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2nd Oct 2001, 20:43
When I first realised that Danny had banned religion and politics, I was horrified! What had he done? How could he ruin JetBlast like this? Ever since I've found PPRuNe, I've respected everything Danny has done, but this, I thought, was not right. I enjoyed reading most of the threads, and often learnt something from them. Occassionally I posted my own un-informed thoughts and comments. They spiced up JB, added variety and interest, and (sometimes!) injected some intellectual content to the forum.

But now I think maybe I was wrong. Maybe JB is actually better for not having religion and politics, as well as being less work for Danny.

Let's look at the recent threads. "Things that pi55 me off, part 1" is amonst the most popular threads, and could well reach the 100-post limit soon. Bio's bedtime story will brighten up anyone's day. There have been several threads about sex, one or two about drugs, and I know that rock 'n roll will follow shortly. Of course td has been enlightening us with his (thankfully) unique thought-process, and we've even discussed Dr. Who! If anyone is loosing sleep over the lack of politics, we have threads where you can count sheep, we're pushing the boundaries of the English language by defining frustration, and there's a bit of personal abuse directed towards the Guv.

I don't know the statistics, but it seems to me that the number of JB posts has increased as a result of the politics/religion ban! The range of subjects is breath-taking, no one has seriously offended anyone and no one except maybe the Guv has been seriously offended. I think it's great!

So what do the rest of you think?


PS Guv, I've stayed out of the thread about your bottom. I have no idea what your bottom looks like, nor do I wish to know - please don't take this personally! :D

3rd Oct 2001, 00:04
You are probably right, I just wish I could get rid of that horrible red thingy by my name. Ideas? Perhaps a nice birthday card for the despot?

PPRuNe Towers
3rd Oct 2001, 03:58
May as well leave the birthday card here for the despot loki.

Danny and I have been winding down here a lot in the past couple of weeks - trying to keep the site more or less running takes its toll.

Phone bill has gone daft though: we've taken to calling each other for selected reading of the latest from Tricky or our own Hancockian genius Draper.

I'm sure there are many that loathe what's been done to keep this forum closer to its original vision but we're really enjoying the creativity that's being brought to the fore.

Rob Lloyd

3rd Oct 2001, 13:13
Much better thank you, but whats this about counting sheep?

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