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tony draper
1st Oct 2001, 01:28
Watched a old Dr Who Episode on cable this morning, mainly for that bird that played a Aussy Air hostess(great legs).
Had something in it that was aviation related, apart from her with the legs,
said Concord was stuck on the ground in what looked like a desert.
The need to start the engines and get the flock out of there, so they use the compressed air from the tyres to spin up those Olympus's.
Hey, bloody smart cookies those time lords.

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Tcas climb
1st Oct 2001, 11:58
Anyone been to Moscow, with an APU US?

I just love their airstarter, an old fighter engine with the noiselevel of armageddon.

1st Oct 2001, 12:56
Got shown a rope start on a DC3 in Libya as an F/O, then finaly got to do it myself a few years later down in Africa. Amused the pax no end, they all though it most entertaining, the sophisticated Western punter would have probably have refused to get on.

2nd Oct 2001, 12:05
How do you do a rope start? Tie the rope to one of the blades, wrap it around the spinner, and then drag it away with a car??

Just curious :confused:

Cardinal Puff
2nd Oct 2001, 12:16

Thats pretty much it. We didnt tie the rope to the blades but used a knotted static line from a couple of the student parachutes when I started skydiving and before I began flying. Tying the rope to the blades might get a little interesting when the engine kicks over. Next step is to just hook it to a ute and drive away at 90 degrees to the direction the aircraft is facing. It only needs to do about 1-2 revolutions before it kicks over. Also, you must make sure that there's no hydraulic lock by pulling the blades through around 9-10 times. Do this very carefully as the engines are geared and you can bend a con rod if you push too hard.

2nd Oct 2001, 23:57
That's right, we used to count eight blades before switching on.
The first rope start was with a long sisal rope and a lot of guys. Rope wrapped round the hub carefully, bit like starting a big outboard.
Second time had rope and the fire truck, sheer luxery.
The rope is pulled away at an angle so it will not catch in the blades. Worked a treat both times

Shaggy Sheep Driver
4th Oct 2001, 18:55
You can do this with a Yak 52. It's normally air-start (air disributor, compressed air admitted to cylinders on power stroke) but sometimes you can deplete the air bottles or if the system has slow leak there may not be enough 'puff' to turn the (M14P 9 cyliner radial Vendeneyev) engine.

Hydraulic locks are a very real possibility - all M14 pilots should know the drill. Engine is geared, but when you turn it over by hand the gearing is 'against' you (the engine turns faster than the prop) so there is a mechanical disadvantage - probably not possible to bend a con rod by human power :_)