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30th Sep 2001, 10:19
well since we aren't supposed to talk about sex, politics or religion i thought i would start a nice little thread about drugs. :p
i prefer nurofen to panadol. but you have to buy nurofen at the chemist (pharmarcy only medicine and all) while you can buy panadol at the supermarket. so i guess that ibuprofen is much more dangerous than paracetamol. ooh i live on the edge :D
when i see bio she often plays mummy and gives me boxes of panadol. maybe if i am a good girl she will let me have the stronger stuff! :)

Kermit 180
30th Sep 2001, 13:48
If symptoms persist see your doctor? :confused:

30th Sep 2001, 14:10
I have found Sudafed gives you that extra boost required to stay awake in Air Law or Jar Ops.
Also, for a big sess at the gym, have a hit of Ventolin. Works a treat :D

30th Sep 2001, 15:13
Who said we couldn't talk about sex???

Have to consult someone on that.

Mac the Knife
30th Sep 2001, 22:13
OK dings, drugs it is. Was at a bash the other night where there were some drugs around and I was astonished to see nobody shooting up. All this frightfully unhealthy smoking of heroin and cocaine - terribly wasteful! When I was a lad it was all straight in the arm - boomboomboom - mainline, the only way! But seems that like everything else these days, people have gone soft and and don't go for that exquisite sting. No wonder they all cough so much.

And I don't know why people should worry about tracks, after all they cover themselves with the most ridiculous tattoos nowadays. I was quite proud of the lines of little bombcraters along my arms, now alas faded almost into invisibility.

Look at all the kids looped out of their brains on bl***y tranquillisers for Heavens sake! Where are the hallucinogens of yesteryear? What happened to peyote, Morning Glory, mescaline, acid and psilocybin? Who can forget the awesome feeling of watching Mum and Dad morph into multicoloured and many-petalled Zanorgian dreamplants over breakfast? Or the joys of trying to find change for a night bus conductor when ones vision was expanding and contracting in purple waves a million times a minute and he looked like an animated Archimboldo painting?

Nurofen indeed!

Balls to the wall or not at all :cool:

30th Sep 2001, 22:22
Mmmmmm....... Calpol

1st Oct 2001, 17:38
Hmmmm on any standard day - nicotine, cafine, adrenilin, nicotine, adrenilin, nicotine, cafine, alcohol nicotine alcohol nicotine alcohol nicotene. Lifes greatest plesures.

2nd Oct 2001, 01:19
CALPOL?? thats for the softie new age pc faggots.... for a real job I prefer Phenagon, it rocks! :cool: :cool:

2nd Oct 2001, 04:35
I'm into hard drugs - ever tried crushing an asprin??

3rd Oct 2001, 14:04
One of the many things I was prescribed after cardiac surgery, was a vasodilator called 'Dipyridamole.' Although I was unable to walk more then a few yards at a time I was surprised at a splendid, and almost permanent erection. Useless then but intriguing in its possibilities now. Three tabs a day kept me permanently at attention, so the effect seems to last about 8 hours at a time.

A TV programme recently provided an explanation - Viagra induces erection by releasing Nitric Oxide into the bloodstream causing smooth muscle to relax and hey-presto! So Viagra is basically just a vasodilator.

I still have a bottle of 100 dipyridamole pills left over from my treatment and they cost less than 5 cents each. They've been in my cabinet for ten years but don't seem to have an expiry date. I think I'll hang on to them for a while yet, they may come in handy one day ;)

Through difficulties to the cinema

3rd Oct 2001, 14:32
Calpol is great for drugging up unruly children. I've seen many harrassed parents forcing it down junior's throat just after take-off.

3rd Oct 2001, 14:54
Yeah, I'm into drug abuse:

"Call yourself a bottle of Aspirins ? You're pathetic !!! "

3rd Oct 2001, 17:43
Ahh, Mac the Knife :) Do you still have a cache of Carlos Castaneda books lying around somewhere too? I never did figure out out whether they were novels or autobiographies. Peyote, mescaline? Ahh, but you tell the kids these days and they don't believe you!

Funny how we change over the years, isn't it? As we morph from outrageous parties and substances (nothing illegal of course) to a quiet night at home with a bottle of scotch and a Miles Davis collection, so it appears our choice of things to ease our troubled minds also change. Few things I experienced in those heady days (not that I ever did anything illegal of course), can match the otherworldly effects of pethidine, which I have of course taken only under medical supervision for surgical reasons. If ever I could understand total addiction to a substance that would be it. These days I have to settle for the ersatz replacement, discovered accidentally one night, of quite a lot of alcohol followed by a couple of a certain antihistamine (to reduce the effects of the alcohol only, of course).

But I would never dream of abusing drugs. Bloody junkies... baaahhh!! Steal the bloody shirt of your back..... shoot the lot of 'em.

Edited for beer....

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