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11th May 2004, 14:35
The worst offender of all time has to be those blo*dy 'Nice' biccies. That should be an offence under the Trade Description Act.

Off thread (already), but my fave at the mo are those choccy coated Malted Milk. :O

11th May 2004, 14:40
Anything you can't dunk properly with.(apologies to Peter Kay it's his sketch)

11th May 2004, 14:41
Rich Tea, they're very bland and really shouldn't be offered to guests unless you want rid of them ASAP. Not good for dunking either.:yuk:

11th May 2004, 14:49
Custard Creams.....:yuk:

11th May 2004, 14:50
Jammy Dodgers :yuk:
Chocolate Hobnobs - Yum :ok:

Big Tudor
11th May 2004, 14:53
I'm with X-QUORK on this one. The Rich Tea isn't deserving of the title of Biscuit IMHO. No taste, crumbles immediately on dunking and hides an underlying meanness on the part of the supplier. Should be banned.

Must take exception to timmcat, one is quite partial to a Nice biccy with ones mug of char.

11th May 2004, 14:58
Nope, I'm with topcat , jammy dodgers would not be missed at all.

11th May 2004, 15:03
You're all mad!!! ;) All biscuits named thus far are lovely!

Now, garibaldis on the other hand......:yuk:

tony draper
11th May 2004, 15:10
There is only one biscuit specifically designed for dunking and that of course is the Ginger nut or Ginger Snap, depending where you where brung up.
One is on a Ginger Nut pig out at the mo.


11th May 2004, 15:12
Fair play Mr D, that is so true.

Although, a modern day alternative could be the hobnob (too much salt though)

The Rich Tea should be removed from general sale as it is an embarressment to biscuit-kind. My parents dogs will eat almost anything, especially biscuits, but try offering one of them Rich team things and they huff and walk away. Says it all really.

11th May 2004, 15:21
And please Rugz you just can't possibly dunk bacon butties..or can you?

11th May 2004, 15:23
I shudder at the thought, although no doubt someone out there has probably tried doing that :(

Should be tried for treason if they do :suspect:

11th May 2004, 16:53
I forward the motion that all those manky Rich Tea cardboard coasters should be unceremoniously fecked off the planet along with Mr D's Ginger Nuts (biccies not testes btw)

I love the 'auld Jammy Bastards I have to say, & the really big, fat double chocolate chip ones that drink half your tea when dunked - yum yum


11th May 2004, 17:02
Any of those insufferable Diet Biscuits... even the dog wouldnt eat them!

And Nice biscuits - are you crazy??!!! theyre quite good! (had to resist saying "theyre nice")

11th May 2004, 17:36
Nasty Nice biscuits..if ever a buscuit was misnamed this is it......there's nothing nice about em!:yuk:

Close second are Jaffa Cakes..what an awful blend of artificial orange and black chocolate.:yuk: :yuk:

Now custard creams are a dream!

Boss Raptor
11th May 2004, 18:03
Rich Tea...what a joke...tasteless yuk

Now I'll gorge a whole pack of custard cream, garibaldi or twin pack of jaffa cakes...as I am doing tonight :)

11th May 2004, 18:30
Rarely drink anything other than water or beer, so i can't really comment.

Has to be Peanuts, with beer tho.

11th May 2004, 19:40
I once tried some of my cat's biscuits and thought they were quite nice. In fact, they were much better than Custard Creams.

Have to agree with Mr Draper, Ginger Nuts are the bollox.

11th May 2004, 19:45
When in France, and provided that you have access to a supply of PG Tips and a decent kettle, then it's

LU Petit Beurre.

Exquisite, but extremely time critical when dunking. Get itright and the reward is heavenly. Two seconds too long, and it's Phloppp into the cup.

Salvage with a teaspoon is useless.

The Invisible Man
11th May 2004, 19:47
What about the "Wagon Wheel".

They have been around since I was knee high to my Mums knees and I love 'em.

Mind you they seem to have shrunk, they seemed the size of wheel when I was six!!!

Edited having read thread title again.......least favourite is not Wagon wheel. Least favourite is coconut crunchies....yuk!

tony draper
11th May 2004, 19:48
One also has a fondness for Jacobs cream crackers spread with proper slightly salted butter of course, they fit well with a cup of tea, though not for dunking of course.

11th May 2004, 21:15
There are some cracker type bics on sale here named, it would seem, after a transvestite....Knora Knackers.

The thought just makes them unpalatable!:yuk:

Onan the Clumsy
11th May 2004, 21:28
Good Biscuits
Digestives - Sweetmeal and Wholemeal and chocholate
Ginger nuts
Little Schoolboy (Petit Beure avec chocolat)
Walkers Shortbread
Jacob's Golf
Oreos (see below)
My Grandma's Shrewsbury Biscuits

Neutral Biscuits
Rich Tea
Danish Cookies (inexspensive though)
Jacob's Milk

Evil Biscuits
Custard Creams
Jammy Dodgers
Those red and white wafery ones you get in the tim
Jacob's Orange
The white jismy stuff they put in Oreos
Soft baked Chocolate Chip (like what's popular in the US)

12th May 2004, 07:04
Fig biscuits, yuk, hav'nt seen them in the shops lately. Visited the factory and watched the production line, just looked like the contents of all the countries babies nappies going in to these biscuits,and they taste as bad as they look. :yuk:

12th May 2004, 07:09

If I remember, I once read that Ginger Nuts, were made from the left overs and sweepings from any other type of buscuit. The Ginger flavour is added to make them palatable!

I don't like them either.:yuk:

12th May 2004, 08:49

Love Nice creams, but seem to only be able to get them in Tesco.

In France they do a Banana version of the fig biscuit - quite scrummy.

Tried Lincoln biscuits for the first time in yonks - sorely disappointed. Horrid things, they were.

Can't see the big attraction to any of the shortbread type things - a bit like eating MDF.

12th May 2004, 11:35
It has got to be those revolting "Hovis" biscuits that are always left over when your "biscuits for cheese" selection is almost finished.

Best biscuits - Plain chocolate digestives.

High Wing Drifter
12th May 2004, 12:00
Those things branded as "Cookies" that you get in those gay paper bags in Sainsburys. Soft disgusting chemical mush :ooh: :yuk: :bored:

12th May 2004, 13:35
Nasty pink wafer things. Utterly repugnant.

But I'm anyone's for a Jaffa cake.

12th May 2004, 13:43
Eerugh! I'd forgotten about those pink things :yuk:

Big Tudor
12th May 2004, 13:54
Mental note. Must take Jaffa Cakes' to next PpRuNe bash that PP is going to. :E

12th May 2004, 15:54
Absolutely detest "nice" biscuits and Garibaldi's

Love Bourbon creams and jammy dodgers

12th May 2004, 15:57
Has to be proper Jaffa cakes; none of those generic supermarket ones. And I like them cold out of the fridge.

If no Jaffa cakes available then it has to be the basic McVitie's Digestives. Absolutely no substitute for a Dig. biccie mid-morning.

12th May 2004, 16:14
What were Lincoln biscuits? A vague memory has been disturbed deep in the depths!!

And what the hell is wrong with Jammie Dodgers? :{

CarltonBrowne the FO
12th May 2004, 22:23
PP has also been known to react favourably to Safeways "The Best" Chocolate Chip Cookies.... :E

13th May 2004, 07:39
Lincoln biscuits are all nobbly on the top surface - nice even nobbles, you understand, none of your Hob-Nob uneven nobbles - with LINCOLN written across the middle. I had remebered them as being fairly thin with a sort of lemony hint to them. What I got was quite thick and more like a shortcake biscuit. No flavour, texture like chipboard.

Give me a nice bourbon to dunk in me coffee any day :D

Have a nice day y'all.

13th May 2004, 12:56

True story, honest!!

Last week, I went into a garage near Stoke and saw Waggon Wheels on sale at 1.05 per pack of 6. Haven't had them for years, so decide to buy a pack. Got to the counter and the girl serving said " Ah, those are on offer. They're 1.05 for one pack, but 1.00 for two packs!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I bought two!!

I swear its true.


13th May 2004, 13:05
Garibaldi (dead fly) biscuits :yuk:

Chocolate covered digestive :ok:

Caramel Wafers is pretty yummy too!

13th May 2004, 13:11

Choccie Digestives:) :)

Digestives and Nice:yuk:

Coconut Cremes:ok: :ok: Whatever happened to them, can't get them for years.

13th May 2004, 14:34
Thanks Panda, you've jogged the memory just enough! :ok:

13th May 2004, 14:45
The white jismy stuff they put in Oreos

Onan, I've eaten my last Oreo :yuk:

Ginger nuts taste ok, but you have to break the sodding things with a hammer first.

As for being made from the sweepings of the factory toilet, I'm not picky. My breakfast roll fell through the ar$e of it's paper bag in the car park this morning and taste none the worse for it.

13th May 2004, 15:07
I'll help you with those tough GingerNuts!
Take one paket of Ginger nuts
1/2 pint whipping cream.....
cream sherry

Whip cream and stick a stack of gingernuts to each other with the cream as filling.
This "gingernut sandwich" should be lying in a shallow bowl.....

take bottle of Cream Sherry and pour VERY liberally over ginger nut "log" :)

cover with more cream and cool....:cool:

The sherry should soak up into the gingernuts nicely and soften them for your toothies.....pro'lly best not to devour entire log by oneself!!! :}

13th May 2004, 15:43
Mmm, nice one, Dishman, but may one suggest that you use rum instead of sherry? Rum and ginger both hail from the Indies, there is something pleasing about the combination.

Ginger nuts are also a fine, sturdy biscuit for dunking, they do not become all soggy and break.

13th May 2004, 15:45
MMM, Dishman sounds good.

But hold the gingernuts....

13th May 2004, 16:07
When I was replyin to eal I was trying to remeber what Lincoln biscuits reminded me of - now I know. They remind me of flippin' man-hole covers. In looks and weight.

Can anyone remember Romany choccy creams? Really dark biscuit (a bit like Oreo) but filled with dark choccy fudge stuff (really rich) in the middle?

Double-yummy, they were. I'm sure I had a couple in a box of biccies at Christmas last year but haven't seen the indvidual packets for yonks.

13th May 2004, 18:04
Yeah, just remembered - Fig Rolls :yuk: they suck dog willy...(not to put too fine a point on it!)

Oh, and I can't believe no-one has mentioned the truly yummy and highly dippable (sp? word?) Toffee Pops - Heyzeus, I would take your feckin arm off for one of them :ooh:

Ps Anyone else think we need some more smileys like Mr T and the mooning one?

I'm gonna start a campaign...

Na... can't be arsed.