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12th May 2004, 09:46
Cleaning out the stores yesterday, I came across two old PCs which predate the abacus. They are probably 486s. Presuming they work, which is likely since they’ve been dry stored what should I do with them? They are reckoned to be about ten years old.

A mate of mine had a computer like this at college. Surprisingly it was able to run AutoCAD, but in all other respects it was pants, mainly because the software was so primitive.

Failing all else I can throw them on the skip as they haven’t cost me anything.

Just wondering. :8

tony draper
12th May 2004, 10:00
They still run the entire British Steel Plant in Lackenby with a 486, 486's also control the Space Shuttle, tiz us silly buggas that have been conned into getting faster and faster machines.
Anyway I still got a 386.

12th May 2004, 10:06
Ah yeah, that's true. I remember that NASA were shopping on ebay for intel 8086 processors for their Inertial Nav System.

Mr Chips
12th May 2004, 10:06
Noisy - you could donate them to your local school. Not to use in class (they will have far superior PCs!) but to be used in the nursery/reception class as part of a play office. They only need the keyboard and monitor.....

Just a thought

12th May 2004, 10:12
Did someone mention 8086 processors?

Actually have a still working (well it did last time I tried about 6 years ago) 8086 machine! Currently stashed away in the loft awaiting antique status.

Maybe I should contact NASA.............................

12th May 2004, 10:13
It had crossed my mind, but I thought that they (the schools) might be offended at recieving such shabby looking old kit. :O

some people are so picky!

12th May 2004, 10:19
Give it to a charity shop?

12th May 2004, 10:24
Most charity shops won't touch any sort of electrical equipment that is donated to them. Because of the liability and sale of goods laws (did you know it is illegal to sell ANY form of mains equipment without an instruction manual?).

12th May 2004, 10:26
They really are fairly useless as office machines, but surely, as Tony D says, they could be used for controlling something, with the right software.

12th May 2004, 10:34
Thread on similar subject in Computers (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=128173), although their title is more JBesque than this one :E :E

12th May 2004, 10:45
I have an old Apple IIe computer. The spec is 64K Ram, two 5.5 inch floppies, a card that gives 80 columns across the screen plus an additional 64k an Epson DMP and some software for running accounts. It cost new £2100.00 and it still works. As for the processor, it's a Motorola something or other and I believe it runs at 4Mhz!

12th May 2004, 10:50
Hmmm, C for DOS eh? I feel a PC controlled home security system coming on....

12th May 2004, 11:04
Could always send the lot to Tracey Emin,she seems to make "art" out of any old [email protected]!!

12th May 2004, 11:11
Old pc's running stuff like windows 3.1 are hot stuff in Africa - Microsoft is withdrawing support for Windows 98 worldwide except in Africa. You could give it to a charity who will put in an African school. Look at this (http://www.itforcharities.co.uk/index.htm) for details.

Jelly Baby Freak
12th May 2004, 11:20
You could consider running it in parallel with your current pc and using it as a firewall.
Failing that it can be used to store data files,
such as music/photos etc.:confused:

12th May 2004, 11:23
We are becoming an increasingly throwaway society. Just last week I saw a new DVD player advertised for twenty five quid. If it breaks throw it away.

Just seems a shame to waste these things.

tony draper
12th May 2004, 11:28
I have a old magazine that advertises the Pet Professinal Office Computer(I think it was pet).
16 K RAM, Twin Floppies Printer and desk,6000 quid, ouch!!! and yes that is 6000 not a mistype.

12th May 2004, 13:08
Anybody want an amiga needing some attention?

12th May 2004, 13:18
Hmmm, I'll prolly try and use one to learn some C or C++ programming. Then I will qualify as a proper nerd.