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11th May 2004, 02:43
The MIL is coming for a 2 week visit next month. Unfortunately there is going to be a little problem. As one or two may know, she smokes like Smokey McSmoke on the smokingest day of his life, having just discovered it's International Smoking Day and his mate betting him he couldn't smoke a packet of ciggies in under 10 minutes (you get the idea). And here in sunny Manitoba, they are very strict on their smoking in public places. Now, I know she can go outside (although, it's a long old flight from over there to over here.................), but she's been known get really p*ssed off about it really quick. And the Jerricho house has been declares smoke free. If I want one I have to go outside, and so must she!

Any bets on how quickly she gets fined or arrested for breaking the law? :E

11th May 2004, 02:49
Take her down to the Casino. Betcha they still allow smoking there. :D

11th May 2004, 02:57
While I believe there are designated smoking areas at the Club Regent and Mcphillips, you really think I'm gonna tell her that??:p

11th May 2004, 03:01
You gotta police car standing by on every street corner then, Jerricho?

Here's the solution. Get her to set her broomstick autopilot to an altitude of, say, 50' which is more than high enough to get her out of the way of the general populace. She will be able to smoke as many as she wishes and still come down for meals. :E

11th May 2004, 03:06
Oh yes, the police have been given a full briefing.

And customs..........just to make sure she hasn't exceeded her allowance on the way in!! :E

Onan the Clumsy
11th May 2004, 03:28
Can't you get your mates in the tower to hold the a/c on the taxiway for an hour or so...until a gate frees up maybe?

surely not
11th May 2004, 11:52
Bit unfair on the other pax Onan!!

Looks as if you might be able to cell your MIL Jerricho
I presume that your wife will be telling her mother that she cannot smoke inside the house??

11th May 2004, 13:34
Jerricho mate, the opportunities here are endless. Tell her that every day is Canadian Smoking Day and that she has to lead the way in whichever restaurant etc you visit. And also, as with the new policy on being able to switch on yer mobile phone during the taxi to the gate, she is able to light up on board and enjoy a wee smoke in her seat before disembarking:E Jeez maan, this could be fun:E


Jerrichos MIL
11th May 2004, 16:03
Thank you all for the advice on smoking areas ....... I am kind of looking forward to my adventure now.

I have even been researching Canadian Law so that I ensure that my SIL can have the full benefit of my presence for the entire visit. For example:

It is illegal to pretend to practice witchcraft.

I never pretend :E

And anyway, if I do get put in jail for a while, it is nice to see that they will give me a little something to look after Jerricho with :D

If you are released from prison, it is required that you are given a handgun with bullets and a horse, so you can ride out of town.

I can't wait !!!!

11th May 2004, 20:31
METAR CYWG 111900Z 06016KT 1/4SM +SN VV002 M00/M00
TAF PROB40 2224Z 1/4 +TSSN VV002

Hope ya never changed yer snow tires.:uhoh: ;)

11th May 2004, 22:41
Pigboat, I'm just getting the pictures put over on ATC issues!!! Effin crazy. Although it's not snowing anymore. Just freezing rain!

And I believe the law is
IF you get released!