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Hersham Boy
18th May 2001, 12:58
Hersh is a bit of a music fan... please give generously to the great or utterly roobish lyrics appeal. Please leave your message after the beep.


Hersham Boy
18th May 2001, 13:14
Oh - shall I start?!

"Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
You fritter and waste the hours in an off hand way
Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town
Waiting for someone or something to show you the way"
(Time, Pink Floyd) - what a tune... (hehe, Angels)

Norfolk and airspeed
18th May 2001, 13:41
"Marvin", by Marvin, the paranoid android.

I'm just a robot and I know my place
A metal servant to the human race
I work my can off trying to satisfy
I know they'll disconnect me by and by

Chip on my shoulder made of silicon
My printed circuit's like a lexicon
Ten billion logic functions, maybe more
They make me pick the paper off the floor

Solitary solinoid
Terminally paranoid

Know what makes me really mad
They clean me with a Brillo Pad
A carwash wouldn't be so bad
Life! Don't talk to me about life

I'm so depressed I could expectorate
My moving parts are in a solid state
I want to rust in peace, switch off and lie
In that great junk yard in the sky

Solitary solinoid
Terminally paranoid

Nothing left to be enjoyed
Every diode rheumatoid

Outer alloy
Inner void

Happiness has been destroyed

pax domina
18th May 2001, 15:58
Where to start?

Even making allowances for English as a second language, "I miss you since I've been away" in some Scorpions song always strikes me as a bit "off".

"In (if?) this ever changing world in which we live in" - unfortunately, Sir Paul Macca has no such excuse.

Most of Spandau Ballet's Journey's to Glory and absolutely every song on Diamond.

Honourable mention to the Spands "Gold" - "These are my salad days/Slowly being eaten away".

pax d (writing this in a room with an autographed photo, proper autographs done with a biro, of Parade era Spandau Ballet hanging on the wall)

PS Edited to add that all of the above are roobish. :)

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18th May 2001, 16:13
If you search for tenderness
It isn't hard to find
You can have the love you need to live
But if you look for truthfulness
You might just as well be blind
It always seems to be so hard to give
Honesty is such a lonely word
Everyone is so untrue
Honesty is hardly ever heard
And mostly what I need from you
I can always find someone
To say they sympathize
If I wear my heart out on my sleeve
But I don't want some pretty face
To tell me pretty lies
All I want is someone to believe
I can find a lover
I can find a friend
I can find security
Until the bitter end
Anyone can comfort me
With promises again
I know, I know
When I'm deep inside of me
Don't be too concerned
I won't ask for nothin' while I'm gone
When I want sincerity
Tell me where else can I turn
Cause you're the one I depend upon
Honesty is such a lonely word
Everyone is so untrue
Honesty is hardly ever heard
And mostly what I need from you.

18th May 2001, 17:37
Best recent lyrics I've heard:

My breath smells of a thousand fags
when I dance I look like my dad
I've started to dress a bit like him

and in the morning when I wake up
I look like Kiss but without the make up
now that's a great line to take it to the bridge.
(Robbie Williams - Strong)

best of all time:

Who are these people behind the stained glass windows
Have they forgotten just what they came here for?
Was it salvation or "Scared of hell"?
Or an assembly of a social get together?
(Kings X - Mission)

I'd rather
18th May 2001, 17:41
I was so upset that I cried
All the way to the chip shop
When I came out there was Julie
Standing at the bus stop...

Hersham Boy
18th May 2001, 18:02
And were they laughing at you, I'd Rather?! That bluddy Gordon. What a moron.

I'm in the hi-fidelity first class traveling set and I think I need a Lear jet

Biggles Flies Undone
18th May 2001, 18:51
Ooooooooo Oooooooooo my ears are alight! (Desmond Dekker and the Aces)

18th May 2001, 19:54
1. (From Warren Zevon's "Werewolves of London")

"Li'l ol' lady got mootilated late last night" (makes superior alternative to the key phrase in that nasty old joke about "put your mouth around that and say 'Kuala Lumpur'")

2. (From 3 Mustaphas 3 "A Chilling Tale")

"We'll never forget the day we lost our memory"

18th May 2001, 20:01
Well it's a marvellous night for a moondance
with the stars up above in your eyes
a fantabulous night to make romance
'neath the cover of October skies
and all the leaves on the trees are falling
to the sound of the breezes that blow
and I'm trying to please to the calling
of your heart strings that play soft and slow
you know the night's magic
seems to whisper and hush
and all the soft moonlight
seems to shine in your blush...

Can I just have one a'more moondance
with you, my love ?
Can I just make some more romance
with you, my love ?

Well I wanna make love to you tonight
I can't wait till the morning has come
and I know now the time is just right
and straight into my arms you will run
and when you come my heart will be waiting
to make sure that you're never alone
there and then all my dreams will come true dear
there and then I will make you my own
and every time I touch you
you just tremble inside
and I know how much you want me
that, you can't hide ...


Van Morrison ! Excellent music.

And to all those who haven't tried it outdoors .. , you just have to !

18th May 2001, 20:14
Well done Hersham!

Laugh and say I'm green
I've seen things you've never seen....

Talk behind my back
I'm off the beaten track....

Song by one Roger Daltry (Quadrophenia) to the background of soothing string music....not.

More to come after I get tucked into the claret again!

pax domina
19th May 2001, 03:49
Ya say she's a virgin
But I'm gonna be the first in . . .
Her fella's gonna kill me?
Oh f***in' will he . . .

G'damn angels, you've made me want to break out my copy of Quadrophenia and play it very f***ing loud!!!

Shall I refer my neighbour's complaints to you? :)

pax d ("Dr. Jimmy" blaring verrrry loudly in the background)

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19th May 2001, 11:54
Pax....a lady of class I can see.

Dr Jimmy and Mr Gin,
When I'm pilled you don't notice him....

One of my top five albums of all time. Bet you never guessed that Dark Side of the Moon was another one!

Breathe, breathe in the air
Don't be afraid to care....

19th May 2001, 12:41
And she takes another step
Slowly she opens the door
Check that he is sleeping
Pick up all the broken glass and furniture on the floor
Been up half the night screaming now it's time to get away
Pack the kids in the car
Another bruise to try and hide
Another alibi to write

Another ditch in the road
You keep moving.....

Savage Garden "Affirmation" (Two beds and a coffee machine)

And they said the pop stars of today have no talent

Saw them in capetown. Brilliant. :)

Stay cool, stay longer.

19th May 2001, 13:46

Can't remember the lyrics but the made no sense at all, does any of you remember the lyrics?, I'll try to get them on here today.

19th May 2001, 14:11
On special request :

I'm afraid in the dark
'specially when I'm in a park
and there is no-one else around
Ooh, I get the shivers
I don't want to see a ghost
it's a site I fear most
I'd rather have a piece of toast and
watch the evening news

Life, oh life, oh life, oh life, doo, dooo etc.

I'm a superstitious girl
I'm the worst in the world
Never walk under ladders,
I keep a rabbits tail.
I'll take you up on a dare
anytime, anywhere,
Name the place, I'll be there,
bungee jumping, I don't care.

Life ..............

So after all is said and done
I know I'm not the only one
Life indeed can be fun,
If you really want it to.
Sometimes living out your dreams,
Ain't as easy as it seems.
You wanna fly around the world,
In a beautiful baloon.

Life, Oh life, Oh liiiife ..........

19th May 2001, 14:34
Thank's Traveler,

Yes how can you link a ghost with a piece of toast.

19th May 2001, 16:01
Sitting in car, music on the radio, Sun in it's sky.
Wondering if it's time to die.

Tears do no good, they only wet my cheeks, the sun shines on, the cars fly by.
I'm invisible to them all.

Hum of the distant traffic used to excite, life was great the future bright, the world a place of light.

Sitting in my car, music on the radio, Sun in it's sky.
Wonedering if it's time to die.

The sun still shines, the planets make their way, but the colours gone. The future's grey.

Sitting in my car, music on the radio, Sun in it's sky.
Wonedering if it's time to die.

Radar Departure2
19th May 2001, 16:22
Jesus, somebody just walked on my grave. Who sang that, Steepclimb?

To slightly more cheerful things... fill in the next line...

"In the clear white circles of morning wonder....."


19th May 2001, 19:41

I think you might find the line in the Robbie song you quoted is actually:

"Early morning when I wake up, I look like Casper without the make up"

As in Casper the friendly ghost :)

19th May 2001, 20:45
New England, by Billy Bragg. Can't be faffed to type it all out :)

pax domina
20th May 2001, 04:39
More favourites:

"Your kisses are as wicked as an F-15
And you f*** like a volcano
and you're everything to me"
Liz Phair "Supernova"

"I swear I've had the darkest feelings
I've thought about swinging from the ceiling
Don't stop me now, 'cause I'm freewheeling
And I can't steer
And it's not fair, it's not fair
That I'm not there and well,
You just shouldn't care"
The Wonder Stuff "Can't Shape Up"

Virtually everything on Elvis the C's This Year's Model, Armed Forces and My Aim Is True, with a special mention to "Blame it on Cain", "Less than Zero", "Chemistry Class", "Two Little Hitlers", "Oliver's Army", "Party Girl", "Watching the Detectives" . . . "She's filing her nails while they're dragging the lake" . . . "You call it instant justice when it's past the legal limit/Someone's scratching at the window/I wonder, who is it?/The detectives come detecting you belong to the parents who are ready to hear the worst about their daughter's disappearance/Though it nearly took a miracle to get you to stay/It only took five little fingers to blow you away" . . . "Well I used to be disgusted/Now I try to be amused/But since their wings have gotten rusted/Now the angels wanna wear my red shoes" . . . "And the radio to heaven will be wired to your purse/And you can run down the wave band/Coast to coast/Hand in hand/Bad to worse/Curse for curse". Also special mention to the alternate lyrics to "Less Than Zero" on Live at the El Mocambo.

"And every gimmick hungry yob, diggin' gold from rock'n'roll,
Grabs the mike to tell us
He'll die before he's sold
But I believe in this
And it's been tested by research
That he who f***s nuns, will later join the Church"
The Clash "Death or Glory"

"Your love letters are confetti/I ripped them up, my hands were sweaty" Graham Parker and the Rumour, does anyone remember the name of the song?

"What is it you want from me?
There isn't much I will not do :)
If it's only company
You know I might need that too
Won't you . . .

Come anytime (come anytime)
I'm a man of leisure
Come anytime (come anytime)
I await your pleasure :)

Nothing new beneath the sun
We've butchered every sacred cow
Tell me all the things you might have done
Just tell me what are you doing now, right now?

Come anytime (come anytime)
I won't give you pressure
Come anytime (come anytime)
I can't wait forever

And if you can't make up your mind
We could - make it up together

Things like this happen every day
What ever happens, it's okay
Why be afraid?
When we've got it made
I'll never ask you to explain

Come anytime
Come anytime
Come anytime . . .

And if you can't make up your mind
We could - make it up together

What is it you want from me?
You won't shock me easily :)

Maybe it's your heart's desire
Maybe it's your wildest dream :)
Maybe I'm a gun for hire :) :) :)
Baby don't we make quite a team?
Don't we? Don't we . . .

Come anytime (you're goin' fine)
I won't give you trouble
Come anytime (you're goin' fine)
Or you're seein' double
And I have never been the kind
To want to burst your bubble

Come anytime (come anytime)
Come anytime (come anytime)
Come anytime (come anytime)

And if you can't make up your mind
(If you can't make up your mind)
And if you can't make up your mind
Why don't we
Make it up - together?"
The Hoodoo Gurus "Come Anytime"

"She came out of the water
In to my horizon
Like a cumulo nimbus
Coming in from a distance
Burning, exploding
Burning, exploding
Like a slow volcano
When you come . . . "
Crowded House "When You Come"

"She came all the way from America,
She had a blind date with destiny
And the sound of Te Awamutu
Had a truly sacred ring . . . "
Crowded House "Mean to Me"

(No, IMHO the best thing to come out of NZ is not a QF flight! ;) )

"There's a picture opposite me
Of my primitive ancestry,
That stood on rocky shores and kept the beaches shipwreck free,
Though I respect that a lot
I'd be fired if that was my job
After killing Jason off,
And countless screaming Argonauts . . . "
They Might Be Giants "Birdhouse in Your Soul"

"She's got cheekbones like geometry and eyes like sin,
And she's sexually enlightened by Cosmopolitan"
Lloyd Cole and the Commotions "Perfect Skin"

"Why must you tell me all your secrets, when it's hard enough to love you knowing nothing?"
Lloyd Cole and the Commotions "Four Flights Up"

(In fact, all the songs on Rattlesnakes.)

"Obscurity Knocks" The Trash Can Sinatras

"Oblivious" Aztec Camera

"I'm nobody's wife and I'm nobody's baby,
I like it that way, but then again - maybe
And I'm nobody's valentine, and I'm nobody's pearl,
When you get right down to it,
I always seem to find just some girl

Singin' . . .
There are monsters, there are angels
There's a peacefulness and a rage inside us all
There is sugar, and there is salt
There is ice and there's fire in every single heart
There are monsters, there are angels

I'm nobody's promise, and I'm nobody's chore
And I ain't got nobody that I feel I gotta live for (feel I gotta live for)
And I'm nobody's work, and I'm nobody's company
And every time I turn around I always seem to find - just me

Singin' . . .
There are monsters, there are angels
There's a peacefulness and a rage inside us all
There is sugar, and there is salt
There is ice and there's fire in every single heart
There are monsters, there are angels"
Voice of the Beehive "Monsters and Angels"

pax d (bit of a music fan as well, Hersh)

20th May 2001, 05:46
Gloomy ain't it Radar, it's like something Morrisey would sing, but isn't.
Anyone got suitable music.

Hersham Boy
20th May 2001, 11:18
Nice one, Pax D - true commitment to the cause...

Steepclimb - dare not utter a harsh word about The Smiths! The lilting wit of Mozzer... the jangling guitar genius of Johnny Marr...

I have just discovered
Some girls are bigger than others
Some girls are bigger than others
Some girls are bigger than others
Some girls mothers are bigger than other girls mothers
(Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others)

Or who could forget the timeless:

Oh, the Devil will find work for idle hands to do
I stole and then I lied just because you asked me to
And now you know the truth about me you won't see me anymore
But I'm still fond of you
(What Difference Does It Make?)

Hersh (This Charming Man ;) )

I'm in the hi-fidelity first class traveling set and I think I need a Lear jet

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pax domina
20th May 2001, 15:10
"There's a club if you'd like to go
You could meet someboby who really loves you
So you go and you stand on your own, and you leave on your own,
And you go home and you cry and you want to die
Well you say it's gonna happen now
Well, what exactly do you mean?
You see I've already waited too long
And all my hope is gone
I am human and I need to be loved
Just like everybody else does"
"How Soon Is Now"

waaaahhhhh!!! -sniffle- http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif

pax d (far too inspired at this point :) )

then you flew your Lear Jet up to Nova Scotia to see the total eclipse of the sun

20th May 2001, 17:41
"Lend me ten pounds and I'll buy you a drink"

Shane MacGowan...enough said.

20th May 2001, 18:35
When my overcoat is hung
and I'm to far gone to see
When the last drinks bell has rung
you can carry me.

:Hunters and Collectors


Dominion Road is bending,
Under it's own weight,
Shining like a strip
Cut from a sheet metal plate,
'Cause it's just been raining.

Jane had reached the point when she knew
What he meant before he'd opened his mouth,
He counldn't say the same,
Or he'd have guessed she was moving south,
With one of his friends.

But it's getting better now.
He found it in him to forgive.
He walked the city,
And he found a place to live,
In a half-way house,
Half-way down Dominion Road.

When he watched Jane's brother sell the house,
He felt no sense of loss,
More like a mountain climber,
Looking back, having made it across
The steepest face.

And he's still climbing,
See him trying to cross the street,
He tests his footing,
Like he was up 10,000 feet,
Above the clouds,
Half-way down Dominion Road.

But it's getting better now,
He rests his head on the window sill,
He watches the city,
He can see the antennas in the hills
From the half-way house,
Half-way down Dominion Road,
Half-way down,
Half-way down,
Half-way down Dominion Road.

:The Mutton Birds

20th May 2001, 19:10
Does anyone else get wound up everytime they hear
"The female of the species is more deadlier than the male"?

No excuse for bad grammar, especially when the original version of the song was correctly written. :mad:

"Smoke me a Kipper, I'll be back for breakfast"

Hersham Boy
20th May 2001, 22:23
Beacon - are you referring to the Space version? Never noticed the error?

If you want REALLY poor lyrics, try this from AC/DC (can't recall the song - think it is Touch Too Much):

She wanted it hard
She wanted it fast
She liked it done medium-rare

Pure sh*te. Good tune, though...

Pax D - you and me gonna get on just fine!

I'm in the hi-fidelity first class traveling set and I think I need a Lear jet

20th May 2001, 22:37
'Elinor' by The Turtles. Still played quite often - dammit.

'Elinor gee I think you're swell
And I'd like to do you well,
You're my pride and joy


I really think you're groovy
Let's go out to a movie'

Whoever wrote that crap should be ashamed of himself. But he has a distant relative who wrote about toast, methinks.

20th May 2001, 22:55
I remember an awful dirge from the late seventies, I think it was by Adrian Gurvitz...anyone else remember this...?

"Gonna write a classic,
Gonna write it in an attic,
Baby I'm an addict,
An addict for your love".

Now that's what I call sh*t.

pax domina
20th May 2001, 23:01
Hersh - I'm just glad that there will be someone else at the Bash who's tastes may run a little bit more to the post-punk indie stuff. Not that I don't like my share of gloriously naff pop music, and rubbish classic rock/heavy metal with good tunes, but . . .

Is it just me, or have you found the PPRuNe threads on music a bit, well, depressing? Everyone in to (what I think is) bad metal, (what seem to me to be) the worst bits of what is now known as "classic rock", new age and "smooth jazz" (sounds to me like . . . ) pap, and ordinary (as opposed to what I see as) gloriously naff and/or irresistable) pop.

And since it looks like Halo won't be at the Bash, there'll be no one to discuss the relative merits of the Stuffies, Poppies and Neddies with. http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif

Sometimes is seems as if the "average" (whatever that is) PPRuNer is not the sort who enjoys listening to, say, XFM.

Please add to "great" list . . .

"Sheriff Fatman" "Rubbish" ;) "Alternative Alf Garnett" Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine

And lots of stuff from The Jam. And "We're dashing ourselves 'gainst the rocks of a lifetime" from The Style Council "Long Hot Summer".

[Edited to clarify that the above represent my own opinions, not the absolute truth.]

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Hersham Boy
21st May 2001, 01:29
Pax D

I can't honestly DENY my love for....:

Ned's Atomic, PWEI, XFM and the Wunda (although they woz krap compared to the other half... PWEI), but, let's go back a bit:

The room was humming (?)harder
As the ceiling flew away
When we called out for another drink
The waiter brought a tray...
(Surely no need to say it?)

And who likes Neil Young?(who doesn't?)

Old man, take a look at my life
I'm a lot like you
I need someone to love me
The whole day through


I'm in the hi-fidelity first class traveling set and I think I need a Lear jet

Hersham Boy
21st May 2001, 01:34
Oh, Jeez....

And does anyone else find "Echo Beach" and/or "Fantisatic Day"/"Love Plus One" brings those childhood/late 80's (delete as applicable) memories flooding back....?

Luv it

I'm in the hi-fidelity first class traveling set and I think I need a Lear jet

pax domina
21st May 2001, 02:34
Yes Hersh, immediately!

sniffle, blub http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif

And "Here Comes the Rain Again," "Doctor Doctor", Nik Kershaw's "Wouldn't It Be Good?", "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)", anything off The Lexicon of Love, anything by Howard Jones . . .

"John Wayne is Big Leggy" http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif
"Calling Your Name" http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif
"I Eat Cannibals" http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif

Although with the Ned's the liking has remained only for a couple of the songs (I did mosh myself crazy when I saw them in 1991 or 1992 in Asbury Park, New Jersey), The Eight Legged Groove Machine, Hup and This Is The Day . . . This is the Hour . . . This Is This! are still favourites.

pax d (old, weird)

PS - Out of that musical generation, who I usually cite as being the main reason why punk had to happen, Neil Young is one of the few people I do like - although I don't currently own anything by him. He's just always seemed to remain contemporary and "in touch", and the old stuff still sounds good. I really like Julian Cope - and you could say he's a very "hippy" artist. Even bought the first Ash Ra Tempel after reading Krautrocksampler. (Also drag out Fripp & Eno's Evening Star from time to time.)

And then there's the Benny Goodman, the Glenn Miller, the Cabaret Voltaire, the Hawaiian Drum Chants, the Hildegard von Bingen, Abba's Greatest Hits (both volumes), the Buzzcocks' Singles Going Steady . . .

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Hersham Boy
22nd May 2001, 02:19
"You can tell a man by what he has to say"
Crowded House - Four Seasons In One Day

How true. Just don't judge me by the [email protected] I post here in JB... ;)

I'm in the hi-fidelity first class traveling set and I think I need a Lear jet

Spuds McKenzie
22nd May 2001, 04:25
"Voulez-vous couchez avec moi ce soir..." (Not HB's boss)

:) :) :)

"say again?"

The Fokker's chocka ocker
22nd May 2001, 07:43
Despair and Deception, Love's ugly little twins
Came a-knocking on my door, i let them in
Darling, you're the punishment for all my former sins

I let love in

The door it opened just a crack, but love was shrewd and bold
My life flashed before my eyes, it was a horror to behold
A life-sentence sweeping confetti from the floor of a concrete hole

I let love in
I let love in

Well i've been bound and gagged and i've been terrorised
And i've been castrated, and i've been lobotomised
But never has my tormenter come in such a cunning disguise

I let love in
I let love in

So if you're sitting all alone and hear a knocking at your door
And the air is full of promises, well buddy, you've been warned
Far worse to be Love's Lover than the lover that love has scorned

I let love in
I let love in.

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds.

22nd May 2001, 14:18
Sorry if this has been posted before.

Get yourself over to www.twistedtunes.com (http://www.twistedtunes.com) and listen to Oops I've Farted Again by good old BS, asthma inducing.

22nd May 2001, 15:00
Remember who wrote this ditty PAX?

Tell you what I'm gonna do,
Goin to make love to a water rat or two,
Breed a family,
They'll be called the survivors
Do you wanna know why?

(Audience shouts out "NO")

Well that's because they're gonna survive...

Any answers on a postcard etc etc etc...

Stiff Lil' Fingers
22nd May 2001, 23:50
Good on ya Hersh.

From Distant Sun penned by Neil Finn

Still so young to have travelled so far,
Old enough to know who you are,
Wise enough to carry the scars,
Without any blame, theres no-one to blame

It's easy to forget what you learned,
Waiting for the thrill to return,
Feeling your desire burn,
You're drawn to the flame, drawn to the flame

Just to make you jealous, saw him a couple of weeks ago and Johnny Marr guested on about 7 songs. Memorable!

And who could forget:

Detective is flat,
No longer is always flat out,
Got a number of getaway cars,
Didn't get very far,

Rumour has it that his son had a bad fever, was hallucinating and spouting gibberish. Good old Neil wrote it all down and made a song out of it.


Stiff Lil' Fingers
22nd May 2001, 23:59
And from another lyrical genius Paul Heaton....

Think of you with pipe and slippers,
Think of her in bed,
Laying there just watching telly,
Then think of me instead

I'll never grow so old and flabby,
That could never be,
Don't marry her, have me

Your love light shines like cardboard,
But your work shoes are glistening,
She's a PHD in 'I told you so',
You've a knighthood in 'I'm not listening'

She'll grab your Sandra Bullocks,
And slowly raise the knee,
Don't marry her, have me

Those lovely Sunday mornings,
With breakfast brought in bed,
Those blackbirds look like knitting needles trying to peck your head,
Those birds will peck your soul out and throw away the key,
Don't marry her, have me

And the kitchen's always tidy
The bathroom's always clean
She's a diploma in 'just hiding things', you've a first in 'low esteem'

When your socks smell of angels,
But your life smells of Brie,
Don't marry her, have me

23rd May 2001, 01:55

There is only one line to a song that sould ever be recorded for prosterity, slightly off track I am afraid... but the best line ever and I know you know the group...

Hurry Up Harry...Were going down the pub...

Live and Loud Vol 2 am going to have to go and listern to it now...

23rd May 2001, 02:34
Welcome, my son..to the machine.

pax domina
23rd May 2001, 03:26
Very bad jokes, only somewhat related to this thread:

"What do you call Split Enz' dog?"

"If Blondie is a group, does that mean that Debbie Harry is a person?"

"Take the 'L' out of 'Motels' and it's 'Motes'."

pax d (I warned you! :) )

23rd May 2001, 05:17
Pax, when're ya headin 'cross the drink?

Hersham Boy
23rd May 2001, 14:19
Hehe TrolDolLuvvah - sounds like them Hersham Boys themselves! Sham69 , bless 'em....

Here's another blinder:

A long December and there's reason to believe
Maybe this year will be better than the last
I can't remember the last thing that you said as you were leavin'
Now the days go by so fast
And it's one more day up in the canyons
And it's one more night in Hollywood
If you think that I could be forgiven...I wish you would
The smell of hospitals in winter
And the feeling that it's all a lot of oysters, but no pearls
All at once you look across a crowded room
To see the way that light attaches to a girl
And it's one more day up in the canyons
And it's one more night in Hollywood
If you think you might come to California...I think you should
Drove up to Hillside Manor sometime after two a.m.
And talked a little while about the year
I guess the winter makes you laugh a little slower,
Makes you talk a little lower about the things you could not show her
And it's been a long December and there's reason to believe
Maybe this year will be better than the last
I can't remember all the times I tried to tell my myself
To hold on to these moments as they pass
And it's one more day up in the canyon
And it's one more night in Hollywood
It's been so long since I've seen the ocean...I guess I should

Long December - Counting Crows

What? No Smashing Pumpkins, yet? Come on chaps...

Hershy Boy

I'm in the hi-fidelity first class traveling set and I think I need a Lear jet

Send Clowns
23rd May 2001, 14:47
Stiff-little, must agree with you about the quality of Paul Heaton's lyrics:

As Paul said to fifi
as they eyed each other up
"You may have better plimsoles
But you can't pee standing up."

However, I thought I'd lighten the tone even further with a Gem from Half Man, Half Biscuit's great album, 'Back in the DHSS'.

Those old enough, this is to the tune from Camblewick Green (sp?) when the train comes out.

Time flies by when your the driver of a train,
Speeding down to Trumpton
with a cargo of cocaine.
I get high when I'm the pilot of a 'plane,
Touching down at Camblewick
And stoned out of my brain.

Under bridges,
Over bridges
To our destination
Careful with that spliff Eugene
It causes condensation!

Every saturday we get the Chigley skins,
And they always smash my windows
'Cos the home side always wins ...

'Me here at last on the ground, you in mid air'

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pax domina
23rd May 2001, 14:47
Pigboat - Check yer e-mail! ;)

24th May 2001, 05:01
..An' you..you took me in, you loved me then,
We never wasted time.
An' I..I never asked much, I never asked for your crutch,
Now don't ask for mine.

Happy Birthday, Bob. :)

Mr Creosote
24th May 2001, 05:25

That would be "The Stranglers" - who also produced the wonderful lyric -

Making love to the Mersey Tunnel
with a sausage
Have you ever been to Liverpool? ;)

25th May 2001, 09:32
Spot on .Have a banana!!!!!

26th May 2001, 14:56
SchmiteGoBust and Mr Creosote,

Seen the Stranglers over 50 times and the curious thing is, everytime the question is asked..."Do you know why?"...I always respond "No", along with everybody else.
Even with my limited learning capacity you'd think by now I'd have remembered the answer and feel confident enough to shout "Yes, actually I do know".

Anyone remember the hilarious radio play version of "Peaches", with the word "bikini" substitued for "clitoris".
For those of you who haven't heard it, don't worry, it didn't rhyme in the first place.