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Onan the Clumsy
11th May 2004, 21:31
Ok, so the biscuit thread made me think of this, but... What's your favourite chocolate bar?

Bonus points: What's the difference between a chocolate bar and a biscuit :confused:

The winner is...

The Kit Kat of course :ok:

Followed closely by
dark Toblerone

11th May 2004, 21:37
Got to be Cadbury's dairy milk..chunky bar.
Worst, Fruit and nut bit like garibaldi bisciuts!!
Definitely no American chocolate..greasy
No foreign rubbish as they said we couldn't call ours proper choccie under EU regs..How dare they.

11th May 2004, 21:46
Yup, one of them bad boy Chunky Kit Kats. Or two.

le loup garou
11th May 2004, 22:04
My favourite chocolate bar has to be a biscuit boost, despite the name you have to agree that it's not a biccie. But judging by the crumbs on my shirt I have to say that a smarties cookie from [email protected] would come close if given a choice.


Le loup

11th May 2004, 22:08
Hershey or Toblerone. What about those Pecan logs that you can get? They are soooo nice.

11th May 2004, 22:10
Got to be a 'Milky Lunch'.

Sadly now only available when my guys go to India and bring some back.

tony draper
11th May 2004, 22:52
Bournville Dark Chocolate black as sin, slightly bitter,yummy, milk chocolate belongs on the breast feeding thread.
One does admit to occasionaly nibbling on a Kit Kat with a cup of tea , more of a chocky biscuit yer Kit Kat is though IMHO anyway.

11th May 2004, 23:20
Can't decide between Chokitos or Cherry Ripes.
Can't get them in the UK unless I go to specialist Oz Tucker importers.

Onan the Clumsy
12th May 2004, 00:03
Redsnail, remember Violet Crumbles?

You can get 'em over here.

12th May 2004, 01:06
Snickers. Nothing else comes near, not even the Mars Bar.

12th May 2004, 02:15
Dark chocolate Bounty bars.

Oooooh drooool.


12th May 2004, 05:30
Flavour of the week is Lindt white chocolate with coconut bits in.
I'd choose cheese over chocolate though if they were having a duel.

12th May 2004, 06:15
The Aero Bar of course!

12th May 2004, 06:58
Cadbury's cream eggs...when you can get em

at other times, their Turkish Delight.

12th May 2004, 07:25
redsnail I'm with you for the "Cherry Ripe" :D

Now also "cherry ripe" ice cream and biscuits. :ok:

12th May 2004, 07:25
Anyone remember Ice Breaker?
lovely little bits of mint in dark chocolate. Mmmmm
(Is it still around???)

High Wing Drifter
12th May 2004, 08:20
A dark Bounty bar :}

12th May 2004, 08:25
It is invidious to select one, I love them all!

12th May 2004, 08:49
I used to love the Texan Bar. Also liked Spangles!

Kiting for Boys
12th May 2004, 09:07
The original Wispa bar before Cadburys did a cost reduction on the cholcolate they used.

12th May 2004, 11:30
The new bar from Mars called delight.

Apparantely gram for gram the most unhealthy chocolate bar available in the world..........possibly even in the Milky Way!!!!

Lindtt Easter Bunnies seem to be pretty moreish too.

Can women really be addicted to cocolate?

12th May 2004, 12:10
An Orange flavoured Chomp Bar

12th May 2004, 12:15
Chocolate - one of my favorite subjects!!!

And yes it is certainly possible for women (and men) to be addicted to chocolate - apparently it gives the same boost as sex :O

Am I addicted? Well that would be telling

12th May 2004, 12:16
A chocolate bar is like a nude women. There are no bad ones!!!

Not in my opinion.:}

12th May 2004, 13:34
Violet Crumbles in the States? Bewdy :D
I miss them too but I still have to say that Cherry Ripes and Chokitos are great. :D

12th May 2004, 14:09
Try Nestles new (?) white chocolate "Double Berry" bar. Found one in Tesco last week. Absolutely [email protected]@dy AWESOME!!:ok:

12th May 2004, 14:25
Double decker, now proudly returned to its original 68g glory!

More fat and bad stuff per gram than any pther chocky bar! mmmmm!

Onan the Clumsy
12th May 2004, 14:55
Also liked Spangles Remember the Acid Drop Spangles? :ok:

12th May 2004, 19:00
"Double rapped. To keep all the [email protected] in and all the flavour out"

Wasn't that how it went?:E

12th May 2004, 21:46
Maya Gold dark chocolate, gopt to be one of the best things to come in a wrapper.

12th May 2004, 21:49
Bournville - does no-one still like dark chocolate?

spud's on the job
12th May 2004, 22:19
does anyone else still call snickers a 'Marathon' and also do you still call it Nessles rather than Neslay, maybe Im just too nostalgic

my vote however goes for a Double Decker - served at room temperature otherwise the Nougat (pronounced nugget down my street) breaks yer teeth

12th May 2004, 22:22

To answer your question, yes I do. Where I live there is not a lot of choice!:O

12th May 2004, 22:51
gotta be cadburys' "star bar" :ok:

12th May 2004, 23:32
Whittaker's Almond Gold or Hazelnut bar ... only available in NZ though....

Definitely no American chocolate..greasy
Always found most American chocolate anything but - the cocoa content is far higher then UK chocolate (as is the above). In fact, I believe there was some problem a few years ago with Cadbury's not meeting the EU standards for a confection to be described as "chocolate" due to the high fat/low cocoa content?

Constable Clipcock
12th May 2004, 23:55
Eating: anything dark, the darker the better.

Cooking: Abuelita. Hard Mexican chocolate, with cacao nibs and a touch of cinnamon. Boil some in your coffee some time!

As a pool toy: BABY RUTH !!!!!

Smirnoff Ice
13th May 2004, 05:38
It's got to be Mint Aero!!!

13th May 2004, 08:56
Cant go past a Bounty - sweet coconut covered in a chocolate shell aghhhhhhhhhh:}

22nd May 2004, 21:41
Not sure it qualifies as a bar, but my all-time fav's gotta be Cherry Mash!

Mac the Knife
23rd May 2004, 09:16
Cadbury's (?) Lunch Bar

Love the peanuts....

23rd May 2004, 09:29
Large bar of Cadbury's dairy milk.

Not for any particular preference, just because it's currently in the fridge (or at least until I get there). :E

23rd May 2004, 12:51
You're all wrong, the correct answer is: FLAKE !

(Reds, they now do a Strawberry Ripe as well!!!).

Divergent Phugoid!
23rd May 2004, 15:15
1 Texan

2 Ice Breaker

3 Old jamacae

4 the Dark chocolate Mars bar limited edition

5 Coffee Cabanas, seventies chokkie beans with liquid coffee centres!! ooohhh where are they today?

6 anything galaxy do!

23rd May 2004, 15:19
Picnic Picnic Picnic (I only said it three times to meet the requirement for at least 15 characters so I would not waste bandwidth and it would be a worthwhile answer !!!!!)

Personally I thought it was a valid question and a forthright, valid and essentially accurate response which added to the debate and was succinct while informative (and bandwidth efficient).

But I am happy to be contradicted - and by no means upset by the rejection of initial reply (well perhaps a 'tad' petulant), namely ......


23rd May 2004, 18:27
Flake straight from the 'fridge and .... Mint Aero (mini) the same ... I can't eat a whole range of bars cos of the biscuits/bits/add-ins but ... these two are deeeeeeevine! hehehe

I don't often eat chocolate - in fact it is at least a year since I ate a flake and I can't remember when I last tried mint aero .. hmmmmmm ::making note on shopping list:: :ok:

23rd May 2004, 18:38
All time favourite has to be the Curly Whirly, Pretty sure it was about two feet long the last time I bought one:ok:

23rd May 2004, 21:32
I see British-made chocolate will have to be marketed under a different name in the EU, sometime this year? I think it has to be called "family chocolate" as opposed to "milk chocolate"?

23rd May 2004, 21:34
Thank you EU for another load of old tosh!

Me, I'm a big fan of Picnics and Drifters (yummy).

But my all time fave has to be the big bars of Cadbury's Dairy Milk with the bits of shortcake biscuit in it.

Tarek Nor
6th Aug 2004, 03:24
Has to be Fry's Chocolate cream :cool:

Otherwise it's Galaxy or Bourneville. :cool:

All straight from the fridge. :ok:

EU and US chocolate - I don't think so :yuk:

6th Aug 2004, 07:15
My favourite is the good old Yorkie bar, hotly pursued by a FLake.

6th Aug 2004, 07:20
Surely we cannot all have missed the delights of Kinder Bueno???

And it's spin-off the "happy hippo"?

Cracking choccie.

Loving a bit of galaxy ripple as well but not necesarily (spelling?) in a warm candlelit bath surrounded by brown silk like on the ad.

Flakes never fail to delight. Like a good whore.

Capt. J
6th Aug 2004, 07:24
I have alot of favourite chocolates :p

Lindt, Kit Kat, Mars bars, Viking and many more :} Too many to name!

Above all, I think I like chocolate with nuts and fruit. Cadbury is VERY nice :E

Boss Raptor
6th Aug 2004, 13:40
Tesco Value Dark Chocolate 27p

Tesco Value Milk Chocolate 55p

Aldi's Fruit & Nut 52p

Aldi's Generic Wagon Wheels...cant remember but dont cost much

All excellent value and comparable to leading brands - 8 out of 10 skinflints who expressed a preference... :ok:

2nd Nov 2004, 05:39
Bendick's Bittermints. OK it's more mint than dark chocolate but it's decadent.

Dark chocolate Bounty.

Used to bring back a Cadbury's milk chocolate bar for the staff when I came back from England. Told them I could only bring back one bar and they would have to split it.

It weighed 1.2 kg.

It also educated them on the difference between English and Canadian Cadburys.

2nd Nov 2004, 05:50
Has to be the original Kit Kat - but the English version.

Perhaps it's just me, but the foil wrapped English ones taste better than the plastic wrapped ones we get around here.

Anyone else noticed that?

2nd Nov 2004, 07:36

The English ones are now plastic wrapped as well. Don't know if it makes a difference to the taste but one of the pleasures of eating a Kit-Kat was laying it flat on the table and carefully unwrapping the foil. Mustn't tear it or it will spoil the experience.

Prefer the big 'single stick' Kit-Kat anyway to tell the truth - except they've stopped puting them in the choccie machines at work.:{

tall and tasty
2nd Nov 2004, 08:16
White Swiss chocolate covering champagne truffles eaten high in the mountains..........

Shear perfection


2nd Nov 2004, 09:39
the original yorkie wins handsdown

2nd Nov 2004, 09:44
white toblerone (huge duty free size) had it when I was allowed to eat such things

2nd Nov 2004, 09:47
EU and US chocolate - I don't think so

I agree about the US chocolate - greasy tasteless rubbish, but EU chocolate ?? Belgian chocolate well deserves its rating as best in the world although I do have a personal love of Green and Blacks plain organic chockie

2nd Nov 2004, 09:56
The English ones are now plastic wrapped as well WHAT?!? - Is nothing sacred?

2nd Nov 2004, 11:47
Gotta be Cherry Ripe.

Please someone tell me where I can get Cherry Ripe in the UK?!

Also like another Aussie choccie bar, mint cracknel strands covered in chocolate. Can't remember its name though.

(Found out its called Peppermint Crisp and someone selling it in London :ok: Cherry Ripes sold out though :( )

Onan the Clumsy
2nd Nov 2004, 12:16
The availability of UK stuff over here makes it difficult to answer when people ask what they want me to bring over, but the answer usually is KitKats and Whittard's English Breakfast tea.

Dark Toblerone is ok too, but you can get that over here.

2nd Nov 2004, 12:57
Has to be a box of Guylian Chocolate sea shells - Anyone who buys me those is my instant best friend (I am so shallow!):sad:

2nd Nov 2004, 15:48
Milky Way

You can chew it with your tongue and the roof of your mouth.

2nd Nov 2004, 16:23
Any chocolate Bar manufactured by Harry London's Chocolate shop. If you've ever flown into CAK, you'll know the place I'm talking about. Their dark chocolate is excellent, and the milk chocolate melts in your mouth with no waxy texture or aftertaste. It's WONDERFUL!


Solid Rust Twotter
2nd Nov 2004, 17:43
Peppermint Crisp. Break the ends off and drink cold milk through it as if using a drinking straw. Lovely minty choccy flavour to the milk.

Black Cat peanut butter bar. Don't usually eat peanut butter but this one is great. Peanut butter and nougat covered in milk choc.

spitfires rule
2nd Nov 2004, 18:37
The best chocolate bar is the Galaxy what else.Second fave milka bar

2nd Nov 2004, 22:40
It's a shame that Caramac isn't classed as a chocolate bar. (Probably something to do with there not being any choclate in it I suppose. :rolleyes: )
If only there were giant caramac bars available and not just the thin whisps of a portion in the shops. :{
With chocolate in mind, I must agree with flybhx and the duty free giant size white toblerone. (with a large mug of tea.) :ok:

More on chocolate;


The purpose of this web site is to canvas opinion on popular chocolate products. (http://www.chocolatereview.co.uk/about.asp)

3rd Nov 2004, 00:51
Mick Jagger prefers a Mars bar so legend has it

3rd Nov 2004, 07:12
Cadbury's Secret Bar has to be the best ever!!! Sadly I have not seen them for many years......bring em back Mr Cadbury!!!

Hostie from Hell
3rd Nov 2004, 18:05
Plain Bounty .. has to be straight from the FREEZER !!

also if you have a Swiss contact (R Cuppucio for example ?)

A Dark, bitter high cocoa content bar called Tourist .. liberally scattered with nuts and raisins throughout ... a thinking womans Fruit and Nut :ok:

Standard Noise
5th Nov 2004, 01:11
Jameson's Raspberry Ruffle bars are divine.

Fry's, of Chocolate Cream fame used to do one with five fruit flavoured creams under that loverly choccy.
Although I do rather like those Reese's cups (not the choccy, but the peanut butter centre).

Gulian Chocolate sea shells, mmm, must try Mrs Noise on those if they're good, she's a bit of a chocoholic.

5th Nov 2004, 02:34
Guylian Sea-shells are, undoubtedly, exceedingly decadent, but I'd kill for a large Yorkie bar again - I haven't seen one in years! Are they still available in the UK?

Kind regards,


Standard Noise
5th Nov 2004, 04:53
Yep, the Yorkie is alive and well. Now advertised as not being for girls. I'm sure they must be breaking a law doing that, even though it's TIC.

5th Nov 2004, 10:50
While on an APC in Deci I tried one of the german Rhino bars.
Tasted like something brown that came out of a Rhino and was rock hard at 32 Centigrade!

The best has to be any Galaxy and Raisin and Biscuit Yorkie!