View Full Version : How lucky can you be!! Win the lotto 3 times in one day!!

11th May 2004, 22:28
A triple mishap that is worth 290.500 Euros

SYDNEY (AFP) - A forgetful Australian who for mistake refilled three tickets of lottery with the same combination, that then he turned out to be the winner, will receive 290.500 Euros of prize.

The man, who resides to Sydney's suburbs, entered Multiweek Lotto's administration, informed the agency of Lottery of New South Wales.

Later, the same combination used to refill another ticket in another establishment. To his return of a few vacations abroad to celebrate his 60 birthdays, it he returned to use the same numbers, after forgetting that already it he had done it previously.

Finally, his combination was the winner and achieved a prize of 494.326 Australian dollars, approximately 290.500 Euros.

" The same combination put three times it was not anything done meaningfully and only it can be described as the botched job luckier that has never been done ", said the lucky one across a communique expressed by the Lottery of New South Wales.

" I had to retire soon, so the money of the lottery gained three times during one night surely will mark a great difference ", it he added.

Onan the Clumsy
12th May 2004, 00:05
But but but ... don't they just decide how much dough to give out and then divide it amongst the winners?

If that were the case, then win it once or win it a thousand times (if you were the only one) it'd be the same :confused:

I think he was lucky because he lived in Australia :ok:

henry crun
12th May 2004, 02:50
Onan, presumably, having decided the total prize amount, they divide it between the number of winning tickets sold.

With lotto you can choose your numbers, and let's assume, having filled in your card, you buy nine tickets with that one card.
Nothing to stop you doing that if you wish.

There are ten correct tickets sold, so if the prize is $10,000 you get $9000 and the other person gets just $1000.