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Kermit 180
3rd Oct 2001, 17:40
Right. Some pratt stole one of my hub caps (wheel trims) today off my parked car while I was out enjoying a flight (like I can be doing both anyway, dont know why I mentioned that it was parked). :mad: They stole ONE. That leaves me with the task of finding another exact match to go with the remaining three trims. :mad:

WHO the heck steals a hub cap anyway? Is there some sort of super ego in the criminal world for those who steal car trims and badges? "Ooooh, look Hairy Harry, there goes Badger Bob the meanest car badge collector in town". I hope whoever did it got the buzz they obviously so urgently and desperately needed. :mad:


3rd Oct 2001, 17:58
I'm afraid you are missing the point. It is a little known fact that for every 1000 cars made, only 3990 hub caps are produced. The hubcaps themselves are always on six months' order, and that is why you see so many cars with three caps. The only solution to avoid your car looking ugly is to steal one.
It's even worse with Vauxhall (General Motors UK). I have one of their popular large saloons (an Omega) and these have different wheels for each minor variant, and in addition they change with the model year as well.


Just an other number
3rd Oct 2001, 19:17
Thing is that they fall off when you hit the kerb at not quite the right angle. I left one in Le Havre – I knew I’d done it but didn’t dare return because I was (probably) going the wrong way around a mini-roundabout with De Gaulle’s finest sitting 30 m away.
Then – my wife left one in Swansea somewhere. So we had trims on the left and none on the right. Then one disappeared near Benidorm. So the last one is hanging up in the garage. And therefore from time to time I’ve been tempted to borrow one, or two or three....
What I want to know is why when rich persons get alloys to replace their plastic crap... what happens to all the plastic?
Back to the topic, got to think your trim was nicked by someone who ‘lost’ one and was then quoted 55 squid plus VAT (seriously) for a replacement.

3rd Oct 2001, 20:37
Guys ... why not go and buy yourselves some lockable mag wheels. They look pretty and you'll never have to ponder the question of the missing hub cap (actually it's a nave plate) ever again.

Personally, I think they're like socks in the washing machine - you never end up with the same number you started with!


3rd Oct 2001, 20:44
Wasn't me....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3rd Oct 2001, 21:11
Is it possible that maybe it fell off when you were driving?

I hate it when that happens. Not that my hubcaps ever fall off when I'm driving, it's other people's hubcaps that I hate!

Driving along a dual-carriageway at 70mph, when I see a "thing" crossing the central reservation heading straight towards me! No time to react, it hits the front of my car. I checked my rear-view mirror expecting to see bits of hubcap flying out from behind me. Well, there were bits of hubcap..... but there was also an entire front spoiler off of my car! I still have no idea how my spoiler managed to land so neatly between the two lanes of traffic, so that I could wait for a gap in the traffic before running out to retrieve it! I also have no idea how it managed to stay attached to my car for so long, given the bodge that the previous owner did of attaching after presumably doing some work on the car......


3rd Oct 2001, 21:21
Wheel trims suck.

Best solution is to get proper alloys. :D

the funky munky
4th Oct 2001, 03:44
If you ask your greenie engineers nicely, they may let you have a couple of tywraps. That will keep your wheel trims on guaranteed.

4th Oct 2001, 04:41
I do. Want to buy some? Special rate for Ppruners.

4th Oct 2001, 04:45
Dont look at me, I'm on the straight and narrow now. Dont want to be sent back to jail. :D :D

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429 CJ
4th Oct 2001, 11:53
Grainger, your words I succinctly echo, my friend. Neither of my vehicles have hubcaps, one has wide alloys and the other has the original manufacturers "rallye" edition wheels.

Kermie, ditch the wheels dude! While your there, I'll hop across the Tasman with my angle grinder for the arvo and we'll give the beast a 3-4 inch suspension drop and a set of new meats to set it off! (If that's your style?) ;)

The other option........ knock some other poor bast*rds' hubcap off. :D

Kermit 180
4th Oct 2001, 16:19
Thanks for the offer of lowering the beast there CJ, but the quicker it looks the quicker it goes here (if you know what I mean). Noone has returned or handed in my missing hubcap/wheeltrim :mad:

Hacked off still, I went for a long walk around the airfield to look for suspicious Toyota Corollas, whos owner may well have selected my hubcap as being worthy of theft. Nothing I tell you! There are thousands of Toyota Corollas on the road in this country, but there was not one on the airfield today. :rolleyes:

I have resigned to the fact that Ill have to be the poor sod at the end of the theft chain who will have to pay to replace it. Even if I could find that looked like mine my conscience wouldnt let me have it. Oh well, does anyone know how much a 1994 Toyota Corolla hubcap/wheeltrim is?

Kermie :(

Tricky Woo
4th Oct 2001, 17:22

I know it hurts now, but someday you'll look back on all this and say to yourself "It was only a f**king hubcap".

Until then, our thoughts and feelings are with you in your time of loss.



4th Oct 2001, 18:53
Aowww Kermieeee

Are you sure someone stole it?.

They fall off sometimes, perhaps it wasn't there before your flight?, could have fallen off on the way there.

(I am starting to sound more like my mum everyday)

Bio Warrior
4th Oct 2001, 22:51
Motorbikes don't have hubcaps
(and everybody said get a car) ;)

If you find the thief Kermy I promise I will scratch their leg to ribbons for you :o


4th Oct 2001, 23:03
I`m sure that Mr Draper can supply a convincing explanation of the missing hub cap phenomenom, but I must warn you not to listen to his finely wrought gibberish. Only I know the true cause of their vanishing and has much to do with the dark forces currently enveloping this corner of the universe. This is what has happened. The alien race known for centuries as hving been resp ...aaaaaaaaagh!

tony draper
5th Oct 2001, 00:11
Funny thing, you never get approached by people ofering to sell you a set of snide hubcaps or hoisty car radios for that matter,
Been offered vcr,'s tv sets even computer parts, all of which I refused I hasten to add, being basicly a honest cove.
I think some mad perverted, billionaire such as Howard Hughs buys up all nicked hubcaps and car radio's, he sits in a vast wharehouse stuffed to the rafters with this bent gear cackling his mad head off and pulling himself franticly over his horde.

"CD PLAYER?, how dare you sir, do you think I am some kind of freak, get out of my wharehouse at once or I'll have the constabulary after you, you perverted scum".

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5th Oct 2001, 02:02
You have to be really inventive to fall off a car.
I seem to remember a wierd arty program with someone who make scuptures out of hubcaps - it was probably him

tony draper
5th Oct 2001, 02:29
This is true, If any of you have driven over the Tyne Bridge you may have noticed four large white towers two at either end.
These were origionaly lift shafts but a couple of them are just hollow shells now.
Gateshead council payed some luvie dipsh*t arty farty fag bastard, to hang up car parts, ie hub caps exhaust pipes, engine parts,ect. on cords from the ceiling a hundred feet up, as you can imagine this involved enormous amouts of scaffolding labour ect,
Said artiste them proceeded to cut the cords and record the sound of various pieces of metal hitting concrete floor.
Of course this was a artistic happening that had them all wetting their nickers in artistic delight and cooing and burbling the usual sh*te these nonces spout
That is true, from that moment forth Draper has despised all artists and councilors.
For Gateshead councill are luvies of the worste sort, art luvies.may they fry in hell.
All payed for by Draper's rates by the way, this was pre poll tax days, good to know where your moneys going.

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PPRuNe Dispatcher
5th Oct 2001, 03:33
Some ****** nicked my rear numberplate last night. As it's a company car I needed a crime number from the local plod before the lease company would agree to replace it.

The converstation with the police was interesting. There is quite a bit of rear numberplate stealing going on. The thieves put it on the back of their own car, then go for a fast drive around wherever they want to. Guess who gets the letters for passing a speed camera at 25mph over the limit? :mad:

So what I have to do is to keep the "crime number" safe so that when I receive tickets which I probably will, I can let the relevant police authority know the full story.


Bally Heck
5th Oct 2001, 05:26
Now that is what I call class thieving. Nicking a worthless number plate to fill HM constabulary's coffers. Robin Hood eat your feckin' heart out. I think Tony and John might aprove of this.

5th Oct 2001, 08:44
Kermie, by letting your conscience prevent you from stealing somebody else's hubcap, you are interrupting the cycle, as inevitable as life itself. As U-R pointed out earlier, there are not enough hubcaps to go around, so owners have adapted by stealing. This is perfectly natural and acceptable, because EVERYBODY does it. Every hubcap can expect to be fitted to at least 50 different cars in its life, and in some miraculous cases finds itself back with its original owner.

Go with the flow; accept that there will be times when you will be without a full quota of hubcaps, feel no anger towards your fellow thieves, and steal with a free conscience. Stealing more than one at a time, though, is considered unsporting and gauche.

The final catalyst for those who claim to have a conscience is to find out the cost of a replacement.

5th Oct 2001, 09:15
web page (http://www.hubcapjoe.com/)

He does a thriving business, Joe's approach to solving your problem is if you lost one, give me the remaining three and I will give you a new set of four if I cannot offer a match, plus a fee for the one cap. He ends up with enough hubcaps to satisfy most needs at prices that are far below what dealers would charge.

Edit: In reading the final product this looks like an advertisement, not the intent, just information.

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SLF 999
5th Oct 2001, 15:53
What a brilliant idea for a business !........... now where did I put the number of the Small business advisor at the bank

tony draper
5th Oct 2001, 16:12
What about my poor nephew, who incidently is a policeman, some one jemmied the doors of his garage open, jacked his Beemer up stood it on piles of bricks they obtained from demolishing his garden wall and nicked three of his wheels, why three?.
Incidently he has two camera's covering all approaches to his dwelling now, he could have had them a couple of years ago ,but like all youngsters he wouldn't listen.
Thieves should be stood up against a wall and hung.

5th Oct 2001, 21:07
A woman in the next village recently had all the wheels nicked from her Discovery which was left on bricks in her drive. She got the replacements and about a week later they came back & nicked the new ones.

5th Oct 2001, 21:36
Well, that should be easy to spot, Gainesy. Just look for someone with 8 wheels on their car! :D :D


5th Oct 2001, 23:56
"original equiptment..."

Nice one, hubcap Joe !

Only in America... :rolleyes:

6th Oct 2001, 00:23
If you put aftermarket wheels on your car be sure to keep a set of the origional issue lug nuts so you'll be able to use the spare tire! If you don't it can be dod gamned frustrating. :p

freightdoggy dog
6th Oct 2001, 02:41
So does anyone know what is John Prescotts reg plate is. Just want to go for a drive in me old mans jag tonight? :D

6th Oct 2001, 03:06
Freightdoggydog (great name mate)


T 055 POT

(think about it)

Cyclic Hotline
7th Oct 2001, 00:55
Although it is a well known fact that most missing hub-caps are taken by Aliens as a souvenir of their visit to Earth, some do find their way to an appropriate location.

Everything you ever wanted to know (or not) about hubcaps! ;)