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3rd Oct 2001, 21:56
For some strange reason I have been receiving a lot of spam lately (maybe I shouldn't have visited the 'Dwarves In Rubber' website) and it's beginning to tick me off a bit. I've tried replying and telling them where to stick it but the mail just bounces back.

In a similar vein I have also begun to receive [email protected] snail mail telling me things like "You have won 5,000, just send 12.89 to cover postage of the cheque".

Now. I know I can stuff all the rubbish from one envelope into the reply paid envelope for the other but that's not good enough. I want something more inventive.

Over to you lot.

The nastier the better.

tony draper
3rd Oct 2001, 22:36
Get one of the folks that frequent Dunnunder to ship you a few Funnel Webs in a jiffy bag,
forward that to you new pen pals. ;)

3rd Oct 2001, 23:51
Hmmmm revenge my fav. subject..

I would reacomend putting a used "breif relief" in the ppe!!, :eek:

Per Ardua Ad Asda
4th Oct 2001, 01:22
Don't use their own reply-paid envelope - put everything into plain envelope and address it to them "Freepost".

The P.O. (or Consignia or whatever they call themselves now...) will deliver a ticket advising the recipient that there is a package waiting for them that requires excess postage to paid. If they want to see what's in it they will have to pay.

Once this happens a few times and they ahve to spend money to receive their [email protected] back, they usually stop. Obviously this does require some small effort on your part.

I know that there is an address you can write to stop junkmail but I can't find it at the mo, sorry. Anyone else have it handy?

4th Oct 2001, 09:31
Find the sickest most disgusting picture you can possibly dig out of the net and attach it to your reply to the spamers.

4th Oct 2001, 12:46

Snailmail - take a A4 photocopier box from work and put said junk mail in it with a few extra items - ie. bricks, iron bars, etc. Mark Freepost or even 'Not known at this address' and return!

EMail - my pet hate! This really hacked me off and I did quite a bit of research into Spam and UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Emails). OK, rule No.1 - NEVER reply to an email, you know the 'send an email to unsubcribe ify ou dont want this email' type. What they are in fact doing is confirming that your email address is live, it will generate more emails rather than stop them - what you need to do is just delete it. The way to tackle them is to use one if the search tools that traces the path of the email and then identify who their MAJOR service provider is - I have used this and it does work. You will find on some emails that it says that it has been sent in accordance with such-and-such a bill in the US Congress. It turns out this is absolute b0ll0cks, they did try to pass a bill but apparently it never even made it as far as the Congress.

Some sites you will find useful in genning up and tools to counter-attack are:

www.mato.demon.nl/index15.htm (http://www.mato.demon.nl/index15.htm) - FAQ on Spam. www.blighty.com/spam/ipdns.html (http://www.blighty.com/spam/ipdns.html) - IP Addressing info. www.rahul.net/falk/mailtrack104.html (http://www.rahul.net/falk/mailtrack104.html) - Spam tracking case study. www.blighty.com/spam/bill.html (http://www.blighty.com/spam/bill.html) - Email header reading.
eddie.cis.uoguelph.ca/~tburgess/local/spam.html - Fighting email spammers. www.mcs.net/~jcr/junkemaildeal.html (http://www.mcs.net/~jcr/junkemaildeal.html) - Dealing with junk email www.stopspam.org/email/headers/headers.html (http://www.stopspam.org/email/headers/headers.html) - Reading email headers. www.mindworkshop.com/alchemy/nospam.html (http://www.mindworkshop.com/alchemy/nospam.html) - Death to spam! www.rahul.net/falk/mailtrack.html (http://www.rahul.net/falk/mailtrack.html) - Tracking the source of email
members.aol.com/macabrus/tacticalfaq.html - Tactical net abuse FAQ. www.sputum.com/sputools.html (http://www.sputum.com/sputools.html) - How to track.
ddi.digital.net/~gandalf/spamfaq.html - General info. www.stentorian.com/antispam/index.html (http://www.stentorian.com/antispam/index.html) - Anti spammer site.
help.mindspring.com/features/emailheaders/index.htm - How to read email headers. www.cl.ais.net/jchevron/spamtrack.html (http://www.cl.ais.net/jchevron/spamtrack.html) - Spam tracking.

Should keep you busy for a while, the spam tracking tools are on a site called 'Sam Spade' but lost the URL at the mo, will try and find it again!

As the ultimate revenge there is supposedly an anon email server you can use that will send an indeterminate number of emails to an email address. Obviously its ok for them to do it to you so...just dont get caught for 'Denial Of Service'. I have never found this site so if anyone finds it...

Have fun with the links and let me know how you get on.



4th Oct 2001, 15:27
i got a letter from reader's digest telling me that i had completed 2 of the 3 steps to winning some sweepstake. :rolleyes:
but it was addressed to MR!
am i supposed to have a sex change? :confused:

4th Oct 2001, 19:48
There's nothing you can do about spam...forget it. Tracking where those emails came from is too late...they've moved on to another free provider. You're email address is now on a list that is sold to these spammers. Best thing to do is change it and NEVER use the new one unless you are sure you won't be spammed. Actually what I do is have a few @ hotmail/yahoo that i use for signups until i'm sure i not being spammed then change the email to my regular one.

4th Oct 2001, 20:14
banana - You are quite right that you cant stop a majority of spam as they use throwaway addresses. I recently got so fed up I got a new address and staright away started getting spam!! make you think the service provider is in the loop somewhere.

On the other hand, some Spam companies actually use the same address all the time and this is where tracking them comes in handy. You can actually get them shut down by not going for them but their ISP. Some of the websites have make quite interesting reading where the ISP has taken the Spammer through the courts - admittedly it doesnt happen very often.

If you do track you would be amazed where some of the stuff comes from!


4th Oct 2001, 20:48
What really baffles me is that there must be some ****** somewhere who actually buys the stuff from the spammers.

Presumably if no-one ever bought anything from these bleeders then they would stop doing it.

It just beggars belief :rolleyes: :mad:

5th Oct 2001, 12:35
Grainger - Yeah I know. Have you had any of these 3AM faxes yet??? They are a pain in the a*se!

Thought about typing "Please don't not send me anymore faxes you d1ck!!" and blow up each letter on a sheet of A4 then sellotape them together in a huge loop. Then send to their fax and use up all the toner - maybe they will get the message then!


5th Oct 2001, 13:04
3am - oh yeah.

What on earth makes these people think that severely pi55ing people off is a good way to persuade them to purchase something ???

Fax preference service does seem to have helped though. Sign up, then you can sue their ass. :D

5th Oct 2001, 14:34
"Revenge is sweet, but not fattening" Spike Milligan ;)

5th Oct 2001, 22:34
Hehe. Looks like I'll need to set a few days aside to work on the spam but I can make a start on the snail mail.

Now, I've got a box. Think I'll go for a walk in the park and see if I can find some dog turds ;)

compressor stall
6th Oct 2001, 07:55
Recently I recieved an email advertising that I could buy 2 million email addresses for a couple of hunderd USD. Add a couple more hundred for the software that goes with it.

These as far as I am aware are generated by web crawleing programs which randomly surf the web picking out anything that resembles an email address in any web page anywhere. So if your pprune profile has your email address, then odds are it will have been tracked by this by now. :mad:

the only way around this is to create a nospam address - ie [email protected] obviously when someone wants to send you something, then they have to delete the NOSPAM bit...

6th Oct 2001, 10:55
I've raised this point previously on the Computers Forum and was rounded on by someone from 'The Towers' for daring to suggest it...

Banner adverts that run 'applets' (like the one at the top of this page right now) often have a habit of sending you a 'cookie' (In deference to The Towers I will say right away that I haven't noticed any "Spyware arriving from PPRuNe adverts in the recent past.) These little 'cookie' files are stored on your computer in the Windows folder in a sub-folder called "Cookies." There is also a corresponding entry in your 'Temporary Internet Files' sub-folder. The cookies are supposed to be used by the browser to identify you to a site when you open it. This is how PPRuNe can recognise your user name without you having to log in every time - the intended use of cookies. Unfortunately some people in the advertising world use mini-programs disguised as cookies that mine your drive for information such as e-mail addresses, which they then send back to the home site whenever you log on to the internet. Since they are disguised as cookies and operate through your web browser, you cannot block them by using a firewall. You can delete all the cookies in your cookie sub-folder every time you log off, but then the useful legal cookies don't work any more and PPRuNe for example, will fail to recognise you when you next visit the site. Lavasoft have a programme that detects and deletes this "Spyware" at www.lavasoftusa.com/aaw.html (http://www.lavasoftusa.com/aaw.html) but there are some disadvantages to using this - it all depends on how fiercely you want to defend your privacy.

Spotty faced kids hacking into big organizations' computers get pre-dawn raids by the secret police and have their computers confiscated. Internet advertising companies hacking into our PCs in search of private information are ignored, but that's how the world works I'm afraid...

FYI, both ****@doubleclick .txt and *****@valueclick .txt are a couple of regular offenders. If you see these so-called cookies in your cookie folder, delete them - it will reduce your spam receipts quite noticeably.

Edited to update the url - it changes all the time; maybe the big guys don't like it?

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