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11th May 2004, 10:51
Flights from 1 Euro with easyShot!

Yet another revolutionary business idea was presented by the owner of the low-budget air-carrier EasyJet, Mr. Stelios HadjiIoannou, in a press conference yesterday at the Athens Hilton. The new company easyShot, which is projected to wipe out competition in domestic flights, will be offering airfares to the Aegean Islands from 4 Euros per person!

Mr. HadjiIoannou himself commented on easyShot!, "With EasyJet we managed to offer cheap tickets by depriving our passengers luxuries that they were just not interested in, such as the meal; with easyShot we shall be going a step further. We shall be offering tickets for just a few euros, by economising on the lack of cabin crews, pilots and of course airplanes."

At the new Athens Airport there are now plans to build 18 slingshots of 560km carry range each, as well as large canons of similar range. Passengers will be catapulted towards their destination, accompanied by their luggage which shall follow a short few minutes later, to land on special protective nets at the various landing fields in the popular tourist spots of the Aegean Islands. For an additional charge of 2 Euros, travelling passengers will have the opportunity to enjoy a traditional meal which will probably be launching from military AFBs in Aegina and Elefsis. The delicate manoeuvre of the in-flight rendezvous between passengers and meals is expected to be perfected by the use of advanced ballistic software from NASA and the firing of Russian-made, corrective rockets during the flight. Unfortunately, the speeds of both passengers and meals restrict the meal-serving time window to only about 13 thousands of a second and during the in-flight rendezvous with their meals passengers will be required to not blink. This new transportation service is not suitable for persons with heart disorders, sensitive hair-do's, bug-swallowing allergies, slow reflexes, short-sightedness or acute love of life and shall not be taking place when wind conditions in excess of 0.14 knots prevail, due to the increased risk of a catastrophic crash tens of kilometres away from the prescribed netting site.

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11th May 2004, 14:51
GREAT :ok:

My next low budget trip to the south is secured! :cool: