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12th May 2004, 14:42
Arab Street Erupts in Rage Over Beheading Video
(2004-05-11) -- The so-called 'Arab Street' erupted in rage and grief today, as devoted Muslims crowded into public squares by the hundreds of thousands, in dozens of cities, to denounce the brutal videotaped beheading of American Nicholas Berg by Muslim extremists affiliated with Al Qaeda.

"This is an outrageous, disgusting and obscene act of evil done in the name of our peaceful religion and in our own backyard," said one unnamed Muslim cleric in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. "We mourn with Mr. Berg's family at this horrible loss. We renounce not only this act of violence, but all acts of terror."

The governments of all Arab League nations made a joint statement condemning the slaughter of Mr. Berg, and committing $100 billion toward the elimination of Al Qaeda and other Muslim terror groups.

"We pledge money, troops and intelligence resources in an all-out effort to end this scourge," the Arab league statement declared. "We apologize for our past failures to rein-in or arrest extremists in our ranks. As of today, we are turning the tables on the terrorists. Now, it's their turn to be afraid."


surely not
12th May 2004, 14:47
Credit where it is due, an excellent response from the Arab League.

Thanks for posting this Bubbette

12th May 2004, 14:55



12th May 2004, 15:00
That was funny, wasn't it!

West Coast
12th May 2004, 15:01
Given the subject material I find little humor. Perhaps you do.
Same for you bubbette.

12th May 2004, 15:04
It's a satire website. I agree with you--it's not funny--it was a lost hope.

12th May 2004, 15:21
I had a feeling it wasn't quite kosher. :(

12th May 2004, 15:22
West Coast / Surely Not,

This site is an offensive propaganda rag. It is a rightie-hatie site.

The laughing was sarcastic since I do not know how to do a slow hand clap on here.


Just when I thought you could not sink any lower you start digging a deeper hole.


I call upon you to close this thread and boot Bubette from this site for this.


BHR:ok: :ok:

12th May 2004, 15:32
British & Ami treatment of Iraqi prisoners is disgusting,

Terrorists behaviour is disgusting,

If only Bubbette's report was true,

If only there were "thousands of Brits and Yanks in LON and NY protesting at the behaviour of a small number of our troops"

Was this Original? Or are they learning from us??????

Violence begats violence


12th May 2004, 15:33
What is hateful about that site? I note that the world demands an apology for slightly worse than high school pranks torture, yet when Islamist scum behead an American on TV (and in Gaza, wave around the head of an Israeli soldier, and distribute the body parts among different tribes) there's no outrage. Why is that? Oh, and where is the apology from the Arab/Muslim world for this? Shall we hold our breaths?

12th May 2004, 15:38
I note that the world demands an apology for slightly worse than high school pranks torture,

Ah, now I know you're from America.


12th May 2004, 15:40
BHR, may one hope that your last post was tongue-in-cheek as it were?


But I must say I have a very hard time equating the beheading of anyone versus the hazing type treatment of Iraqi prisoners.

12th May 2004, 15:58
Well I don't know what the media over there are reporting but in the UK the news reports of prison abuses stretch into many deaths in custody through beatings and the like. Hardly "high school pranks".

The world is a sad place indeed when moral highground is fought over the relative inhumanity of civilian deaths.

Interesting how the process of selective media spin works though!

Cheers, SSS

12th May 2004, 16:25

Mods, do us a favour and delete this ill-informed, unwanted, inane shite.



12th May 2004, 16:30
What's ill informed about it? Is it untrue?

surely not
12th May 2004, 16:31
errrrr yes it's a spoof story about a real happening.

so funny...............not

12th May 2004, 16:36
Oh, my sides.... my sides!!

I fear they may be splitting...........

12th May 2004, 16:40
I note that the world demands an apology for slightly worse than high school pranks torture

I'd call that pretty fcuking ill-informed, yeah.


12th May 2004, 16:41
Well, this happens in high schools and colleges here all the time. Not that it's right--not at all, but it surely is not on a par with *anything* done by Arab-Muslim governments, unchecked and unpunished, to their own prisoners.

12th May 2004, 16:42
What's ill informed about it? Is it untrue?

Unfortunately, yes it's untrue - I'm in Riyadh right now.:hmm:

I haven't had the chance to hear what my Arab friends think of the latest news, but I do know that opinions of British and Ami have gone way South since the reports of goings-on in Iraqi jails came out.

No, a "televised beheading" may not be the same as torture, but we are supposed to be the civilised ones? We are setting an example?

Not knocking the majority of Brit and Ami soldiers, who I'm sure are mostly as disgusted as I am about the behaviour of "the few". I just hope that those "few" are booted out of the armed forces, and suffer appropriate legal actions as they deserve - but will there be a "cover-up"? :sad:

12th May 2004, 16:44
Well, this happens in high schools and colleges here all the time. Wow! And I thought Ordsall was a bad neighbourhood............:ooh:

12th May 2004, 16:46
It just happened in a fairly well off high school here in Mepham LI at a football team camp. The coach was fired, and three of the teen age instigators were arrested and convicted for sodomy.

12th May 2004, 16:48
As an aside, but relevant to current events, there is some "scuttlebut" from the 1992 war - may or may not be true but makes a point . . . . . .

Iraqi patrol crosses "no-man's-land" and comes across some Allied Forces. The guys are fed and watered, and given supplies to take back with them as they are out of food and water on their own side of the lines. They are told "come over any time for more"

Now that's effective (and non-blood-letting) warfare. We "won" that time, but did we "win" 12 years later?

12th May 2004, 16:54
Ah - that sort of thing only really happens at Public Schools over here, Bubbette.

For the benefit of non-UK viewers, our Public Scools are private fee-paying schools, usually (but not always) residential, where the elite send their children to be a) out of the way and b)educated.

Some might mention something about sexual deviancy at this point but, given the libel laws in this country, I am not among them.

No, siree.

They are, apparently, one of The Things That Made This Nation Great

Boss Raptor
12th May 2004, 17:10
When I first came onto Pprune, Jet Blast was a fun place for wit and banter...with the odd attempt at causing/creating arguements by a few known individuals...soon laughed into oblivion

JB should not 9in my opinion) be a place for people to present wide political views of whatever pursuasion and/or trying to stir an aggressive response...

Mods pls let's get rid of this cr!p and get JB back onto an even footing again :*

12th May 2004, 17:16
When I came down this morning, this was the first sight that greeted me on the newspaper sitting in the kitchen table. I blinked with horror, kinda knew from the pictures what had occurred but hoped against hope that my worst fears wouold not be realised. The whole thing has cast a long dark shadow over my day that I have been unable to shake. Sometimes I'm ashamed to be part of the 'human' race & saddened by the depths of brutality our species can plummet too, this was one of the times. If I feel this traumatised, sickened & upset by this disgusting act God only knows how people who knew the victim must feel. No doubt the Americans will respond with retaliation & the tit for tat cycle of savage revenge will go on & on

I just hope the poor mans suffering was over quickly. May he rest in peace. :(


12th May 2004, 17:23
I second Boss Raptor's demand to the hilt. But please let's hear a little bit more about the going-ons in UK schools before closing down this thread. Are (were) all public (private) schools segregated by sex? Were there not even a few co-educational establishments? I would prefer to hear about the going-ons in the mixed establishments first, followed by the all-girls ones, then only, if space permits, by the all-boys schools, if noone else minds... :O

12th May 2004, 17:44
Errrr.......I only left one of The Things That Made This Nation Great (great description btw) a few years ago and I can assure you it cannot in any way be related to what some members of the US army have been doing in Iraq. :mad:

As far as I can remember I was never led around on a leash, although I did have to pretend to be a basketball hoop on one occasion.........

12th May 2004, 17:47
So that the mods and I can track the debates and not have to spend too much time dealing with the flame wars that tend to erupt, any posts regarding the Middle East, fundamentalist Islam (or any fundamentalist religious doctrine), al Quaida etc. etc. can take place in this thread ONLY! Anyone starting what the mods or I consider to be threads about politics that involve any of the above or associated topics will be merged into this one.

Danny's words on the first post of the ME thread.
Surely not that difficult to understand?
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