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Tony Flynn
12th May 2004, 16:27
Not mine I hasten to add


13th May 2004, 15:21
What a complete fool that person is (not TF). That was ranting for it's own sake. He just wants to fill space with his voice/words or someone was paying him to be 'provocative'.

No patience with people who refuse to consider the nature of the product or service that they are buying and how much they are paying for it. No patience with those who cannot observe the changes in something as critical to modern life as air travel, across the past 20 years. You want space and service? Go by Cunard.

OK, rant over. :*

"I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you any different." Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

B Sousa
13th May 2004, 19:42
Sure the guy was ranting and it was mentioned. He did convey thoughts that we all see when we fly. Some of us just go along like sheep as we need to get places........Only way to rid the problem is fly first class full fare. Then if you have problems folks usually listen..........
Untill then I accept my seat in the middle of a couple stinky fat people with undisciplined kids, have a couple Cognacs and snore all the way............
I also no longer put Zippo lighters in my Check-in. Brand new Lighters with no fluid are Hazardous Material and not allowed......