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29th Sep 2001, 18:44
I am having trouble with my large cock. It has recently become so big that it has scared off my girlfriend- she has never seen such a big cock. Are there any poultry experts here at Pprune who may be able to advise me on what to do when this happens to their roosters?

29th Sep 2001, 21:22
Hit it with a big stick until it submits. Then kick it across the coop. That should sort out the bastard. :D

29th Sep 2001, 22:27
You should be ashamed of yourself Reddo. A girl could get reported to the RSPCA for that sort of behaviour. :(

Tell your girlfriend not to worry Goldcup. In my experience, cocks are fairly simple beasts, which - despite sometimes growing to fearsome proportions - respond well to the feminine touch.

Cocks sometimes become quite boisterous due to being cooped up all day; if your girlfriend could exercise it vigorously for half an hour or so, I’m sure it would feel far less frustrated.

However, its important she remembers not to pluck your rooster’s feathers, however tempting it may seem. This causes acute discomfort, and may cause the cock to become completely uncontrollable. :eek: