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Bio Warrior
30th Sep 2001, 13:30
Hi family I know lately alot of us have been living in the grown up world to much and some of us have been having trouble sleeping so this is a story I wrote for all of us to remind us of the simple stuff in life and to not let go of the child within
love you all

Once upon a time in a land so far away that the sun shines when you are asleep there was a small brown sparrow called Sam, she lived under the very highest ledge of a tall grey hospital building along with many other sparrows.
Surprisingly enough the hospital was a very nice place to live because there was always someone around who would give Sam and her friends a crust of sandwich or some left over hospital food(yes sparrows are indeed tough little buggahs and it is rumoured that in some parts of the world they can even digest and subsist on airline cheese) so Sam was happy most of the time -
Sometimes if she flew down to the door outside the cafeteria a nice visiting person would throw her some crumbs of something sweet. She could fly up to the windows of the maternity ward and look at the new babies and mummies and daddies. or some days she would sit outside the stained glass windows of the hospital chapel and listen to people praying and singing songs to God. And there was always the many window ledges she could sit upon and watch the doctors and nurses and laboratory people rushing backwards and forwards doing good things to help the sick people and make them better so they could go home to their families.

Sometimes Sam would wonder about the world away from the hospital sitting and listening to the big visiting birds talk. If the big birds weren't busy and they were in a good mood they would let Sam ask them questions.
"What is a mountain like? is it like a very big tall hospital wall? " she would ask
"No little Sammy sparrow" the eagle answered "a mountain is so big that your little hospital would be swallowed up compared ~ men made the hospital, God made the mountains, if mens hands made such a big thing as a hospital compared to his hands, imagine how big something Gods hands make could be. "
Sammy's little sparrow eyes went a bit crossed at the thought of something so big, but she knew that the eagle was much older and wiser than her and wouldn't lie about the things he had seen out in the real world.

"How big is the sea" Sam asked the seagull "is it like the puddle the men make when they they come to clean the windows? "
The seagull nearly fell off the roof he was laughing so hard, when he finally calmed down he picked Sammy up in his wings and gave her a hug
"No little Sammy sparrow, the sea is so very big that if you poured all the water from all the window mens puddles in the whole world into it you wouldn't even notice the difference. You Sam sparrow are very small and the world outside this hospital is so very big that you can never understand how big it is. Let us worry about the big wide world with its mountains and seas and we will let you worry about your hospital with its walls and puddles. "

Now Sam knew that the big birds weren't being mean, but it still bothered her because she wanted to understand the world - she longed to see the sea and fly up to the tops of the mountains. But both the sea and the mountains were very far away, so much further than one little sparrow could fly all by itself.

One day while Sam was pondering what mountains and seas must be like the hospital cat walked past the tree she was sitting in and saw her there.
"Why hello little bird" the cat purred gazing up at her, it's tail swishing.
Sam looked a little afraid "Hello Mr Cat" she said politely.
"Little sparrow little sparrow why do you sit alone in this tree? " the cat sang and it watched her.
"I am thinking about mountains and seas and what they must be like, I'm wishing that I was big enough to fly and see them" Sam sighed sadly "but I am to small to fly that far and never shall. "
The cat smiled up at her with its green eyes "I have seen the mountains and the sea. And I can not fly at all!! Little bird it is not what you know, or how big you are in this world that makes dreams come true, it is who you know. "
"Who do you know? " asked Sam
"I know a pilot" the cat purred.
"What's a pie-lot?" Sammy asked "does it eat a lot of pie? "
The cat rolled on the grass laughing.
"Well yes little bird most pilots do like pie quite a bit, some even like pumpkin pie. A pilot is a man who flies ~ do you know what a helicopter is ? "
"Yes" replied Sam "it is the big red bird thing with spinning wings on the top of its head, it brings sick people to see the doctors. I mustn't go near it when its wings are flapping because it might chop me up."
"The man who makes the helicopter fly is a friend of mine" the cat said "His name is Roofus and he let me fly with him one day when he went to pick up a sick child. ...... Well actually I fell asleep in the back of his helicopter and when I woke up we were in the sky" the cat admitted
"A helicopter is a very good way to see the sea and fly over the mountains, you should try it sometime, Roofus doesn't mind as long as you are very quiet and don't cause the doctors or him any trouble." the cat stood up and stretched "Any way I must be going, it wouldn't do to be seen sitting talking to a bird now would it? "
After the cat left Sam sat in her tree and thought about what the cat had said and for the first time she believed that she might get to see the sea and fly over the mountains.

The next day Sam woke up very early and flew down to where the helicopter was kept, a man was feeding the helicopter from a hose and another man, who looked like he might indeed like pie was writing things on a clipboard.
"We've got to airlift a man to the hospital down south" the pilot told the other man "they're bringing the patient in 10 minutes."
While they were talking Sam hopped into the open door of the helicopter and hid in the back.
Before she knew it the pilot 2 doctors and a man on a stretcher were in the helicopter and its wings were flapping and then they were in the air.
Up up up and away when the helicopter and Sam saw her hospital getting smaller and smaller until she couldn't even see it anymore.
"This is the big wide world" Sam said to herself as she watched the view below, and then she saw it! Huge and sparkling deep green and blue stretching out off to the horizon far below, it was the sea and Sam knew why the sea gull had laughed at her idea of window mens puddles.
The sea was simply the biggest most beautiful thing she has ever seen, far below she saw people walking on its shores, people in boats and seagulls flying above the waves and she wondered if her friend the seagull was down there somewhere.
Then the helicopter turned inland and they flew south and there before them was not just one mountain like Sam had imagined but a whole string of them like a chain, all huge immovable and towering up towards the sky. They were covered in huge forests and capped with clouds and snow. They made Sam feel so small and she could imagine she could almost see the fingerprints of God on them. All Sam could do was look and look and look at the world as they flew on.

When the journey was finally over and Sam slipped from the helicopter and flew back to her hospital ledge she was very tired and very happy. She had seen the sea and she had seen the mountains, they were more wonderful than she had ever imagined them to be, her head spun with all the images of her adventures and what she had seen. As Sam tucked herself sleepily into her nest and said her prayers she stopped and asked God to make sure that the pilot had lots and lots of his favourite pie to eat and to keep him safe, she also thanked God for the cat, of all the creatures in the world to have made this possible she never thought it would be a cat.
That night Sam dreamed dreams of the mountains and the sea and knew that even though she was only a tiny sparrow anything was possible.

The end

Sweet dreams family OooooXxx

Kermit 180
30th Sep 2001, 13:41
You, dearest Bio Warrior, are a creative genius. :)

the wizard of auz
30th Sep 2001, 13:46
Strewth!!!. :D

30th Sep 2001, 14:04
Wow, amazing story.
However, I kept waiting for the punchline of Slasher belting the sparrow with his big cock err rooster err... ummm.
ok :D

30th Sep 2001, 16:31
Hi Bio Hun!

Great story :)

Could you do me a favour? Next time you chat to Sammy remind her to go to the loo before she flies! I hate cleaning up bird muck!

Take Care Hun!!

Love Roofus :)

30th Sep 2001, 16:51
Great stuff Bio. That took my mind off everything for a while there, nice one.

Nice pussy by the way.... :rolleyes:

30th Sep 2001, 17:09
Way to go, Bio! Sort of keeps the priorities straight, eh?

We look forward to the sequel : "Sam discovers how helicopters fly....."

...or am I taxing you creativity too much :D
:D :D

(just thought I'd like to hear the poetic version of it) - stay :cool: Bio!

30th Sep 2001, 17:48

A breath of fresh air in an otherwise perfunctory week. Thankyou.

Sir H.

2nd Oct 2001, 06:38
Thank you Bio,
After today's news on my own family front I needed something to cheer me up. It was a wonderful story... Safe dreams everyone
FB ;)

2nd Oct 2001, 15:21
Thanks Bio! :) :cool: :)


Feeton Terrafirma
2nd Oct 2001, 19:30
Bio Kitty,
You have a gift. Thank you.