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30th Sep 2001, 02:54
Gordon Brown the pig has won Pig Brother, he gets extra apples and life as a pig stud!

Brings the term 'pork swording' to life, no doubt he has an agent working on a Danish film porno package too!

Luke SkyToddler
30th Sep 2001, 05:31
Jeez Hamster ... you feeling OK? :confused: :confused: :confused:

30th Sep 2001, 05:36
Yes thank you, are you Mr Toddler?

30th Sep 2001, 16:41
s'allright, probably something I eat.

30th Sep 2001, 18:44
Can't stop thinking you are jealous, Hamster!

I'm sure there is something you can do about it! Don't worry, take a deep breath....You see? - You feel a lot better already! ;)

Mac the Knife
30th Sep 2001, 22:26
Why do you wrap hamsters in Sellotape? :D

30th Sep 2001, 22:47
Yum yum, just had roast loin of pork for dinner, along with apple sauce, crispy roast potatoes, carrots, cabbage and yorkshire pudding because I felt like it!

gravity victim
1st Oct 2001, 19:41

Rubber bands work better, they allow for expansion :D

PS Do you know why gerbils can't drive?

3rd Oct 2001, 07:03
oh pork
i have a piccy of a poster of a couple that says pork the one you love! :p

3rd Oct 2001, 08:03
So, let us all in on the big secret, gravity victim ..... why can't gerbils drive?

3rd Oct 2001, 10:42
Pork? The Jews and Arabs have a point. Anyone who doesn't know why pigs are unclean has never been within half a mile downwind of a pig farm :eek:

BTW I've never smoked bacon but then again, I've never eaten a joint...

Through difficulties to the cinema

3rd Oct 2001, 14:57
Presumably 'cos their feet can't reach the pedals.... :confused:

5th Oct 2001, 10:56
In complete innocence, I concocted the mnemonic PORC SORD to help PPL students remember the effects of blockages in the pitot-static system. I didn't realize at the time why they thought it was so funny, but that's probably one group of pilots who won't forget in a hurry that if the Pitot tube is blocked the altimeter Overreads in a Climb, but if the Static port is blocked, the altimeter Overreads in a Descent.

Mac the Knife
8th Oct 2001, 00:38
Okay GV - why can't gerbils drive?

(and you're quite right about the rubber bands - thanks for the tip!)

8th Oct 2001, 01:21
Waffle can you explain why the Altimeter overreades when the pitot tube is blocked? I've got no clue! If you mean the airspeed indicator i see what you mean though.

tony draper
8th Oct 2001, 01:22
Lookee here Great pick, and on topic also.


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gravity victim
8th Oct 2001, 01:38
Better late than never (or maybe not)

Gerbils can't drive;
Because they can never get out of Gere!
:D :D