you see the little Fokker on finals? Clear depart behind."

Us: "Negative, we can only see a big Fokker on finals".

ATC: "Roger, hold for the big Fokker!"

True! :D

11th Oct 2001, 05:22
Twr: XY123 number 2 to a Shorts 360. Do you have him in sight ?

123: Affirmative. No wait, he just flew over a trailer park. We lost him.

11th Oct 2001, 06:25
Toronto ground Millardair 123, for push.
Ahh..Millardair 123, say aircraft type.
Ground 123, Beech one eight. :D

12th Oct 2001, 01:38
One day, sitting watching a neighbouring sectors squawk running into my airspace, not speaking, so rang up other ATC unit and got details in case of RT fail.

Tried a tentative transmission

"XXXX this is XXXX radar, you on frequency"

Foreign sounding voice replies

"XXXX radar this is XXXX, we have been waiting for you to call!

what I then said, history failed to record :D :D :D

big pistons forever
12th Oct 2001, 04:47
From a very lost very new PPL, somewhere in the hell that is the airspace around Los Angeles.

PPL: Uh I need a little help as I am not sure of my position

ATC: Roger Set XXXX on your transponder


---long pause--

ATC: I don't see you in any of my sectors, where was the last place you were sure of your position?

PPL: Holding short runway 34 :D

13th Oct 2001, 01:30
Have to credit the back page of TRANSMIT for this one.

"Unidentified airfield with C152 circling overhead, identify yourself"

Allegedly heard on Guard :D :D

PPRuNe Dispatcher
13th Oct 2001, 02:13
Some years ago I aquired a copy of "Not Airway XMAS 1988". Enjoy the
following extract....
Quips of the year
A selection of R/T phrases you have loved.
Section one : THEM

"Was that for us, London?" OR "Say Again, London" OR Deafening Silence followed by either of the previous.
This is an ever-popular entry, which shows no sign of ever falling into
disuse. Usually heard at peak traffic periods, or whenever repetition of a
message would be least convenient.

"That was a bit close, London"
This well-worn favourite is usually delivered by the Captain, in a clear,
well-controlled monotone, betraying no hint of vexaction. However, careful
listeners will be able to detect background details, such as the First
Officer screaming "F**king Hell", fainting hostesses and passengers
complaining about the noise made by the passing aircraft.

"Bit bumpy at (insert your choice of flight level here) London, any chance of
Another tried and tested chestnut, usually employed by crews on fuel-bonus
payments. It isn't bumpy at all, and they all know they've got more chance of
seeing tits on a billiard ball than their requested level, but still they try.
Don'tcha just love 'em?

"Bit of a build-up ahead, London. Direct destination would take us nicely
around it".
This one is almost beneath contempt. The meteorological phenomenon which
dictates that thunderheads always occur on the "standard" route and never on
"direct" routeings is a constant source of amazement to ordinary mortals.

"Can we keep the speed up, London?"
Usually heard from the last in a stream of eitht aircraft which you have just
cleared to Eastwood to hold. The temptation to make a witty rejoinder such as
"Don't be such a f**kwit" should be resisted.

"Any delays likely, London?"
See above

"Good Morning, Ladies and Gentlemen. This is Captain Twatt welcoming you
aboard Dangerous Airways flight number sixty nine (followed by fourteen minutes
discourse on the weather at destination, the meal in first-class and the
sexual preferences of the galley hostesses)".
Every controller's dream, this one. The incorrect selection of cabin address
on an airways frequency is one of the few things that make this job
worthwhile, simply because you do not have to say anything at all to point out
the error of the offending captain's ways. The other aircraft on frequency
will gleefully sieze on his mistake and leave him in no doubt as to their
opinions. And if you are fortunate enough to have one of the less-inhibited
American airlines with you, you may hear the immortal phrase "Captain Twatt,
you are a **nt".

"Err, London, can you just confirm our routeing after Brookhams Park?"
This one always occurs just after you have given the aircraft (always
American, usually military) an enormous five-minute spiel, and he has managed
to read back a complete anagram of airways, fixes and co-ordinates, bearing no
resemblance to reality. The approved response is that, due to exhaustion on
your part, confirmation of said routeing will be available next frequency.

"This heading would put us nicely onto the localiser for two-six left,
A thinly-disguised threat to carry out an unauthorized straight-in approach.
Easily discouraged by imparting the information that Gatwick have just changed
to zero-eight right.

"Hello London, any chance of three-three-zero direct Deauville?"
(Britannia Airways catchphrase). No, f**k off.


Section two : US
"Air Algerie Two Zero Five Four, where the f**k are you going?"

"Aeroflot One Six Five None, do you have a mouth full of gravel?"
An honest attempt to discover why the captain sounds as if his mouth is full
of gravel.

"Varig Seven Five Nine, are you aware of the Ockham hold?"
A little bit ambiguous - it could be taken to mean "Are you aware that there
IS an Ockhmam hold?" or "Do you know what the pattern is?" or even "I am
pleased to inform you that, due to your inability to understand my
instructions, you have just had seven airmisses. Congratulations." Under
normal circumstances, however, all three of the above will apply.

"Speedbird Seven Six One, can you give me a good rate of climb through flight
level one five zero?"
I have made a horrible balls-up of the whole thing and unless you go ballistic
for the next ninety seconds, you will crash into a lot of other aeroplanes.

"Speedbird Seven Six One, increase rate of climb"
You lied to me, you bastard.

"Speedbird Seven Six One, confirm your type IS a seven five seven"
The only way out of this unholy ****-up is to blame it on incorrect flight
plan information.


Bally Heck
13th Oct 2001, 02:14
ATC to Big aircraft from Big airline after landing: "Be advised sir that you were slightly to the left of the localiser all the way down the approach."

Big aircraft: "I know. My first officer was slightly to the right"

Check Wheels
13th Oct 2001, 21:01
VERY flustered Aerodrome controller during a busy burst at a secondary control zone tower:

ABC you're number seven - follow the fu**ing Cherokee mid-downwind.

Said Cherokee, a couple of minutes later, having received a landing clearance, "by the way Tower, we're just an ordinary Cherokee". :p

13th Oct 2001, 21:24
A classic one to an American military pilot told me by a colleague:

ATC; (a/c callsign) "resume your own navigation direct to Mildenhall, your QDM is 310"

A/C "aahh, we don`t carry that equipment sir"

Mister Gash
13th Oct 2001, 22:37
Happened to me recently...

ATC: XXXXX, go around 11 with right turn out to the new control tower.

ME (puzzled): Er, were unfamiliar with NEW control tower.

ATC: Its the big tall building on your right with the air traffic controllers in it.

ME: Go around 11 with right turn out to the ten-year-old control tower, XXXXX.

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The Guvnor
13th Oct 2001, 22:42
Another classic:

Twr: ABCD say your height?
ABCD: Your height!

Twr: ABCD say your heading?
ABCD: Your heading!

Twr: ABCD say IFR plan cancelled
ABCD: FL60, heading 200, ABCD


And another...

Twr: EFGH, Say your height and position?
EFGH: 6'2" and in the cockpit!

14th Oct 2001, 00:14
They`re all coming out now aren`t they?

"What`s your endurance?"

"Sun-Life of Canada"

Bailed Out
14th Oct 2001, 00:45
Heard at EGHH some years ago, a Lear with gear trouble elects to land gear up, now on short finals:-

Mr cool “I’m shutting down the electrics now so no more RT, not that I’m worried about a fire, I just don’t want you guy’s to have to listen to the screams !!”

Fly high else you'll hit summit!

henry crun
14th Oct 2001, 01:33
One from a long time ago before the days of squawk codes.

A USAF C54 inbound to UK contacts an RAF radar station and is asked to "make you canary (IFF) sing"

Long pause then MATS says " we don't have a canary but we have a bird colonel on board if he's any use to you".

14th Oct 2001, 02:20
Pilot asking for a level for the 3rd time..
pilot...requesting FL370
me...do you have a TCAS?
me...you tell me if you can have that level then...
pilot...maintaining FL330

14th Oct 2001, 16:53
My worst.....Just on the RET calling ground...

[me] "Ground g'day, [callsign] just pulling off"
[my face] RED

Dohhhh :o

15th Oct 2001, 08:29
DH82 visiting busy int'l airport for photo op with QANTAS 747 (many years ago)

ATC...XXX number 2 behind 727 5 miles your 12 o'clock. Maintain separation.

16th Oct 2001, 21:29
Amsterdam Radar "UK** stop climb level 210 for noise abatement"

UK Bloke "Confirm stop climb FL210 for *noise*?"

AMS Radar " Yesh Shir there is an aircraft above and you'll make a big noish when you hit"

17th Oct 2001, 13:05
Late evening ABZ, shortly before airfield closed for the day:- "F***ing DanAir 123 fully established R/W 18"
Tower: "Say again callsign"
"F****ing Dan Air 123"
"Phone ATC please after arrival"
" OK. Please listen to your ATIS before I call"
Loud and clear in background of ATIS recording "When's that f****ing Dan Air 123 going to arrive so we can all go home"

Vortex what...ouch!
17th Oct 2001, 23:11
Remember reading this somewhere from ATC to concorde heading into JFK.

ATC: "ah can you descend 20,000 feet in the next 18 miles."

Speedbird xx: (in very cultured English voice) "dare say I could old boy but I couldn't bring the aircraft with me." :D

18th Oct 2001, 00:17
ATC: FlightcraftXXXX(727) right hand 360 for spacing behind a Cherokee 3 miles final.

727: Do you know it costs $2000 dollars to do a 360 in this aeroplane?

ATC: Roger then give me $4000 dollars worth!

Warped Factor
18th Oct 2001, 22:39
ATC to Varig as it busts its level on departure......

"Varig123, what level are you climbing to?"

"Any level you like, sir"

And the following rumoured to have been heard on Thames Radar.....

"N123AB descend to 3,000ft, the QNH is 1013mb"

"N123AB can we have that in inches please"

"N123AB descend to 36,000 inches, the QNH is 1013mb"



MACC 29 all the time!!!!
18th Oct 2001, 23:59
Have to admit to this myself, chancing pilot cleared to FL190 and wanting to keep a continuous climb...

CS XYZ "approaching FL190"

I observe on radar a/c passing FL153 and without even thinking press the TX switch and say

"CS XYZ you lieing b***ard" (Was in a particularly bad mood that day.)

My Co-ordinator says "you transmited that"

I am just replying no i didn't when...

CS XYZ " my apologies you're quite right now passing FL160"

phew!!!! nothing more said :eek:

20th Oct 2001, 05:02
After good, careful vectoring by an ATC officer onto the ILS:

Me "Thanks for a great turn-on"

Two seconds later, my face turns a subtle shade of red



Capt Homesick
20th Oct 2001, 06:51
I've posted this one before but never mind....
(At Vero Beach, a/c calling for rejoinwere expected to say on the first call whether it was to land, or to join the circuit)
N9248H (young oriental voice): "Cherokee 48H Webasso Bridge request join."
VRB ATC: "Roger 48H what are your intentions?"
N9248H: "I stay FlightSafety one more year, then go fly China Airlines!"

20th Oct 2001, 07:39
Also posted this one before....& still love it:

departure taking care of one CF-18 after an airshow:

ATC:"-Allouette 22, what's your heading!?"
ATC:"-Allouette 22, what's your heading!?"
CF-18:"-...... aaaaaah, we're not heading...... we're climing....."

20th Oct 2001, 12:32
Speedbird 147 working Jeddah Control.
"Speedbird 147, you are cleared to Bahrain Inshaalah, call for descent."
"Speedbird 147, you are cleared to Bahrain Inshaalah, call for descent."
"Ummmmmm, Speedbird 147, our destination is Bahrain International????"

22nd Oct 2001, 04:55
German controller at LGW:
"Delta 123 I cleared you to G1 you've gone past that and are now at J3"(cue frustrated German accent)

reply-"Gee m'aam, was I married to you once?!"

23rd Oct 2001, 01:48
CPH during late evening hours. A Shorts SC-7 is "Cleared to land 22L, after landing left via 12 to South", which is some 900 m. after the threshold.

Short lands in 600 m, turns off at a taxiway and calls TWR :

"Aaaarrh, TWR, DTR541...sorry, folks...we didn't make it" :D

Ray Darr
21st Mar 2004, 04:10
On landing the other day, just as we popped the reversers out, we both noticed something on the runway just to the left of the centreline. Passed over it without incident, thankfully.

I finally got to use this one:

Us: "Twr, I would suggest (Birdseed) delay their takeoff. We just passed over a dead something-or-other on the runway between Delta (Twy) and Charlie"

Twr: "Roger. Any idea what it was?"

Us: "Dead animal of some kind. (Birds??) I'd strongly suggest a runway inspection. (pause, 2, 3....) Oh - if it looks somewhat edible, please bring it to our stand or we're stuck with Crew Meals again!"

Other flight: "We'd like a slice, too, please!"

(Runway cleared...normal ops resumed.)


PPRuNe Radar
21st Mar 2004, 11:28
Did you guys steal all these from the ATC funnies thread on the ATC Forum ?? :p :E

The Invisible Cat
21st Mar 2004, 22:15
PPRuNe Radar

did you look at the dates on the posts (except the last one).
If there has been theft, it is should have been long forgiven and forgotten. ;)

22nd Mar 2004, 01:08
Student pilot:
"ABC request taxi to the General Flying Area"
ATC: "Wouldn't it be easier to fly there..?"

Another student:
"ABC-Tower is ready for departure."
Twr: "I hope not...!!"

Inbound aircraft:"On top of D"
ATC: "I hope she's nice..!"

A/C ready for departure:
"ABC - Tower - request your departure."
ATC: "I can't leave the tower right now..."



PPRuNe Radar
22nd Mar 2004, 01:20
Yes TIC,

Seems you stole them all, lock, stock, and barrel :p

Ali Barber
22nd Mar 2004, 05:28
4 Tornados with formation callsign of Horseman checking in on London Mil:

Aircraft 1: "Death"
Aircraft 2: "Famine"
Aircraft 3: "Pestilence"
Aircraft 4: "War"
Aircraft 1 : "London Mil, the 4 Horseman with you".:ok: