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30th Sep 2001, 20:47
Wondering if any of you had the same type of experience lately.

Talking to a couple of interns at the company, nice cute young ladies, giving them the benefit of my vast technical experience which I'm sure will come in useful later in their careers.

Subject of how long I've been in the business comes up and one pipes up with "Oh you must be about 50 then!"

Only missed the mark by about 5 years too high. Well, ok 4 years but who'se counting.

About then I felt like a really old pervert.


30th Sep 2001, 22:13
Yes, JetAge, some have. In any case, a mouthy young kid like you should be seen and not heard. That is probably what the girls meant. Worse lies ahead. Have you ever been referred to as "an older man"? Have you ever thought a chick looked pretty neat, perhaps worthy of a campaign, only to find yourself addressed (by her) as "Pops". Do not come whining to me, young man.

Tartan Gannet
30th Sep 2001, 22:41
When I was married a few years ago I was with my ex-wife on a nice warm summer Sunday walking from Hove into Brighton. There was a section of beach near Hove Lagoon which was a de facto topless beach. As I watched a very attractive well endowed blonde girl of about 21 or so sat down on the beach and took off her top and bra. She was well worth looking at and with some other men I turned to have a good look at her considerable "assets". Unfortunately as I was at the time walking along with the missus I walked into a lampost. While rubbing the lump growing on my head my wife turned round, worked out what had happened and said in a loud voice, "you're old enough to be her father and you would only fall asleep anyway!"

Another such incident was when I was standing on a bus and a teenager offered me a seat saying, "we were told at school to give up our seat old men and women ". I commended her for her courtesy and good manners but sure felt a lot more than my 48 years.

All the best Davaar. BTW what impact have the events of 11th Sept had in Canada? We dont hear much about the USA's Northern neighbour here in the UK these days.

30th Sep 2001, 23:14
Thanks, Tartan.

JetAge may take some comfort from your stories there. It's all relative. I held the door open recently for a very old gentleman shuffling out of the supermarket. He said: "Don't meet so many young men with good manners these days". Made my day.

We here are still trying to assess the effects of that terrible day. Many use the "war" word, without a clue as to its implications not just for the military, but for everyone.

1st Oct 2001, 01:17
TG, you broke the 11th commandment with style there!

I was buying some booze at the local offy the other day, and a young girl behind me said to her mate, "See, it's not just young people that drink cider." :(

1st Oct 2001, 01:33
A certain morale bost for those of us over 50 is to spend a weekend in Eastbourne. It's a nice plece, Beachy Head and all that, but you will be the youngest people there. It's heart-warming.

Tartan Gannet
1st Oct 2001, 03:44
JPJ, when I lived in Sussex the old joke was "Newhaven for the Continent, Hove for the Incontinent".

All the best from TG.

1st Oct 2001, 08:09
Davaar, actually I did get the comment "you're older than my father" while chatting up some young thing at a pub a while back.

Once heard of a story told by a male sex symbol of the 60's, about when he swore off chasing young women. After he had a romantic "interlude" with this young women, she said something like "gee, you've got a fat roll around your stomach just like my dad"

1st Oct 2001, 18:35
Well, that settles it! I'll just have to go [email protected] meself to death... :eek: :D

2nd Oct 2001, 00:35
Nick Nolte, before the tuck.

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2nd Oct 2001, 00:35
(In a genuinely interested voice) Is that your penis or your scrotum hanging between your knees? The lights a bit dim in here.