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17th May 2001, 14:20
Referring to the bumpkin who splattered Fatty Prescott, did he deserve a chinning just for his hairstyle?? (Maybe he was German, did he have a porno 'tache as well?) ;)

No, you can't have 09!

17th May 2001, 14:46
Think he may of been Welsh, possibly from somewhere near Rhyl. Plays a mean banjo though.

17th May 2001, 17:40
Squibbler, a most astute observation!
I suggest that Jet Blasters look carefully at today's pictures. The guy's Barnet is classic.
He must get slapped most days.

17th May 2001, 18:28
If it wasnt for the mullet militia and those who wear facial hair for style, the rest of us would have to find another group of people to s****** at behind their back. Gingers can wear hats! I heard recently that Saturday Swop Shop Have a Hero Nole Edwards has recently shaved off his beard for charity, after 35 years. His wife has never seen him without it. He musn't have got any recently and has tried to spice up his love life.

Stu Pidkent
17th May 2001, 18:47
Mullet lovers can gorge themselves at :

www.mulletsgalore.com (http://www.mulletsgalore.com)

I kid you not

17th May 2001, 22:52
that webpage looked scary and rude. am i right in thinking it's rude? does anyone know of a non-rude mullet site, cos i'd love to look at some classic mullets. i know frankfurt's quite a good place to go mullet spotting. and selsey in sussex.

17th May 2001, 23:32
Mullett Cricket

To be played in the pub. On seeing a choice mullett, the player must shout -




or after 8 pints

'Howwwwozzzzattt-a-cha-cha-cha-eurgh' (sliding along the floor with index fingers raised)

Next week, Goatie Beard Cricket.

PS. Try explaing this game to an American

18th May 2001, 00:56
I do believe the aforementioned bumpkins particular gene pool 'shallow end' is that 'pearl' of the home counties - Slough.
I passed through once , a nightmareish
vision of 'bemulleted' hoi polloi !.

18th May 2001, 20:19
Oh come friendly bombs
And fall upon Slough....

The wonderful Sir John Betjiman (my apologies for the spelling of his surname).

Cyclic Hotline
18th May 2001, 23:05
The mullet website is hilarious, not rude or disgusting (other than a small part of it anyway).

Only one thing more freaky than a mullet, and that is the amount of effort someone put into creating that wesite.... :)

Cyclic Hotline
21st May 2001, 07:28
The Sunday Times must be reading PPRuNe....

Mullet haircut is back at the top
Maurice Chittenden

Topped and tailed: the Chris Waddle look has been revived by the model Kirsten Owen and has spawned a bestseller

JOHN PRESCOTT described last week's egg attack on him as "frightening". He could have said hair-raising, too. The hirsute appearance of his assailant has confirmed what stylists have only dared to whisper in the sanctuary of their salons: the mullet is back.

The hairstyle which set the tone of the 1980s with its short-on-the-top yuppie conformity and its long-at-the-back hint of rebellion, is no longer the preserve of the lunatic fringe, South American footballers or guests on the Jerry Springer Show.

Style magazines from The Face to Vogue are full of the follicular fashion. A new film, Joe Dirt, celebrates its contribution to American society. David Spade, its star, was last week nominated as comedy actor of 2001 in the American GQ magazine's men of the year poll. Film critics say it will do for the mullet what Mr T did for the mohawk in The A-Team.

Supermodels such as Kirsten Owen are sporting the look on the international catwalk. Websites or "mulletinboards" are dedicated to the best examples, declaring that mullets are "virile, excellent and daring". Social commentators have even produced a book: The Mullet, Hairstyle of the Gods.

The style was given the name by Mark Twain, the 19th- century American novelist, because it reminded him of a fish's tail. David Bowie, the rock star, is credited with reintroducing it to Britain with his Ziggy Stardust persona in the 1970s. His then wife Angie was inspired from leafing through old copies of Vogue and combining different hairstyles of models.

Chris Waddle, the footballer who, with Glen Hoddle, spearheaded the fashion on the pitch, is blamed for killing it stone dead by missing a penalty in England's 1990 Word Cup semi-final against Germany.

However, the revival of 1980s music has given it a new lease of life. Hairdressers are again advertising the cut, this time at between 10 and 30. In 1985 it was a mere snip at 4.

Barney Hoskyns, co-author of The Mullet, a surprise bestseller for its publisher, Bloomsbury, in the United States with 40,000 sales, said: "One of the synonyms we have used for it in the book is the 'weekend warrior'. It is making a statement: you are a quiet 9am-to-5pm conformist in the week but you let it all hang out at weekends."

The book includes aerodynamic studies of the style and introduces a comic strip superhero called Mulletman who closely resembles last week's Eggman of Rhyl. It claims that the roots of the style can be traced back to Neanderthal man and cave paintings.

The British-based Grand Royal Mullet Bonanza website begs to differ. It traces the style's origins instead to the revolt by Charlemagne, the Visigoths and the Norsemen against the tonsures of Christian monks.

Americans have dubbed it the "business at the front, party at the back" hairstyle. Other nicknames include the beaver paddle, ape drape, sphinx and mud flap. Mathematically minded customers ask their barber for a 10-90, a reference to the percentages of hair at the front and at the back.

Author Barney Hoskins: "We call it the weekend warrior: it shows you conform during the week, but let it all hang out at weekend"

Famous mulletheads include Mel Gibson in Braveheart and Lethal Weapon, Jason Donovan when he was a teenager in Neighbours, and Hulk Hogan, the wrestler. Brad Pitt has credited the mullet he sported in the film Thelma and Louise for helping to get him noticed.

New adherents include Meg Ryan, who added a layer of hair extensions under her tousled bob, and Jamie Oliver, the chef, whose hair is half-mullet, half-feather cut.

One unfortunate aspect of the revival is that it makes Peter Stringfellow, a lone coiffed crusader throughout the 1990s, seem fashionable again.

The nightclub owner said this weekend: "I think I look gorgeous with mine. But I must admit that the man who took the mullet to the absolute pinnacle was Limahl, the 1980s pop singer."

Limahl's band, Kajagoogoo, even credited their hairdressers, Toni & Guy, on their record sleeves.

Fish, a hairdressing salon in Soho, London, offers the mullet for 28. "It usually takes about half an hour," said Angela Morgan, a stylist. "Its comeback seems linked to the revival of 1980s music."

Other salons are refusing to do the style. Trevor Sorbie, the celebrity hairdresser, said: "Perhaps the politics of the rural protester who attacked Mr Prescott are as old-fashioned as his fishy hairstyle.

"I am praying it is not going to be voted back into fashion."

New Bloke
21st May 2001, 12:03
I have just come back from a Stag Weekend in Berlin. In order to get the groom into a frock for the last night, we promised a Mullet and shaved eyebrows if he didn't.

We had a "spot-the-mullet" contest that I won by spotting a "bald mullet". Yes, this guy was going VERY thin on top and still fashioned a Mullet.

Hersham Boy
21st May 2001, 14:47
Check this out, too - plenty of Mullets here. Maybe some PPRuNers, too... ;)


I'm in the hi-fidelity first class traveling set and I think I need a Lear jet

Dave Incognito
21st May 2001, 18:13
Do all those in Australia remeber back about 2 years ago when Merric and Rosso (of JJJ fame) released a song called "Teenage Mullet Fury" ?

It was so good that it was nominated for an ARIA.

Long at the back and short at the sides
Teenage mullet fury!
Teenage mullet fury, long and short its a no win situation
Teenage mullet fury add a perm its a lethal equation. :)

Have a good one, Dave

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